Better late than never

Giving you all you need

But can an unrequited love win 

Like a flowing stream

Your enthusiasm beheld my breath 


Dazzling,your brightness makes sightless

A gleaming dark skin

Her walk across the room brings light

Out of the world entrancing her preys

Taking away all unpleasant feeling


She has the body of a finesse

Known for her voluptuous figure

Her soft skin,how kissable they are


Oh no,clear off all your intent 

She hold the interest of many 

Her loves light lead lover to lustful longing



A strenuous,beauteous figure

You will see the same difference in her smile

Never giving up- will my unrequited love

Heal it all

Maybe one day I’ll tell her I adore her

Submitted: February 06, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Oliverjargo. All rights reserved.

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