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Just Ain’t Worth the Trouble


Have you ever tried to make your own fishing pole? I did once, many years ago, before I learned that some things just can’t be done. A fishing pole is one of those things that are best purchased.

Now my idea of how to make a fishing pole came from reading about Huck Finn. Now that was a kid who could do anything. Well, I had the idea that I could make a pole from a branch from the tree out back, use some string for a lin e and make a fishing hook from an old safety pin. I couldn’t see any reason that my pole wouldn’t be just as good as the one Huck Finn was using. After all, someone drew a picture of him with a home made fishing pole and a whole string of fish.

Things went south from the very start. That old tree just didn’t want to give up its branch. No matter how hard I pulled and twisted, that branch just would not break.once I gave up on the branch, I spotted an old broom leaning against the tool shed. This would do nicely, I thought. All I had to do was cut off the broom head.

That done, I turned to finding some string strong enough to haul those giant trout out of the creek. I looked at the baling twine but knew right away that the twine was just to heavy to thread through the fish hook I still had to make. My brothers kite was lying on the porch and attached to the kite was a ball of kite string, special string that was extra strong. I rolled out a bunch of string before I cut out a piece that I needed and then rolled the string back on the ball so it didn’t look like I took any.

Making the hook was more work than I had expected. After stabbing my thumb a dozen times, I finally had what looked like a perfectly good hook for catching fish. Now it didn’t look like those fancy hooks you see in the fishing magazines but it did have a good sharp point.

After tying the string around the end of my pole, I looped the string around the clasp of that safety pin and made sure my knots were tight. I dug up a bunch of worms from the flower bed and was heading to the creek before Anyone else would want to come along.

There wasn’t one of those trout that were interested in anything except stealing worms off my hook. I watched as they would swim right up to my hook and nibble at that worm until it was gone. I tried putting worms on every different way but did not catch even one fish.

Exasperated, I headed back to the hous dragging the fishing pole. I kept going over how I couldn’t find exactly the materials I need and guessed that was what went wrong. Everything that went wrong didn’t happen until l got home.

First, Aunt Jenny came storming out the back door, grabbed me by the ear and drug me over to her flower bed. She stood over me as I replanted each of the flowers that had been hiding worms, I had no more finished with the flower bed when I heard Gramps hollering about his broom. I swept the tool shed on my hands and knees because that broom head wasn’t tall enough to use standing up. My brother hasn’t tried flying his kite but I’m sure I get blamed for a broken kite string and who knows how far I’ll be chasing his kite.

Yup, I learned my lesson. Don’t try making your own fishing pole just because Huck Finn did it. It is just too much trouble.

Submitted: February 18, 2022

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