vargo nova: short stories part 2: the alliance

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the hunt is on for a battlecruiser that is no longer a rumor. a new alliance and friendship have taken place at nile space lab. for the first time, aliens will be part of the crew of the blaze. with a new mission at hand, things are about to get adventures.

Janet walks over to Clog to meet Pursha with everyone else with her. Pursha was sitting at a table drinking valita whiskey in front of her place of business when Janet approached the table she was sitting at.

"Janet, it is so nice to see you and your friends again. Please have a seat, and your friends can sit nearby. Valita Whisky?" Pursha asked Janet. "I am not much of a drinker, but sure, why not," Janet said to Pursha as she smiled at her. Pursha looks at Jargo and signals him to serve Janet her Valita Whiskey. Janet takes a sip of the whiskey and coughs while patting her chest."Valita is robust whiskey." Janet said while coughing. "Or'uls whiskey can be very strong, but if you drink more of it, you will get used to it."

Said Pursha. "This will take some time to get used to, but I will try and drink more of it." Said Janet. "Glad to hear it. Now about my offer. Word has been going around about a human mercenary ship going over to a Ladearian shipyard to...Let's say stole some items, some essential items. You wouldn't know anything about that?" Pursha asked Janet. "That depends on who wants to know," Janet said with a smile. Pursha looks at Janet with a wicked smile. "I know what you're looking for, and so does Azor. The ship is real, but getting it will be no easy feat. If you want it, you will have to do something that no human mercenary ship has done before. Go to Bul'th on Haraita, scout around, talk to the locals, and meet Dahna. She has a rare rattler fire sword that I want. Get it for me and anything else you find that is of value." Pursha said with an evil smile.

Jazzi sitting close by and listening to Pursha, had said. "How is stealing a rattler fire sword is going to help us find a battlecruiser we are supposed to steal." Said Jazzi. Pursha looks over at Jazzi with a smile. "The Ladearians are not stupid, they know you guys are looking for that ship, so they moved it to a different system that no humans are in." Said Pursha. Jazzi nods her head understanding what Pursha said.

"Brilliant move on their behalf." Said Ami. "Janet, how do you feel about having aliens on board your ship as part of your crew?" Pursha asked Janet. "I have never thought about it at all. I guess it would be ok; I am sure the crew wouldn't mind at all." Said Janet. "Good because Jargo and I are coming along for this trip, I will send word to Azor to send one of his servants and Scalqiel as well." Said Pursha. "Scalquiel, that cheating tyrant," Jazzi said harshly. "A lying tyrant Scalqiel is, but you will need him when dealing with some of the low lives traders at Bul'th. He is already at the ship waiting. Before you asked, yes, I am going as well, Azor has informants all over this place just like pursha does. Azor wants me to tell you Janet, when you get to Bul'th, Zinu, the ruler of Haraita, will meet with you." Said Spaorg. "Zinu? I will not ask, but is anyone else I need to know coming along? If not, let's get going. We have a ship to track down." Said Janet. Pursha walks up to Janet and smiles at her. "Don't leave without Jargo and me. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and alliance between both species." Said Pursha. Janet nods and smiles at Pursha as she walks inside the Clog to gather her things.

Everyone got up and started heading back to the ship to get the mission on its way. The task is to hunt for a battlecruiser that is no longer rumor. Janet couldn't believe that she allowed aliens to be a part of the crew onboard her ship. It is the first time humans and aliens are on the same ship as crew members.

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