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A poem for y’all ????????????

After all we have done

Time will tell

The distance,the Quietus call.

If not now then when

The feeling you wish you never had

One that gives you gleeful retentions

One you will never forget



Oh, not the dark night!!!

When the sweet birds sang

It brings back memories of a journey 

A peaceful abode, a Fjord

With the sounds of steep rock particles

Rolling in the water

You will hear the clam clicks


The Beluga clicks as it journeys with you

You see the iridescent 

A luminous light that changes

From every angle.

The sound of silence from the deer bellow

Encounters you can never share



The deafening silence 

Sadness that brings joy

Hopes that never fails

Even when the dark night calls

The dream of an Elysium remains

See all we’ve given for a melancholy merriment

Submitted: February 06, 2022

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