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Cousins Jimmy and Julie are forced to sleep together in diapers and plastic pants.

I woke up with someone calling my name. Strangely enough, I didn't remember going to bed last night.
"Good morning, Jimmy," said aunt Ruth.
"Morning," I mumbled groggily. "Where am I?"
"You're in Julie's bed," my aunt replied. "You two slept together last night. Don't you remember?"
I didn't remember, but I was shocked.  My cousin Julie and I are both 11-years old. I've had lots of sleepovers before with boys, but never with a girl. I guess I was too sleepy last night to object.
Yesterday was Friday and it was a long tiring day for me. My parents and I had flown from Charleston, South Carolina, to Boise, Idaho. 
After spending a couple of hours in the Boise airport visiting with my aunt, uncle and cousin, my parents boarded another plane bound for Seattle, Washington. My father had a weekend business seminar in Seattle and my mother came along for a mini-vacation.
I would be spending Friday and Saturday nights with my relatives in Boise. I didn't know them very well. They had spent the last five years living in Frankfurt, Germany. Uncle Carl worked for an international bank and had recently relocated to Idaho, his home state.
"What time is it?" I asked.
"It's almost 9:00," said my aunt. "I let you sleep in because you were so tired last night. You actually fell asleep on the sofa. Your uncle Carl had to carry you from the living room to the bedroom."
Aunt Ruth pulled back the top bed sheet. That's when I realized that something was wrong. I wasn't wearing my pajamas. Instead, I felt something thick around my waist where my pajama bottoms should have been.
"Well, I was right," said aunt Ruth as she stared at my midsection.
"Right about what?" I asked. I reached down and felt something smooth around my waist. "What's this thing?"
"Those are plastic pants," said my aunt. "I put you in cloth diapers and plastic pants last night. I was afraid you might be too tired to get up and use the bathroom. You didn't get to bed until 11:00 our time. That would be 1:00 AM your time in South Carolina."
"Diapers!" I said in shock. "I don't need diapers. I'm not a bedwetter."
"Apparently you are," said aunt Ruth. She stuck her hand inside the plastic pants and squeezed the diapers. "My goodness! Your diapers are soaked. Thank goodness for these plastic pants! They kept the bed dry. I want you to stay in your wet diapers for breakfast."
I immediately sat up and looked down at the plastic pants. They were light blue in color and very transparent. There was no hiding the fact that I had wet my diapers.
The very idea of wearing diapers and plastic pants embarrassed me. Parading around in visibly-wet diapers in front of my relatives would be the ultimate humiliation.
"Can I put on my clothes?" I asked. "I don't want Julie to see me in wet diapers."
"Sorry, Jimmy," said my aunt, "but you have to stay in your diapers until after breakfast. That's rule number two. The bedtime rules are on the green blackboard over there."
I looked at the green blackboard on the wall. I couldn't believe what was written on it.
Summer bedtime rules:
1. If you choose to stay up past your bedtime, you must sleep in diapers and plastic pants.
2. You must stay in your diapers and plastic pants until after breakfast.
3. If you wet your diapers during the night, you must sleep in diapers and plastic pants until you stay dry for 3 nights in a row.
"You mean I have to sleep in diapers and plastic pants again tonight?" I asked.
"That's correct," said aunt Carol. "Don't worry! You'll have company. Julie also wet her diapers last night, so she'll be sleeping in diapers with you. It's time for breakfast now, so I need you to get out of bed. Hurry up or I'll keep you in diapers all day!"
Aunt Carol's words made me shiver. Would she really keep me in diapers and plastic pants all day? Is that how she punished Julie?
I scrambled out of bed and scurried down the hallway to the kitchen. Swish. Swish. Swish.  My plastic pants rustled slightly with every step, an embarrassing reminder of my babyish status.
"Good morning, sleepyhead," said my uncle Carl when I entered the kitchen with aunt Ruth.
"Morning," I mumbled. I felt so ashamed walking into the kitchen wearing only diapers and plastic pants.
"Jimmy wet his diapers last night," said my aunt. She reached over and pulled down my plastic pants. "See how wet they are!"
