When Vincenzo Bernardi's life is flipped upside down by a scarred face and a pair of brown eyes, will he walk away from everything he's been taught for love? come walk in the dark as Vincenzo soon finds the light. Will love prevail? or will Darkness have its way?

Table of Contents

Perfection has it consequences

   The oxford dictionary describes perfect in three simple and yet complex definitions. 1-Having all the required or de... Read Chapter

Meeting Alessia

Vincenzo hated how easily his father could read him. His shoulders sagged as he told his father. “Marcos…been drinking…again.... Read Chapter


Just as Vincenzo and Alessia were getting off the elevator, Gunshots were heard. Vincenzo acted on instinct and pulled Alessia to him all... Read Chapter

Alessia’s story and Vincenzo’s birthday

Alessia looked out at the dark Chicago sky. She was completely numb, even when she cried. She felt nothing and being in Chicago had broke... Read Chapter

Always trust your Dogs instincts

As soon as Aaron opened the door, Vincenzo was ready because in the blink of an eye a brown and white miniature bull terrier had thrown i... Read Chapter

A reason to live

Alessia’s thoughts stopped when she felt a warm hand grab her. she felt sudden electricity run through her. “I have you Alessia. ... Read Chapter

sisters, in laws, and seething anger

. “Mr. Bernardi, your guests are here. Shall I take them back to the private room?” A voice asked. Vincenzo looked up from th... Read Chapter

Missing you in a crowd of people

The closer they got to the airfield the more nervous Vincenzo became. Would she hate him for sending someone to watch over her? would she... Read Chapter

Vincenzo’s story

this chapter contains the heavy topics of sexual assault and rape. you are warned!!
Read Chapter

An angel in a nightmare

Vincenzo was silent as jills driver drove them to the beach house. Just like his gut told him, jill was up to no good. She only wanted hi... Read Chapter

Negotiations and confessions

:  Charles Ricci threw up his hands in frustration. They were getting nowhere with these morons. The Russians were being picky a... Read Chapter

First Dates

Alessia looked Around the restaurant in awe. “Vincenzo this is so fancy. Something tells me you own this. Am I right?” Vincen... Read Chapter

Busy, Busy, Busy

  “Good morning Mr. Bernardi!” “Welcome back Mr. Bernardi!” “Hey, Mr. Bernardi. Nice to have you back!” ... Read Chapter

Conversations and commitment

  Vincenzo watched as his crew entered his penthouse but stopped when he noticed his father not moving. “Padre?” “... Read Chapter

Take a chance on me

Alexander sneered at his sister from across the dinner table. “Quit staring Alexander,” Jenny told him without looking up.  ... Read Chapter


Vincenzo watched as the Kentucky hills rolled by in his rearview mirror. He had visited other countries all the time, but it was always a... Read Chapter

love and lies

  Vincenzo gasp for breath as he climbed back into the boat. He sharply turned to see Alessia, face red as a tomato holding ... Read Chapter

These are the lies and this is the truth part 1

  Alessia yawned as the sunlight streamed through the cabin curtains.  Looking Around she felt a strong arm around her and ... Read Chapter

These are the lies and this is the truth part 2

Vincenzo sat silently on the plane. Nothing surprised him. He wasn’t surprised when his father called a secure line on a privat... Read Chapter

The Truth

: Alessia rolled under the tesla as she fixed the engine and the brakes. Whoever drove this car was horrible at braking. It had b... Read Chapter

This is For life

  Vincenzo hesitated outside the double doors. His father and all the important men in the Bernardi Family were just behind thos... Read Chapter

waking up next to you

Alessia had just gotten into the car but froze when someone else got in across from her. “So, Daughter in law…we need to talk.”... Read Chapter


Alessia pov: Alessia looked towards Vincenzo and then Lorenzo. Her hands were shaking. “it’s time Piccola. You can do this…... Read Chapter


Dark eyes watched the brown-haired girl work. He needed to get close to her without causing her stress. He needed her to remember him... Read Chapter

No longer the victim

A/N: Warning this chapter is a little dark and gory. Mentions of rape and abuse
Read Chapter

: Questions, answers, truths and lies

The Bernardi house was silent as Vincenzo Carried Alessia to his room. She had fallen asleep on the way. He wanted to take her back t... Read Chapter

Making plans

Gabriella scrubbed off her makeup in agitation. Sometimes being the wife of a criminal and art collector was hard work, especially when t... Read Chapter

New alliances and a way out

Maksim watched as his son stared out the restaurant window not giving him any kind of respect. It pissed Maksim off like never before. So... Read Chapter


Alessia was nervous as she looked around at all the unfamiliar faces. Since the party was her idea, Gabby was forcing Alessia to play hos... Read Chapter

Confessions and cupcakes under the willow tree

  Before Alessia knew it, the party was over and the last of their guest trickled out. most of them heading out with their secur... Read Chapter

confessions and cupcakes under the willow tree. Part 2

  “You don’t know what you're saying. You still have time to leave me.” Vincenzo urged. Alessa shook her head. “... Read Chapter


Phillip John Dwyer.  That was the name on his birth certificate, but somehow, as time went on, people began to call him Phil. He had... Read Chapter

A Brothers betrayal

  Phil wasn’t surprised as Alessia gasped at his revelation. “Wait. Wait. Wait. Charles is your brother? Wouldn’t ever... Read Chapter

Girl time

This chapter will cover some dark things such as Rape and violence. just a warning
Read Chapter

The -in laws

Chapter 35: Meeting the in-laws Vincenzo gave quiet yet stern orders to the chefs and waiters as he examined every nook and crevice o... Read Chapter

The family sits down

Chapter 36: The family sits down: Alessia felt herself shiver as Vincenzo buried his head in her neck. She was sitting on his lap, as... Read Chapter

wedding talk, special nights, and aiming to kill

Chapter 37: wedding talk, special nights, and aiming to kill Alessia pov: “Oh my gosh Tia, I still can’t believe it. I'm so h... Read Chapter

Just the two of us

Aaron smiled at them as he opened the limo door. “Aaron!” Alessia greeted the older man. “Hello Ms. Bernardi, it's been a w... Read Chapter

Mass and Breakfast

  “Man, what is that amazing smell?” a deep voice asked. Alessia jumped at the intrusion turning around to see Alfonso s... Read Chapter

The Night Before

Monday. Alessia blushed as she received surprised looks from her security team. She had just gotten in the SUV, but they hadn’t eve... Read Chapter

Pulling a Jim and Pam

Oh. My. Gosh.” Jenny squealed as she gently shook Alessia. CHICA! Look at this jet!!!” Alessia looked around and shrugged. She ad... Read Chapter

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