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Different situations...different feelings and the contrast




Scene 1

  Leaving the company building and walking along the sidewalk, I was feeling on cloud nine. I had been chosen among so many others. I wanted to shout out to the world my contentment. 
  Suddenly, the world out there, as if by magic, had changed. Everything seemed happier, more vibrant. Even the facades of old and faded buildings now seemed to have other nuances. On my heels, I almost bounced. I would even be able to dance in the street if there was music playing around.
  I had a smile on my face and I wanted to hug the people who passed me by. The concrete of the pavement gleamed in the sunlight. Even the traffic noise sounded like a symphony to my ears.
 The light breeze caressed my face. I wanted to whistle and hum. The green park I never paid much attention to before, seemed to invite me to enjoy it. The green of the trees, exuberant, in different shades. The multicoloured flower beds...Everything was so beautiful in my eyes.
 I took off my shoes to walk on the grass.
  As I contemplated the beauty of the place, my eyes caught near a bush, a small creature moving slowly among the leaves on the ground. A small yellow bird, perhaps a chick, that had fallen from the nest. 
  I bent down and carefully picked it up and placed it in the palm of my hand. I gently caressed its soft and delicate body. It It looks hurt and scared, and emitted a low peep.
  Carefully, I noticed that it has one of its little legs bruised. It should have been its first attempt at wanting to fly, encouraged by its mother to leave the nest. I massaged its leg and it seemed to understand my intention of wanting to help it, at the same time I said words of encouragement. "Beautiful creature, you only hurt one of your legs, which will soon get well. Don't give up on trying. Your mom must be anxiously waiting for you. Your wings are still intact. No need to be afraid." 
  The peep then sounds louder. It straightened up the little body. It looked like it was getting ready to take off.
 "That's it, little bird. Go and conquer the skies. you were born to fly."
  I saw it disappeared through the branches of a tree, where a ray of sunlight beamed at me...

Scene 2

Leaving the clinic, I walked along the sidewalk, with unsteady steps, as if my legs didn't have the strength to support my body. The last words I just heard made me feel weaker than the finest porcelain I've kept for many years in my glass cabinet.
 My old body carried the pain accumulated by time, which had became addicted to painkillers. I felt like I was breaking into pieces. I could feel the roughness of the concrete under the thin sole of my shoe. With my head down, I didn't see who passed me by. I was feeling tired. 
I saw a bench under a tree in a small green park a few steps in front of me. As if it's taken forever, I got there and sat down. 
I looked around. The cloudy sky made  the buildings look greyer, colourless. As I hydrated my dry throat with water from the little bottle I had in my bag, I heard a rustle of leaves. I turned around and saw on the ground, as if asking for help, a small blue bird. 
It lifted its wings, and seemed bruised. I imagined it fell out of the nest while trying to fly.
I was sorry, but I felt as fragile as the little creature. It continued to fidget, letting out sad hoots. I just looked at it.
"Come on, little one, you're young, you've got all the time ahead of you to try again. Unlike me, I don't have that much time anymore..."
I saw a young man approaching and I asked him to help the little bird. He picked it up carefully, and said he's going to take it to a vet nearby. 
I felt a momentary relief, and I thought: "At least for the little bird there is hope of getting well..."
I called for a taxi. When it arrived, and I was getting into the car, the first rain drops began to fall...



Submitted: February 07, 2022

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