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Thousands of years ago, when the world still consisted of a single continent inhabited equally by all peoples and animal species, a time dawned when the sun was no longer able to rise. Huge shadows were cast across the land and the tongue of darkness devoured villages and cities within just a few nights. Swarms of black locusts brought famine and pestilence, ruin and sudden infant death to the world. The people desperately searched for someone to blame and began to fight each other, not knowing that the source of all evil could not have been earthly. But humanity was soon to be taught otherwise, for on a particularly icy morning when clouds of mist blurred every man's vision, a battle cry rang out that froze the blood in everyone's veins. In the distant glow of the torches approached the army of King Emo, the demon of the underworld who had descended on the planet in the service of evil to drive out the light. With him, thousands of angry beasts, fearsome monsters and stalwart warriors of jade moved into the realm, trampling not only the last fields but also the last hopes. Fires were set and huts burnt down. Warriors slain, women carried off, children eaten with hair and bones. The sight of the many atrocities was so horrific that the wind hid behind the clouds and the trees turned their backs on the spectacle.
How many innocents died that day is uncertain. However, it is said that the ground was littered with bones and skulls for several weeks after the massacre. 
King Emo seized power in a single night and forced the rulers of the nations to submit to him. The people were enslaved and condemned to work deep in the mines of Dilei, where hunger and exhaustion claimed countless lives.
Only one man mustered the courage to oppose the tyrannical demon king. His name was Su Jian, a simple peasant boy who had witnessed the death of his beloved family. With a small band of volunteers, he stormed King Emo's castle, smashed the jade soldiers and challenged the ruler of Darkness to battle. King Emo laughed in Su Jian's face and joked that he would have devoured such a small and lanky boy in a single bite. However, Emo's arrogance made him blind to the light in his young challenger's heart, and thus he pronounced his own death sentence as he raised his blade to fight. Su Jian triumphed driven by the warmth in his heart and killed King Emo with just one blow. Along with the demon's death, the jade soldiers and monsters crumbled into dust. Su Jian took the king's blade in his hand, broke it into several splinters, sat on the throne and called the rulers of all nations to gather in the throne room. "I have killed King Emo. I, a boy of low birth!" he spoke as all the rulers and tribal leaders looked up at him. 
"Anger and hatred have provided a breeding ground for the demons and given them the power to subjugate us. We should learn from this and never fight each other again. Especially not when the sun has already set. This is the sword of King Emo, these are the pieces of his blade. Each ruler shall receive a shard to remember the promise we will make here and now for all eternity. All the peoples of the planet - whether Elves, whether Mohakins, whether Drow or Djinn is of no importance - hereby swear that never again shall war break out upon the land. Peace, eternal peace, shall henceforth be our constant companion and lead humanity into a new age of light."


Submitted: February 07, 2022

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