My face burned with shame as I stood there showing off my wet diapers. I resisted the urge to pull up the plastic pants. I was afraid that aunt Ruth might keep me in diapers all day.
"Don't feel bad!" said my uncle. "Your cousin wet her diapers, too. Julie, stand up and show Jimmy your wet diapers!"
Without hesitation, Julie stood up and pulled down her blue plastic pants. Her diapers were wet, just like mine. She was also bare from the waist up. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had never seen a topless girl before. It was kind of exciting.
"Okay, you can both pull up your plastic pants now," said aunt Ruth. "I don't want your wet diapers dripping on the kitchen floor."
Julie and I quickly pulled up our plastic pants, and sat down together at the kitchen table. I kept my eyes focused on my cereal bowl, too ashamed to look up. My aunt and uncle had already finished their breakfast. They left the kitchen, leaving Julie and me alone.
"I can't believe we had to show off our wet diapers," I said to Julie. "That was embarrassing."
"You'll get used to it," said Julie. "When I sleep in diapers, I always have to pull down my plastic pants in the morning. I don't mind. Diapers are fun to wear and I like showing them off."
"Are you kidding?" I asked. "You like diapers? That's so weird. You know what else is weird? I don't even remember getting put into diapers last night."
"That's because you slept through the whole thing," said Julie. "I had to lift up your legs so mom could slide the diapers under your butt. You've got a cute butt."
My face felt like it was on fire. My cousin, a girl my age, helped put me in diapers last night. That meant she saw me naked. Julie noticed the shocked look on my face and started laughing.
"I'm just kidding," said Julie. "I was taking a shower when mom put you in diapers. I didn't see your bare butt. Maybe I'll see it tonight. Mom might let us diaper each other."
I stared at my cousin in disbelief. Was she serious or was she joking again? I couldn't imagine being diapered by a girl.
"You should see the look on your face," said Julie, laughing again. "I'm just teasing you. Mom does all the diapering in our house."
That was small comfort for me. My aunt, a woman I barely knew, would see me naked tonight when she put me in diapers. Getting diapered is far more embarrassing than wearing diapers.
"How long do we have to stay in these wet diapers?" I asked, after I finished breakfast. "My butt is starting to itch."
"We have to poop in our diapers before mom will take them off," said Julie. "That's one of her rules."
"Are you serious?" I asked. "That's a stupid rule."
Just then, Julie's mother came into the kitchen and spoke to me.
"Jimmy, I see you're done with breakfast. Let's go to the bathroom and get you out of those wet diapers."
I glared at Julie. She gave me a big toothy smile in return. She was teasing me again, trying to trick me into making a big mess in my diapers. My cousin has a warped sense of humor.
Aunt Ruth escorted me to the bathroom, pulled down my plastic pants and had me step out of them. Then she unpinned my wet cloth diapers—I was wearing two of them—and tossed them into a pail. 
It felt good to be out of my soggy diapers, but now I was naked in front of my aunt. I quickly covered up my front with my hands.
"Let's get you cleaned up," said aunt Ruth. "I'm sure you don't want to smell like pee all day."
My aunt took a damp washcloth and started cleaning my private parts. She took her time, methodically wiping me everywhere. I felt like a preschooler being given a bath.
"You can get dressed now," said my aunt as she finished wiping me. "Hurry up or I'll put you back into diapers!" 
I dashed naked into Julie's room, retrieved clean clothes from my suitcase and put them on in record time. As I dressed, I glanced at my pajamas in the suitcase. 
Sorry, pajamas! I won't need you tonight. I'll be sleeping like a baby in diapers and plastic pants.
A few minutes after I got dressed, Julie came scampering into her bedroom. All she had on was a pair of panties. Like me, her private parts had been thoroughly wiped with a damp washcloth.
"I'm taking off my panties now," said Julie. "Turn around and don't peek!" I complied. A short time later, she spoke again. "OK, you can look now."
When I turned around, Julie wearing a bikini bottom, but no top. I wondered if that girl ever wore a top around the house.
