The Eighth Deadliest Sin's 8 Stripper Jokes

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# 1) I wondered this, "Do strippers get dance lessons from professional dancers?"

# 2) A stripper introduced herself and her friends. She said, "Hi I'm Sugar, these are my friends, Flower and Cookie." I said, You're just missing Butter then you can make a cookie, Just like her."

# 3) I dated a stripper and I gave her a nickname, "Kooky." Man, she was totally insane and terrifying.

# 4) Ain't it funny that strippers swing on a pole and it never gets loose.

# 5) My girlfriend said, "I bet you go to the strip club for the strippers." I said, "No, for the great tasting food."

# 6) A stripper asked, "Hey, want a lap dance?" I said, "No thanks sir."

# 7) A stripper said, "If you pay me. I'll take my clothes off." I said, "I'll pay you to keep your clothes on. The rest of your life."

# 8) What kind of situation would be awkward for a stripper?

As she's stripping, she notices her father over in the dark corner.


Submitted: February 12, 2022

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