Tears of Divolvou

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A man with no recollection of his past must navigate in a strange supernatural world to find the key to end his recurring torment.

It was a black room. A white circular light illuminated it, hovering at the top at the centre of the square room.
In the middle of the dark painted room, slept a man wearing a yellow shirt and matching yellow trousers. There was no voice, everything was so quiet as if nothing existed until the owl, perched on a long stool flanked by two doors spoke,

"Wake up,"

And the man did,

He didn't know where he was? Didn't understand who he was? All he could see was the dark walls illuminated by the white light. In the square room there was no sound, but the sound of the owl. Yellow clad man turned to face it, and the owl with its round eyes gazed at him and with a voice of a cold young woman said, "Choose"

After saying it - the white owl spread its wings, each wing pointing at the two doors beside the long stool. Blue door at the right, yellow door on the left. The man had to choose one. "What is happening here?" The man questioned.

"What am I doing here? Who am I?"

"Choose the door," the owl repeated again but with a bone-chilling voice. He tried to touch the owl, but couldn't touch it; his hand passed through its body. He jerked back, fear creeping over his body, he felt the weight and the power of this strange being. A being with the power to crush and shape humanity. Its power was incomprehensible and at the same time comprehensible enough not to enrage it. It looked like a normal owl but untouchable. He wondered if it was even a real owl or just a form of a sinister being trying to torment him.

"Choose," The owl repeated again. The man understood that he had no choice but to pick it. He walked to the blue door and tried to open it, but couldn't as the door was locked.

"You have the key deep within your memories," The owl had said.

The man tried to remember. The key was in there within his heart, surrounded by thick walls of his own making, built to protect the key. The walls made him forget about his identity, protected them like watchful guardians, yet he felt like those walls would have crumbled if he wanted to.

"All you need to do is to crumble them, and the key will be yours," The owl whispered, but this time the tone wasn't cold. He knew how to crumble them, all he needed was the drive to push forward. Yet a part of him didn't want to do it, didn't want to crumble those walls and face the memories. So he stepped back, walked to the yellow door and opened it, and his vision turned dark. 



The man opened his eyes and found himself on top of a raised square-shaped platform connected to a long arching white bridge. He got surrounded by the white mist, which obscured the path, making it difficult to gauge the distance. He gawked around, wondering about what had happened.

He remembered being in a dark room, opening a yellow door. He looked around the platform and couldn't find any door.

The square platform had only one way to go.

That was towards the arching bridge. The man had no choice but to move forward.

He climbed the bridge with his bare feet. He ignored the pain, ignored the cold winds of winter, strong piercing winds that made him desire the light of the fire. He climbed on and on.

As the time strolled by, every step was like a knife tearing into his weakening muscles. The walk had made the man wonder if his journey was ceaseless.

A crow flew above him, gazing at with those dark eyes. He felt rage burning in the crow's eyes.

He felt the air shift, coldness shifting to unbearable heat. He felt the burning vengeance of the crow.

"Murderer," it called out in the voice of a youthful woman.

He evaded the sharp claws of the crow and broke into a run as fast as he could, but shortly ten crows with distinct voices belonging to different genders of varying ages came at him.

Their claws grazed him, leaving a bloody scar on his right hand.

He cried out for help, but nobody was there to help him. He pushed himself to climb the never-ending bridge. They left scars on his body, attacking him, again and again, his blood spilt, his cries unheard.

The accusations made him close his ears and pray to god to make them disappear.

There was only one way to end it, jump in the water. He could die if he fell on the water from such a height.

In the end, his doubt had only caused more suffering. The crows grew more and more agitated. Several of their comrades had paid a visit to inflict pain upon the human who had done unforgivable crimes. The crimes, he couldn't remember.

The memories were sealed, shielded by the powerful walls of his own making. Soon the man's hope to outrun these vengeful beings declined.

He wanted to jump over the bridge to escape the pain. Dying in the water was more painless than becoming the feast for the crows.

"Break the walls to claim the key. Then you can escape this torment," A voice of a woman, the voice of the owl, but he couldn't distinguish where it came from as several birds were surrounding him.

He couldn't jump, and the injuries were so painful, robbing him of his ability to run. The crows attacked the weakened man.

The crows plucked his eyes, tore him apart with their beaks and claws, spat his meat as if it was rotten. He experienced terrible pain, cried for mercy, cried for god's help. But in the end, they killed him and everything went black.

. They plucked his eyes balls scared his body and slowly tore his entire skin.

POV: Man in Yellow


I felt the heat kissing my cheeks.
I felt the grass underneath my sweaty body.
I opened my eyes and gazed upon the burning bridge, stone melting away like a candle.

It was the arching bridge from before, yet the length of it was contradictory to what I saw before.

I didn't see any crows, I couldn't feel any pain, but I remembered my eyes being plucked by the crows, blood in their beaks, skin torn to pieces, crows reaching my bones.