"Why are you dressed like that?" I asked.
"I'm going swimming in our pool," said Julie. "This is how girls swim in Germany. They never wear tops. Boys swim naked. Take off your clothes and we'll go swimming together."
Julie gave me a big smile. By now, I knew what that smile meant. She was teasing me.
"Nice try," I said, "but I know what you're doing. You're trying to get me in trouble with your mom. You want her to put me back into diapers for punishment."
Another cheesy smile from Julie confirmed my suspicions.
"I've got swimming trunks in my suitcase," I said. "Turn around and I'll put them on. No peeking!"
I stripped naked, keeping an eye on Julie to make sure she didn't look. Then I slipped on my swimming trunks.
We dashed outside and jumped into the pool. Julie surprised me with her athleticism. When we had races, she won every time. I was a little embarrassed. I lost to a girl.
Julie also liked to climb up on my back. She used the waistband of my swimming trunks as a step, which caused them to slide down in the back. She always laughed when she saw my butt crack.
I finally got revenge when I climbed up on her back and pushed down extra hard on her bikini bottom. Down it went well below her butt! Julie laughed and didn't bother pulling it up. It was the first time that I had seen a girl's bare butt. It was both exciting and scary.
"Let's take off our bottoms and swim completely naked," said Julie. "It'll be fun."
"No way!" I replied. "If your mom sees us naked, she'll put us back into diapers. I wore diapers last night and I have to wear them again tonight. I'm not wearing diapers in the daytime, too."
"Why not?" asked Julie. "It's fun to wear diapers in the daytime. I love making big messes in them. Mom almost barfs when she changes my stinky diapers."
I looked at Julie in disbelief. I wasn't sure if she was teasing me or not. I couldn't imagine romping around in diapers and plastic pants. The very thought of aunt Ruth cleaning my messy butt and changing my dirty diapers made me shiver.
"Let's just swim!" I said, trying to change the subject. "You're a real good swimmer."
Julie beamed with pride.
"We used to swim in the Baltic Sea," said Julie. "I swam naked when I was little. All the little kids swam that way. When I turned ten, I had to start wearing a bikini bottom."
"You better pull up your bikini bottom now," I said. "You're still bare down there."
"Oops! I forgot it was down," said Julie with a mischievous smile. "Would you pull it up for me?"
"No way!" I said. "You're just trying to get me in trouble."
"You're the one who pushed it down with your foot," said Julie. "If you don't pull it up, I'll keep it down. When mom sees my bare butt, I'll tell her you did it. Then she'll put you in diapers."
Julie gave me another toothy smile. That's when it hit me. My cousin is a blackmailer. Either I do what she wants or I'll get my butt put into diapers. I scowled at Julie, then yanked up her bikini bottom. She squealed with delight at the wedgie I gave her.
"That feels so good," said a giggling Julie. "I'm going to swim like this until you pull it out of my crack. When mom sees my bare cheeks, you'll be in diapers real quick."
I'm glad I don't have a sister. Girls are a pain in the butt. Speaking of butts, I suppose I better pull that wedgie out of...
I got a reprieve before I could finish my thought. My aunt and uncle came outside with food trays.
"It's such a beautiful day, so we decided to have lunch outside," said uncle Carl. "It's time to get out of the pool now. You guys can swim again after lunch."
Julie and I swam over to the steps and exited the pool. I noticed that Julie's wedgie had magically disappeared. She's a wild child around me, but not so wild around her parents.
After lunch, we let our food settle by playing a board game called Jokers and Marbles. I had never played the game before, but it didn't take long to learn the rules. Julie and I were paired against her father and mother. They eventually won, but it was fun to play.
Later that afternoon, my aunt and uncle joined us in the pool. Julie was on her best behavior. No climbing on my back. No teasing me about diapers. She was still topless, but that seemed normal now.
I wondered if sleeping in diapers tonight would seem normal, too.
All four of us went swimming after playing the board game. At 6:00, aunt Ruth brought out our evening meal. Then we played another game of Jokers and Marbles. Except for bathroom breaks, we didn't go into the house until 8:00.
