Vargo Nova: Short Stories Part 2: Return To Nile Space Lab

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When the last mission turned into a total mess, they expected the outcome to just end. A new mission has arisen for the crew of the Blaze. Profitable business dealings and contracts are being offered to them. With Maj Ami Baker now part of the crew, they hope the hunt for a rumored ship will be easier to find.

After Ami got settled in her room, she left the ship and went inside Nile Space Lab to understand what goes on there. When Ami gets inside, she is amazed at what she is seeing. Black market deals are being made, trading of all sorts, drinking, fighting, and back-alley contracts.

Tanni looks up and sees Ami walking around with a confused look on her face. "I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it. Look who is here." Tanni said to Jazzi while pointing at Ami. "Fuck Me! I didn't know the United Military Federation was here." Said Jazzi. "They not here, Maj Ami Baker was ordered by Col Scott Tiff to join us on this so important mission of hers." Said Janet. "Wow! Things are going to get very interesting with her onboard the ship." Said Tanni. "Should we show Ami around or watch to see if she gets herself into trouble?" Asked Jazzi. "Nah, let's show her around. Too early to throw her to the dogs." Janet said while laughing.

Janet, Tanni, and Jazzi walk over to Ami to help her out and explain how things work. Meanwhile, Red finally arrived where Jack and Wolf were. Jack was in the middle of the deal showing Azor what was found in the containers.

"How is it going so far?" Red asked Wolf. "So far, it is going well. Azor seems to be pleased with what he has seen so far." Said Wolf. "Good, I was thinking you would have your hand around Jack's neck by now." Said Red. "Don't give me no ideas. I will do it without Jack screwing up," Wolf said, laughing. Red and Wolf keep watching the deal that Jack is making with Azor. "Jack, so far, I am pleased with what you have been showing me. Is there anything else?" Asked Azor. "Yes, I have this stone that I don't know what it is." Said Jack. Jack gives the stone to Azor for him to look at. "????? ?? ????? ?? ????. Do you know what this is?"

Azor asked Jack. "No, I have no idea what it is." Said Jack. "This is a Flack Pear Stone. It is the rarest of the rare, and it is only found in the Ineron mines on Thuexyke 4 and the old runes on Dimia." Said Azor. "I didn't know that, and that was the only one that I founded." Said Jack. "I have a job that is very, very profitable to you and everyone onboard the Blaze. Go to either the mines on Thuexyke 4 or the old runes on Dimia and bring me back Red Rune Stone, along with more of the Flack Pear Stone. Do that for me, and there will be an alliance between us." Said Azor. "Excuse me for a moment, Azor, but those planets are not remotely close at all, and the Uknoi is not very friendly." Said Wolf. " I know they are not, but I am sure you can find a way to make them friendlier towards you all. Now go, I wait for your return." Azor said to Wolf.

Red, Wolf, and Jack left from meeting with Azor and walked back into the market area. With Azor's offer, Jack had to tell Janet about it. Red, Wolf, and Jack started walking around Nile Space Lab to find Janet.

Janet, Tanni, and Jazzi showed Ami about Nile Space Lab. They had to let her know that she has to be careful of whom she makes deals with because not every sale is on the up and up.

"There are a lot of alien species here and not many humans." Said Ami. "That is because it is run by aliens and the shadiest place close to the Io Region. Here, you mainly see traders, mercenaries, bounty hunters, freight runners, aka gun smugglers. You can find just about anything you're looking for if you know whom to talk to." Said Jazzi. "The reason as to why you don't see too many humans is because most human mercenary ships will not come in this direction. They stick to the Ango region of space, plus any humans that come here need a good rep and have a reason to be out this far." Said Janet. "Reputation, huh? I say you guys do have one, that is for sure." Said Ami. "It is tough to lie about it. Our reputation shows for itself." Said Jazzi.

The ladies talked to Ami and showed her around when Jargo approached them with an offer from Pursha. "Excuses, me Janet. Our lady Pursha wish to talk with you about a very rewarding business opportunity. You can meet her at the usual place in front of Clog." Said Jargo. "Tell her I will be there shortly." Said Janet."Yes, right away." Said Jargo. "Who or what is that?" Ami asked Janet. "Jargo and Pursha are Or'uls. they are very friendly and strange as well, but you will get used to them." Said Janet. "Pursha Wow! It has been a while since we talked to her." Said Tanni. "I wonder what she wants? Those guns, who did you sell them to, Tanni?" Asked Janet. "Scalqiel, that is whom I sold them to." Said Tanni. "This should be good. Let's go meet Pursha." Janet Said.

Before they started walking towards Clog to meet Pursha, Jack, Red, and Wolf came walking up towards Janet to tell her about Azor's offer to him.

"Hey, Janet, wait up! I have something to tell you." Said Jack. "Make it fast. I have to go meet Pursha over at Clog." Said Janet. "Pursha! Dam, that is good, I hope." Said Wolf. "Believe me, it is. Now let me hear what you have to say." Said Janet. "That stone we found on those containers back at the shipyard is called Flack Pear Stone. Azor said it is the rarest of the rare and only found in two places. He told me that if we can go and bring back that stone along with the Red Rune Stone, it will be profitable and will make an alliance with us." Said Jack. Janet stands there speechless at what Jack told her. "That is great, but the planets where those stones are on will not be easy to get to," Janet said. "I know, but maybe someone that is here can point us in the right direction or at least make some kind of deal." Said Red. "The way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if someone approached us with another deal." Said Jazzi. "We can talk about this later. I need to get going." Said Janet.

The excitement from Azor about his business dealings that he made with Jack and Pursha wanting to offer Janet a rewarding business deal. Have got the crew wondering what else was next. The mission they had done for the military has opened the doors for profitable dealings and contracts. Even though the mission was a complete mess, it did turn into something they didn't expect.

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