Tales of Trivinartria : The Eight Orbs

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The cover art was made by my sister. You can find her here on instagram @sarahvlasblom

Long ago, when only a few villages were scattered across Trivinartria's wilderness, eight men held in their possession orbs of unknown origin. These men came to be known in history as Trivinartria's founding fathers, the men who laid the foundation for what would become a thriving continent inhabited by people of many different cultures. The orbs were passed down through generations within the families of the founding fathers, protected as sacred heirlooms. Some believed that the orbs held mystical powers, though these theories were never proven.

Over 1500 years later, while most of Trivinartria enjoys a state of relative peace, an organisation emerges from the shadows, with the goal of collecting the eight orbs for purposes yet unknown. Bound by fate or merely by coincidence, the unfolding stories of many different people across the continent will colide and reveal the hidden truths about Trivinartria.

Table of Contents

The Night of the Tocas Festival (part 1)

The town of Saint-Tocas gets ready for the annual Tacos Festival, while the mayor, Henry Arky, prepares his home for the upcoming summit meeting. Meanwhile, Alver, Lana and Jeffrey make a discovery
in the Saint-Tacos Woods.
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The Night of the Tocas Festival (part 2)

With her newfound information, Lana goes to ask her father about their family. However, during the summit meeting, a masked intruder demands an item known as the wind orb from Henry.
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After the Tocas Festival

After the events of the Tacos Festival, Alver, Lana and Jeffrey ponder the next step in their lives. Pearson and Cooper return to Central, and Rey returns empty-handed to his leaders.
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The Dragon Slayer

In an inn on the Northern Road in the Boreal Country, two old war acquaintances meet and are offered a job by a mysterious man called Aragon, who desires the earth orb residing in the town of Yuki.
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Impending Threat in the Desert

As sightings of strange creatures are reported in the Star Valley Desert, the ruling princess and her younger sister, Gloria, disagree over matters regarding security. A man by the name of Robert
Yeehaw offers Gloria his help in return for the sun orb, the royal family's treasure.
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Hopes of a Lord

In the Riverlands of the Eastern Country, the young Lord Bellington wants to retake the Riverlands in the name of his family, to the dismay of the commander of his royal guard, Boris. An old man by
the name of Kaz offers to help Lord Bellington by gifting him more resources in exchange for a treasure hiding in the town of Misuto.
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Arrival in Central

Delzad contemplates his life choices. Meanwhile, Alver, Lana and Jeffrey finally arrive in Central, where they are soon reunited with Pearson and Cooper.
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The Old Continent

Alver, Lana and Jeffrey go to the Central Library to learn anything about magic. Meanwhile, Jordan gets into unwanted trouble after work, and Cooper reminisces about the past.
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Ambush on the Western Road

Alver, Lana and Jeffrey go to spend the night at a motel on the Western Road, but their peaceful stay is quickly interrupted by two masked men looking for the wind orb.
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Under Central

Jordan and Sara wake up in a dark cell somewhere underground, where they are greeted by Mars. Pearson and Cooper go on a mission to save them. Meanwhile, after arriving in Woodburt City, Lana tells
Alver and Jeffrey about what she found in Jonathan Arky's mausoleum.
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The Looming Shadow of Battle

In the Boreal Country, Central Forces led by a man named Joey arrive to help Celeste end the war in her country. The mysterious Aragon also pays her a visit, this one unwanted. Meanwhile, in the
inn on the Northern Road, a skirmish between two men working for Gaston results in a bigger fight.
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Gloria's Plea

In the Star Valley Desert, Robert Yeehaw and Sofia finally arrive in Maruid Hills, where they meet the mayor of the village to learn about the creature sightings. In Catuli Town, Grainn confronts
Cecilia about her abuse of Gloria.
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Arrival in the Rivertowns

Lord Bellington and his royal guard arrive in the Rivertowns, where they are met with a man named Jean and the soldiers stationned by Kaz. While Bellington and Jean grow closer, Boris becomes more
distant toward his lord, especially after witnessing the poverty of the South Rivertown and Bellington's response to it.
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Search for Jordan

Pearson and Cooper make a startling discovery in the underground network, where they are met with Delzad. Meanwhile, Jordan receives the visit of a few people from the organisation while
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Alver's Dream

In Woodburt City, while awaiting the fighting tournament's start, Jeffrey scrutinizes the competition, when he meets Marcus, a talented bounty hunter in the same guild as Roger and Joanne.
Meanwhile, Alver and Lana meet a lost girl in the woods. Together, they stumble upon a seemingly abandonned house hiding a great secret.
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As Jordan tries to find different ways to pass the time in his cell, he receives a visit from an angry Rey. During their conversation, an old friend of Jordan's makes his appearance, leading to a
confusing reunion. Meanwhile, Pearson and Cooper follow the signal they had gotten form Jordan's cellphone, only to once again encounter Delzad.
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New Guardians

After Alver, Lana and Anny leave the woods, they tell Jeffrey everything they learned. Later, at night, Lana returns to the cabin in the woods, where she learns even more about magic and her
family. There, she is also given an important item by the strange man.
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Fight on the Northern Road

Okami and his group of runaways arrive in Yuki after a long train ride, where they learn some disturbing news regarding their home village of Hokori. Meanwhile, a small group of men working for the
organisation intrude in the inn guarded by Gaston on the Northern Road, and after a disagreement, a fight ensues.
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Battle of the Evergreen Fields

The Boreal and Central Forces prepare for battle as the Yuki Forces make their way to the Crystal River. Kodokuna walks into the Boreal Country's encampment by luck, followed by Aragon, who seeks
to uphold his bargain previously made with Celeste.
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The Creatures of the Desert

Gloria meets a new friend while awaiting Grainn's trial, away from her sister. Meanwhile, in Maruid Hills, Robert confronts Sofia about her real motives for following him, and they soon discover
what lurks within the desert.
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Fight in the Rivertowns

After learning of Jean's intentions from Lord Bellington himself, Boris finds Kaz to try and understand his antagonists. During their conversation, Boris is alerted by a scream coming from the
South Rivertown, where he finds Jean and his men terrorizing the townsfolks. A confrontation between the two men ensues.
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Delzad's Plan

After informing Jordan and Troy of his plan, Delzad executes the first step by bringing in Pearson and Cooper as prisoners. However, things quickly go south as the master has different plans for
his new prisoners. The group of men must then find another way for Jordan, Pearson and Cooper to escape safely. Meanwhile, in Central, detective Steve Shrouder accepts a new case in Hokori, hoping
to find more information about the organisation and the mechanical beast under the city.
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The Woodburt Fighting Tournament

On the eve of the Woodburt Fighting Tournament, Rey makes his presence known to Lana and Alver, revealing his intention to acquire the moon orb and the wind orb. Later, as the bounty hunters learn
of the dangers surrounding Lana and her friends, Jeffrey and Joanne get into a heated argument.
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