Thank y’all so far,I’ll like to write a story and would like to have your suggestions please kindly drop a comment on my writing so far and let me know something you’ll like to read about how thanks ???????? ??????????

After the long darkness 

Comes a bright new beginning

They say joy comes in the morning

The bright light against my face

Like a raging sun 



With optimism’s ready to face challenges

A day you never had,

A bright new day to try again

Filled with hope of a great ending 



The wind whispers gently

the trees moving to it’s course

The bird chirping across the street

All coming together to make a beautiful music


Down the street it all change 

Is it really beautiful??

The car honk,the street noise....

How peaceful nature is 

But we are the makers of doom

Submitted: February 07, 2022

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