"Jimmy and Julie, you can take your showers now," said aunt Ruth, after we went inside for the night. "When you're done, put on your underpants and come into the living room. We'll pop some popcorn."
My cousin and I went into the bathroom. I turned my back while Julie stripped off her bikini bottom and took a shower. After she dried herself, she got something from the cupboard and put it on. When I turned around, I was stunned. My cousin was wearing thong panties.
"That's what you're going to wear?" I asked in shocked disbelief. "Aren't you going to wear anything else?"
"I can't," said Julie. "After a shower, I'm not allowed to wear anything except my panties. The same rule applies to you. You can borrow a pair of my panties after your shower."
Panties! The shocked look on my face greatly amused Julie. She cracked up laughing.
"I'm just kidding," said Julie as she wiped away tears of laughter. "Boys wear underpants after a shower."
Julie turned her back to me, promising not to peek while I undressed. I was mesmerized by the view. Thong panties don't cover anything in the back, that's for sure. I had to force myself to stop staring.
As I showered, I realized that this was the strangest weekend of my life. It would be forever etched into my brain. After I finished washing and drying myself, I put on a pair of clean underpants.
"You look cute in your underpants," said a grinning Julie. "How do I look in my scanty panties?"
Julie spun around, giving me a 360° view of her thong panties. Nothing seemed to embarrass her.
I was temporarily speechless. What can you say to a girl wearing thong panties? Nothing in life prepares you for such an event.
"Cute," I finally mumbled. "Did you choose those kind of panties or did your mom buy them?"
"I chose them," Julie said proudly. "I usually sleep in these panties. They're fun to wear. It's almost like sleeping naked. Of course, I'll be sleeping in diapers and plastic pants tonight. So will you. It'll be fun."
Everything is fun to that girl. Thong panties. Diapers. Plastic pants. Going topless. It's official now. I have the world's weirdest cousin.
We exited the bathroom and headed down the hallway. I followed behind Julie, enjoying a rear view of her thong panties. Even though I had no interest in girls, I couldn't take my eyes off her bottom. That little strip of cloth in her butt crack left nothing to the imagination.
Under normal circumstances, I would have been terribly embarrassed to walk around in my underpants in front of my relatives. Tonight was different. My mind was focused on Julie and her thong panties.
Julie and I entered the living room. I couldn't believe how bold and unafraid my cousin was. She showed no sign of embarrassment in front of her parents. I couldn't imagine showing off my bare butt in front of my parents. 
We helped ourselves to some popcorn and fruit juice. Then we sat next to each other on the sofa.
This is crazy. She's in thong panties and I'm in underpants. Pretty soon, we'll both be in diapers and plastic pants. My aunt and uncle act like this is perfectly normal. Welcome to The Twilight Zone!
All too soon, it was 11:00 PM. That's when aunt Ruth made the announcement that I was dreading.
"Julie and Jimmy, it's bedtime for both of you. Go to the bathroom and use the toilet. When you're done, go to the bedroom for your diapers and plastic pants. I'll be there shortly."
Julie and I trudged down the hallway and entered the bathroom. Once again, I trailed behind my cousin. The rear view of her thong panties was breathtaking.
"Ladies, first," I said as I motioned for Julie to use the toilet. "I'll turn around and keep my back to you."
Julie finished her business and I took my turn. I sat down on the toilet seat instead of standing. I didn't want to make a splashing sound. 
I took my time on the toilet, enjoying the view of Julie's butt cheeks as she kept her back turned to me. How I wished she would sleep in her thong panties instead of diapers!
After washing our hands and brushing our teeth, we made the trip to Julie's bedroom. Aunt Ruth was already there. We were minutes away from being diapered like helpless toddlers.
"Jimmy, you're first," said my aunt. "Take off your underpants and lie on the bed! Julie, turn around and don't look! If I catch you peeking, I'll spank your bare behind."
My face burned with shame as I pulled down my underpants and stepped out of them. I quickly covered up my front with my hands. Then I went over to the bed and lay on my back. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest.