Yet my body was fine, my eyes weren't plucked, my skin wasn't torn, my blood didn't paint the white road.

I stood up. My stomach felt empty and my body weak. I looked around the endless forest. It enclosed the narrow path. The rain drizzled.

There was no warning, the shift in the sky, blue to grey happened in a matter of seconds.

I turned back and saw a house at a reachable distance. It was a cobblestone house with a thatched roof.

I ran for the cover, took me a minute or two to reach. The wooden doors and windows were opened inviting the storm. I got inside and closed the door and windows, a slit at the wall allowed a tiny bit of light to sneak through.

That house was ancient, everything in it were the objects of the old. It was a house with one room.

There was a bed to sleep in and a hearth to warm the bones.

Few utensils were stacked on a wooden shelf. There was a candle among them, but I couldn't find matches to light it. I looked for the food and found a bread that tasted foul. I found a bottle of alcohol that tasted like piss, nothing edible.

I went to the bed, slept on it, covering myself with sheets that smelt like rotten meat.

The night came eventually, but the rain didn't stop. The more time I spent the more I felt familiar with the place.

Soon the gloom took over me, strangled my heart, shattered my soul. It felt like this happened before in another time, in another world.

I cried for something that I didn't know, I wept not understanding the reason behind the terrible sadness that consumed me.

The answer lies in there surrounded by walls of my own making, I could simply break them apart - but why can't I do that? This question had been eating me for a long time. I tried not to think about it. This damn darkness was making me feel this melancholy.

I looked around the house to find the matches again, looked under the bed and atop the shelf, I found a book.

My touch illuminated it, the intricate design of bell-shaped pink flowers at the edges of the black cover glowed.

The red eyes of a featureless humanoid creature glowed. It had a round face that didn't have a nose or a mouth, long thin arms with sharp claws, body with no reproductive organs.

The book was called 'faceless who became human' written in bold letters with the colour of glowing gold.

I opened the book and saw a picture story unfolding. There were images with text below. The letters and the images glowed in blue.

'Long ago there was a faceless creature that didn't know what to do with its life. It had no identity, no family, it wasn't even a human.

When it tried to interact with humans they feared it and were hostile towards it. That was when the creatures felt the emotions called fear and wrath.

So the creature watched from afar.

In one of those watchful days, he saw the 'human greed' for the first time in the form of an exchange between two men.

One was wearing a green tunic richly embroidered with matching boots and trousers. The other was donning a plate Armor with a blue cloak bearing the symbol of a white owl.

The man in the green handed his pouch filled with gold coins. The soldier took it with a greedy smile and counted the coins, one by one.

"You are charging more than before, captain," The man in green remarked. The captain smirked, sliding the coins into the pouch.

"Murder and blackmail those are serious crimes, sir. It's very expensive to overlook,"

"I paid you enough, now will you stop bothering my men,"

"Oh, surely sir! They are after all trying to feed their families, just like me. I can sympathize with that,"

A branch the creature perched on broke. The men gazed at this tall humanoid being, fear creeping over their faces.

"Oh god," The captain gasped, unsheathing his sword.

The creature in impulse defended itself, plunging its claws into the man's face, the captain was dead, before taking a swing.

The man in the green unsheathed the dagger and plunged it into the back of 7 feet creature.

The creature showed wrath for the first time plunging the chest of the man with its sharp claws. The man collapsed, blood flowing like a stream painting the hyacinth flowers.

That was the moment the creature felt the 'hunger' a hole opened on the round face.

The creature sucked in the man's body and everything went black.

When it opened its eyes, it was naked and human. The coins were scattered, and the creature scrambled to its feet, greedily reaching for the coins.

It was the day it felt greed. it was the day it became human

I turned the page, but it was blank and there were several blank pages. It felt discontinued - I feel like I know this story from somewhere.

By the time I was done, the grey turned blue, the rain had stopped. I stepped outside and saw smoke rising at a distance at the top of a hill. It wasn't there yesterday, I felt very hungry so I decided to go there.

POV: 3rd Person 

The walk to the hill wasn't pleasant for the man in yellow as the path leading to the house was filled with rocks. He staggered up to the house using his limited strength, tolerating the empty stomach. When he eventually reached it, He hunched over and gasped for breath, taking a few seconds before getting a closer look at the house.

t was a two-story building with tall narrow windows and a small patio. He went to the wooden door and knocked. He heard the voices inside.

"That bastard who killed me is here," said a man with a gravelly voice. The man in yellow heard footsteps nearing, A man had opened the door. It was a tall man with a face that could have been handsome if it wasn't for the scar and unshaved beard. The tall man had pointed rifle-musket at the man in yellow and glared at him with hatred.

"Try to struggle and face the consequences," The house owner said after he grabbed the man's collar.

"What are you doing?" The man complained,

"Things you deserve," His grip was too strong to resist. The yellow-clad man yelped in pain as the house owner dragged him into the house.

