a night i won’t remember

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The horror that comes from within, a sad night it was, I saw a brother being wronged and felt sad lot of thought came in me,what if I was the one being bullied,what if he end up dying ,should I just stand back watching,should I call for help. No no no in a ghost town where evil rule only a fool would think of calling for help or should I just leave????

My heart trembled when he looked into my eyes from that far distance stretching his hand and grasping for breath.

I closed my eyes took a deep breath and walked toward them


“Stop” I screamed 

“Let him go” I screamed 

The two guy standing laughed,I reached my hands behind my back held my gun



The other said “do you really have a gun

The first on said again no he doesn’t he’s bluffing 


I pulled out the gun one flees while the other stood afraid I went close to him pull the cuete up his nogging and I pulled the trigger I couldn’t hear nothing everything became blank I guess I stood for couple of minutes trying to make everything feel real.


“Did I kill a man”

He’s he dead ??

Then I heard the siren wailing

One horrible night I killed a man i saved a friend and my life was gone.....

Submitted: February 07, 2022

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