"Lift up your legs!" said aunt Ruth. "This won't take long."
I lifted my legs up and over my head, giving my aunt a bird's-eye view of my private parts. I felt so ashamed. I was surrendering the last of my dignity to a woman I barely knew.
Without saying a word, aunt Ruth slid two cloth diapers under my bottom. She pulled the diapers through my legs and snugly over my penis. Using safety pins, she pinned the diapers around my waist. It took less than two minutes to diaper me, but it seemed a lot longer.
After I stood up, my aunt had me step into a pair of blue plastic pants. She pulled the pants up, checking to make sure that my cloth diapers were completely inside the plastic pants.
I ran my hands over the taunt shell of the plastic pants. I was amazed how smooth the pants felt over the bulky diapers. I reached back and felt my backside. There was no hiding the shameful fact that I had  diapers—thick cloth diapers—on my butt. 
"OK, Julie. It's time for your diapers," said aunt Ruth. "Jimmy, turn around and don't look! If I catch you peeking, I'll take off your diapers and spank your bare behind like a little boy."
I obeyed instantly and turned around. Getting diapered by my aunt was embarrassing enough. I had no desire to go bare-bottomed over her lap for a spanking. I wondered if Julie would have been allowed to witness my spanking.
I listened intently as Julie stripped off her thong panties and lay naked on the bed. I was so tempted to peek. I had never seen a naked girl before. Only the fear of a spanking kept me from looking. When I heard the rustle of plastic pants, I knew Julie had crawled into bed.
"OK, we're done here," said my aunt. "Jimmy, you can turn around and get into bed with Julie. Try not to talk too much tonight. You need your rest. You've got a long flight ahead of you tomorrow."
Hallelujah! I'll be in my own bed tomorrow night. No more diapers!
My aunt pulled back the top bed sheet. I slipped into bed next to Julie. What a strange situation! I was a boy and my cousin was a girl. Yet here we were, about to sleep together in matching cloth diapers and plastic pants. 
"Good night," said aunt Ruth. She turned off the light, closed the door and exited the bedroom.
"So how do you like sleeping in diapers now?" asked Julie as we lay side-by-side in her bed.
"It's kind of fun," I replied. "I guess I'm used to wearing them now."
I surprised myself with my answer, but I was telling the truth. I felt safe and secure sleeping in diapers. If I had another wetting accident, the bed would at least stay dry. Of course, it helped that the person next to me was also in diapers.
"The only bad part is when your mother puts me in diapers," I said. "It's embarrassing to be naked around her. When I lift up my legs, she can see everything."
"Maybe I can diaper you the next time you come to visit," said Julie. "It wouldn't be embarrassing because we're the same age."
That girl is crazy. It would be twice as embarrassing if a girl my age put me in diapers.
"Do you sleep in diapers every night?" I asked, trying to change the subject of our conversation from me to Julie.
"I only sleep in diapers during the summer," said Julie. "I always stay up past my bedtime. According to the rules on the green blackboard, that means I have to sleep in diapers that night."
Julie paused for a few seconds. When she resumed speaking, she started talking about her bedwetting issues.
"It's kind of strange. I only wet myself when I go to bed late. When I go to bed on time, I always stay dry."
"Did you wear diapers in Germany, too? I asked.
"I did when I stayed up late," replied Julie. "In fact, mom bought these diapers and plastic pants in Germany. Did you know that diapers are called Windeln in German? Plastikhosen means plastic pants. I went to a bilingual school. Do you speak any German?"
"I only speak Pig Latin," I said. "Ancay ouyay alktay igpay atinlay?"
Julie was not impressed with my bilingual skills.
My cousin lapsed into silence for a couple of minutes. I thought she might have fallen asleep. I know I was tired from all the swimming that we did. All of a sudden, Julie asked a bizarre question.
"If I wet myself during the night and you're dry, will you wet yourself in the morning? I don't want to be the only kid in wet diapers."
"Sure, I'll wet myself," I said. "You have to promise me the same thing. If I wake up wet and you wake up dry, you have to wet your diapers, too. Deal?"
