Vargo Nova: Short Stories Part 2: The Mission Begins

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The mission gets underway as the crew of Wolf Pack, aka Space Dogs, set course Bul'th on the planet of Haraita in the Beta Guam System. With new crew members added to the mission, things are about to get very interesting as the task takes on a life of its own, with new contacts and business dealings that will have a lot of twists and turns. The hunt is on for the Ladearain battlecruiser.

Janet went back to the ship after meeting with Pursha, and everyone else did the same. When they all arrived back, Miranda stood out in front of the ship with Scalqiel talking to him.

"I am glad you are here, Janet. Scalqiel keeps babbling about he is here to join the crew." Said Miranda. "We need to talk, and I want you to get ahold of someone at Central Intel. Jazzi takes care of our weasel of a guess. Wolf, wait here for Pursha, Jargo, and Spaorg; they will be here soon. Tanni, Red, and Ami, come with me." Janet told them. Jazzi and Wolf nodded at Janet when she started walking into the ship. "What is going on, Janet?" Miranda asked Janet. "I will tell you, just get me someone from Central Intel," Said Janet. Miranda goes over to the commlink to contact Central Intel. "Lt Col Miranda Hill. Is there something I can do for you?" Asked General Kirk Lander. "General Kirk, it is so nice to see you again. I asked Miranda to contact someone at Intel." Said Janet. "Janet. It is so nice to see you again. What can I do for you?" Asked Kirk. "That Ladearain battlecruiser is real and not a rumor. The ship might be at Bul'th on Haraita or may be close by." Said Janet. "Haraita, that planet is in the Beta Guam System. There are no human ships near that system, and Bul'th is an alien city with different species." Said Kirk. "I know, and that is where we are headed as soon as our alien alliance comes onboard. That is the flip side of this whole thing. Lady Pursha, Jargo, Scalqiel, and Spaorg are coming along because we will be the first humans to visit that system. We are going to need them. They know their way around the city." Said Janet. "Interesting, be careful out there, and I look forward to hearing from you when the mission is over with." Said Kirk. "Talk to you soon." Said Janet.

Janet walks away and goes tend to other matters. "Maj Ami Baker, Lt Col Miranda Hill, and Agent Tanni Filmore, I would like to speak with all three of you." Said Kirk. Ami, Miranda, and Tanni look at each other nervously and say, Sir. "This mission you all are going on is a significant one. Humanity will be traveling and visiting another system that has never been explored for the first time. At the same time, humans and aliens will be working and living together on one ship. This is a milestone for both sides, and I don't want it to be the last. I want daily reports sent by sub-communications while in route. When you get there, send the reports every two hours. I don't care if it's a simple video or conversation. The more information sent back, the better we can learn about that city and planet. I wish you all a safe trip on your two weeks journey. That is how long it will take to get there. Good Luck." Said, General Kirk Lander.

General Kirk Lander ended the conference, Tanni, Ami, and Miranda stood there looking at each other while Red was standing in the corner watching and listening to the whole thing.

"Interesting, that is all I have to say." Said Red, and he left. "Let's get this freak show of a mission moving. Pursha, Jargo, and Spaorg should be already onboard the ship." Said Tanni. "I can tell Scalqiel is onboard. He is already trying to make deals." Said Miranda." They all laughed as they walked to the bridge.

Janet looked at the Beta Guam System map with Red and talked about what ship to get there. Wolf walked onto the bridge with Jazzi, Jack, Pursha, and Spaorg as Janet and Red talked about what ship to use.

"Janet, this ship is too small to make that trip in two weeks. That is a long haul, plus this ship is not that fast." Said Red. "Than we take the cargo ship we took instead. It is fast enough to make that trip." Said Janet. "Janet, that is not a good idea. Flying into the Beta Guam System with a stolen Ladearian cargo ship is not a very welcoming site." Said Wolf. "Than what else are we supposed to use to get there?" Janet said harshly. "Janet, my dear. That ship can still be used, Bul'th is a huge city, and there is no telling how many stolen ships are there. Believe me when I tell you that no one is going to check." Said Pursha. "Lady Pursha is right. Bul'th is a haven for thieves." Scalqiel said as he was standing there listening. "Scalqiel is right. You all are mercenaries and thieves as well. You all be very welcome on Bul'th." Spaorg said while laughing. Janet laughed at what Spaorg said. "Spaorg is right. We are thieves but dam good ones at that," Janet said proudly. "Why the hell are we standing here? Let's get this show on the road, we got a ship to steal and any dam thing else we can get our hands on." Jack said, laughing. "SPACE DOGS, LET'S RIDE!" Yelled Jazzi.

Red, Wolf, and Jazzi went over to the cargo ship while Miranda piloted the Blaze to dock with the lightweight cargo ship. Once the docking was complete, everyone walked onto the cargo ship from the Blaze.

"Before we leave, we need to give this ship name." Said Janet. "Wolf Pack. We are Space Dogs, and since dogs are like wolves and travel in packs as we do. It is a fitting name." Said Ami. "I like the name. Ami, you're going to make a great mercenary. Wolf, I know you all up at the bridge was listening. Set a course for the Beta Guam System. Let's finish this mission." Said Janet while smiling at Ami. "Sweet! The course is set, and we are on our way." Said Wolf.

The mission had started for the crew of the Wolf Pack as they began their trip to Haraita in the Beta Guam System.

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