Support peace always,let love reign

worried about losing your head in a battle ?

War make motherless

War makes widow 

Will any good thing ever be from war

War hates peace

Bringing limitation,lamentation and fear




Moving quietly with a fearful trill

The worstest time of our life’s

The soldier marching the gun sound

Sound of explosions mines

Lying down in a pool of blood

A weak voice in my head saying folly....folly....folly 

The people fear the shadow of a warrior

A hard time we had of it 

I have seen birth and hear death

But had thought they were different

This birth was hard and bitter agony for us

Like death, the death of a warrior 




Good men,wild men all sang of the horrors 

And learned,too late they grieved

Anger,anger against an enemy that never hates 

Though wise men at their end thought it was right


Will war bring peace ?

Submitted: February 08, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Oliverjargo. All rights reserved.

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