"It's a deal," said Julie. "Let's make that our official motto. It's better to be wetter."
Good grief! Only a girl would think we need an official motto.
Julie snuggled up next to me. I loved the feeling of her warm body against mine. I felt very affectionate to her. If she had asked me to mess my diapers in the morning, I would have agreed to do it.
I slept well that night. When I woke up around 8:00, I stuck my hand inside my plastic pants. My diapers were dry. I was ecstatic. I wasn't a bedwetter. My diaper wetting yesterday was only an accident caused by my long flight and late bedtime.
Julie was still snuggled up next to me. I wondered if her diapers were wet. I gently lifted up the covers, but it was too dark to see anything. I was tempted to stick my hand inside her plastic pants and feel her diapers. I resisted that temptation.
A few minutes later, Julie woke up and smiled at me. Then she checked her diapers.
"I'm wet again," said Julie. She seemed happy about it. "Do you want to feel my wet diapers?"
"Sure," I said. I stuck my hand inside her plastic pants. Sure enough, her diapers were wet.
"How about you?" asked Julie. "Are you wet or dry?"
"Feel for yourself," I said.
Julie inserted her hand underneath my plastic pants. She felt all over the front of my diapers before removing her hand.
"Your diapers are completely dry," said Julie. She sounded quite disappointed.
"Not for long!" I said. "Remember our deal last night? I'm gonna pee my diapers now. I hope my plastic pants don't leak. I don't want to drown in your bed."
Julie giggled as I put my hands behind my head and started peeing. Boy, did I flood my diapers! I always pee a lot in the morning and today was no exception.
Strangely enough, I didn't feel embarrassed as I wet myself. Whatever shame I felt yesterday about diapers had completely disappeared.
"Feel my diapers now!" I said to Julie. "They're wet like yours."
Julie reinserted her hand underneath my plastic pants. She smiled when she felt the wetness.
"They're wet and warm" said Julie with a grin on her face. "I saw you smiling as you peed. You liked wetting your diapers, don't you? I told you diapers were fun to wear."
"They are fun," I said. "I wish we could sleep in diapers every night."
Just then, aunt Ruth came into the bedroom.
"Good morning!" she said. "Did you guys sleep well?"
"We slept great," I said. "We both wet our diapers, though. I guess that means we have sleep in diapers for the next three nights. I'm leaving today and I don't have any diapers to wear at home. You probably should send some diapers home with me."
"We'll see," said my aunt. She seemed surprised at my willingness to wear diapers at home. "Let's go to the kitchen now for breakfast."
"Good morning," said uncle Carl, after we entered the kitchen. "OK, let's see how you did last night. Pull down your baby pants!"
Baby pants?! That's the first time that he used those words.
Julie and I eagerly pulled down our plastic pants. My aunt inspected our soggy diapers, shaking her head in disapproval.
"My goodness!" said aunt Ruth. "Both of you are really wet. Jimmy, I'm certain you're going to need diapers at home. I'll call your mother on her cellphone while you eat. OK, you can pull up your plastic pants and have breakfast."
Julie and I pulled up our plastic pants, then sat down together at the kitchen table. I was excited. My aunt was going to call my mother about my "bedwetting" problem. I was one step closer to having my own supply of diapers.
15 minutes later, aunt Ruth came back into the kitchen.
"Jimmy, I just spoke with your mother. She's agreed that you should wear diapers for the rest of the summer. I've already put a dozen cloth diapers and two pairs of plastic pants in your suitcase."
"Thank you, aunt Ruth," I said, trying to hide my excitement. "I hope you have enough diapers left over for Julie."
"We've got plenty," my aunt assured me. "If you guys are finished, let's go to the bathroom and get you out of those wet diapers."
Julie and I walked down the hallway towards the bathroom. Our plastic pants made that wonderful rustling sound with each step.It's a sound that I would be hearing every day and night for the foreseeable future.
Tonight, Julie and I would be thousands of miles apart. Yet both of us would be sleeping in white cloth diapers and blue plastic pants again. We would continue to be "cousins in blue."

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