The man in yellow saw a woman with a pretty face standing on the stairs, looking terrified. When he saw her, he found her to be familiar. The house owner noticed him looking at the woman. He lifted the man in yellow, grabbed him by his neck, smashed his face into the table, again and again, growling at him with disgust. The man's blood splattered all over the white walls.

"Just stop it, please!" The woman shrieked, and the house owner had stopped. He let go of the man in yellow, and he collapsed on the ground.

"This bastard, I let him inside my home. I've believed him and offered him my friendship only for him to stab me in the back," The house owner spat on the bloodied face of the man in yellow, grabbed him by the collar and dragged him into the basement.

POV: Man in Yellow


I got thrown into the basement two days ago, locked and starved, beaten half to death for something I don't remember. There was one way to leave, but I couldn't do that. It's unexplainable why I am willing to suffer rather than remember my past. Is what I have done more painful than getting eaten by crows? I kept thinking about it until I chose to keep myself from looking deep into my mind. When two days passed, the woman had entered the basement carrying a basket full of bread. Her husband chained me. So I couldn't escape, and since my body's weak. I was not capable of hurting anyone anyway.

"My husband's asleep. I bought you something to eat," Her voice was gentle.

"Why is this happening to me?" I asked,

"I only know about my husband. He protects me, and I do what he desires. He said, you have done something wrong, and he and I exist to punish you? He says you betrayed him but wouldn't say how. Whatever it is that you have done please admit it. He and I can escape this place,"

"Do you know where you are from?"

"I have no recollection about who I was. All I know was that our purpose here is to make you admit and leave,"

"If you are here to torture me, why are you being kind to me? Why not let me starve?"

"I don't know the reason, but I feel like I knew you. I can't explain the reason why but a part of me doesn't want you to suffer," She paused for a second and gazed into my eyes and said,

"You don't need food to live in this place. But it can ease your hunger. Please, just admit the truth,"

I didn't know what to say to her reasoning. I knew she felt familiar.

She came to me every night and bought me bread. I eat every day, but I never took a dump.

While they aren't good to eat, I didn't complain.

She always came at midnight, but on the last two days, came in the morning. She told me that her husband had broken his leg and that his role is done for now.

She fed me for eight days, and on the 9th day, she bought me a book.

"What is it?"

"I was told to bring you this. You need to read it now,"

"Who asked you to bring this?"

"I just want you to read it, please," She stood in front of me.

While I was chained, I was able to move my hands freely. I took that book the same one I did before, and there were the rest of the pages.

'The faceless, after becoming human explored the human world. It loathed the greediness of the first face, so it robbed many faces took many names but were able to feel the nature of the first one.

That man's greed was so much that it overshadowed the kinder aspects picked from other faces. It was the embodiment of evil, an evil that can make even the kindest turn to butchery.

Eventually, greed took over him making him pick the identity of a powerful merchant. Several nobles desired to meet him as his wealth was more than that of a king, one of those nobles, the greediest of all, formed a bussiness relationship with the nameless.

The nameless was richer than anyone in the world.

Yet, He was jealous of this noble.

He had one thing that nameless didn't have, which was purity.

He had a wife who was beautiful inside and out.

He didn't want to consume her as she had something that shouldn't be tainted. Purity and innocence.

On one fateful night, when he was alone with her husband, he showed his true form.

The noble tried to attack, and the nameless defended himself by scaring his face. The nameless plunged its claws into the man's body, killed him and then consumed him to take his form.

He acted like the noble, making sure nobody found out about it. He acted for years and had a son of his own with his wife.

Everything was fine until his wife saw him in the mirror. The flaw in his power was his true form could be seen in the mirror.

"Stay away from me," She screamed. She drenched the entire house in oil and lit it.

"Father help us," His son begged as his mother held him tightly. The house began to collapse.

"Please just don't do this!" The nameless begged.

"I will disappear just spare the child, he is not like me. He did nothing wrong,"

"I let you touch me, you murderer. I gave birth to this fiend,"

The woman dragged her son inside of another burning room. The debris then fell directly on top of the man, making him lose consciousness,'

That was where the story ended and I remembered everything.'

The woman looked into my eyes.

She was that woman all along.

She was the one whom I loved dearly.

The walls had been crumbled.

I could see everything vividly.

I could remember my mother dying in that small hut.

I could remember, how I survived the streets.

I remember witnessing the bribery of the police officer.

I remember how I slowly rose to the top from the rags to riches.

I remember killing men and women for my greed.

I felt that those things were necessary. Yet in the end, all of it led to me losing everything that I loved.

"I am so sorry," I cried as I watched her, I held onto her tightly begged her not to go. But in the end like that day, she turned to ashes and I found a golden key. I looked around and noticed that I was in a black room once again.

"Choose," The owl said with a cold tone, and I did.

Submitted: February 03, 2022

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