Dear user, I think I see it, I think we all see it. It’s bright, really bright, enough so to light up the city. Oh my, I, I think they’re landing. They’re lowering to the ground, that’s for sure. It landed, I’m breathless, speechless I mean, make that two feelings in one. There's a crowd of people surrounding this pod-like aircraft, other-worldly I’ll say. They’re pushing and shoving, kicking, and a tint of yelling. What really is going on though, I cannot say, it’s something that can’t be said using words.

It’s a disc-shaped craft, about five feet thick, ten by ten feet long I’ll say. It has a tint of glowing red on the outside, like a red glowing ring around it. No windows, nothing to peek inside, but as for them, I bet they’re looking straight at us. Hold on, I hear a cranking type of sound. I’m quiet, we all are in fact, looking straight at the disc. I see it! I see the door, it’s slowly opening, little by little. I, I think I see the creature, it is!  It’s walking toward u…




We outran it, those things, they’re chasing us as if we’re deer. I don’t know how to describe them, they’re about six feet tall, walk on all fours, I thought I saw four eyes, sharp, sharp teeth, with jaws that open up in two ways, they even have a tongue that wraps around the victim and pulls them to their doom. I don’t know how we managed to escape them, but we did. By we I refer to my fellow companions that I stumbled across, there's only five of us, Jacob, Mark, James, Michael, and I.

Right now we’re looking out the window looking at all those creatures, they’re either eating, killing, or looking for their next victim, it’s only a matter of time before we encounter those monstrous beings. Hold on, I think I see, a, a helicopter?  I think they’re shooting at the creatures, one by one I see the monsters getting k…..




This is Mark, and we’re sorry to say this but Jayden didn’t make it. Right now we’re walking toward some military base, we just hope for the best for us. We were able to enter, but no one is here, it’s desolated, no one in sight, oh my…

James just transformed into one of those creatures, he’s on a rampage, he killed Michael and Jacob, it’s only me now, I’m just looking for the right opportunity to escape.


I’ll let this thing know if I do make it out alive.


Submitted: February 03, 2022

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Fri, February 4th, 2022 7:16pm

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