The League 9: Raging Inferno

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

When The League gets a surprise visit form an old teammate. A new threat comes then tries to destroy the world. Will The League be able to overcome the new threat and old teammate?

Lightning flashes. Sebastion O'Neil appears walking. Thunder crackles. Whoa...that sounds close; said Sebastion. Lightning appears in distance. Sebastion walks over then sees both Leah-Madge and Phineas. We must find The League; said Phineas. Twig snaps. Sebastion runs then looks behind him. Lightning being thrown.

Sebastion falls. Lightning bolt hits gas tanks. Explosion in distance. Leah-Madge appears. Fire crackling. I think the two we we're following went that way; said Leah-Madge. Then let's follow them. The faster we kill The League. We'll rule the world; said Phineas. Both Leah-Madge and Phineas walking away.

Fire crackling then slowly dies down. Sebastion appears then looks down. Fire appears on Sebastion's hand. Sebastion smiles. So, Lightning and Thunder have risen. Mayne I'll follow; said Sebastion following behind. Mark hits James with shovel. Sebastion watching then walks out. James groans. Sebastion taps James then smiles.

A Month Later. Billy gets punched then groans. I'm surprised your still in this. Now, where's The League; asked James. Billy spits blood. Up your ass; said Billy being punched. You have balls; said James. Yeah, something you lost awhile ago; said Billy. James grabs Billy by his throat. I'd watch what you say; said James.

Billy's throat slowly burning then gasps. Door slams shut. James looks. Sebastion appears. What the hell you doing; asked Sebastion. James let's go of Billy. He wasn't talking; said James. You know, I saved you cause I know what you could do. Your smarter than him. Sorry I'm Sebastion O'Neil or Absorb; said Sebastion.

Billy Works; said Billy. Yeah, Wrecking Ball, I know you; said Sebastion. Why am I a prisoner; asked Billy. Well, I don't need you running away. Plus, I want The League destroyed; said Sebastion. You'll fail, just like the rest of them; said Billy. Well, there's one thing I have. That they didn't; said Sebastion. Yeah, what's that; asked Billy. I'll show you; said Sebastion walking towards bookcase.

Book moves. Bookcase opens. Sebastion walks into room. Door opens. Woman #1 appears then falls. James chains woman #1. What the hell you doing; asked Billy. I'm showing you why they call me Absorb; said Sebastion walking towards woman #1 then rips her shirt. Don't hurt her; said Billy.

Watch and learn; said James. Sebastion looks at woman #1 then places his hand onto her chest. Yellow light appears. Woman #1 screams then turns into dust. Oh my God; said Billy. Sebastion looks at Billy then punches brick wall. Hole appears. This is my power. For now; said Sebastion. Fuck; said Billy.

Typing on keyboard. Aleisha appears laying in bed then sees Jordan. Hey, you all right; asked Aleisha. Yeah, just trying to find anything; said Jordan. Aleisha walks towards Jordan. Don't worry, we'll find Billy; said Aleisha rubbing Jordan's back. I know; said Jordan. Come on, back to bed; said Aleisha. Jordan picks up Aleisha, kisses her then places her onto bed. Both Aleisha and Jordan taking off each others clothes.

Christopher sitting on couch watching T.V. Rachael walks into room. Hey; said Rachael. Hello; said Christopher. May; asked Rachael. Christopher moves tank onto table. Rachael sits down. What happened to the fish; asked Rachael. I ate them. Plus, it's my home; said Christopher.

You sleep in that. How; asked Rachael. Easy, I just crawl inside like this; said Christopher crawling into tank. Job walks into room. Christopher looks. Um-; said Rachael being interrupted. I don't want to know; said Job walking into kitchen. Crispin appears reading newspaper. Hello Drillbit; said Crispin. Crispin; said Job sitting down.

So, you said awhile ago. "You had others with you and Rachael"; said Crispin. Yeah, why do you bring it up; asked Job. Cause, I may know who took them; said Crispin. Really, who; asked Job. Follow me, you need to see this; said Crispin. Both Crispin and Job walking upstairs. Door opens then shuts. Light turns on. Pictures of Sebastion appear.

Who is this; asked Job. His names Sebastion O'Neil. He goes by the name Absorb; said Crispin. And why do you say he stole them; asked Job. He's been kidnapping mutants for a long time; said Crispin. Does Mark know about him; asked Job. Yeah, cause me and Mark have worked with him. Without knowing it; said Crispin. I don't understand. How didn't you know; asked Job.

Cause he hides in the shadows. Absorb wanted Frost to rise. He did. Same with Quake. This guys the reason I switched sides; said Crispin. Why do they call him Absorb; asked Job. He could take the power of mutants. Then use them himself; said Crispin. He sounds dangerous; said Job. Cause he is; said Mark.

I didn't see you come in; said Crispin. He was just telling me-; said Job being interrupted. I know, I heard a lot of things; said Mark. How do you fit into this with him; asked Job. Well, I actually met his younger version. Almost killed me; said Mark. I thought you can't die; asked Job. Well, what he does. After he sucks out your power. Your body turns to dust; said Mark.

Jack standing next to wall then walks away. Mark looks at door. Something wrong; asked Crispin. Someone was listening; said Mark. Jack walking into room then grabs suitcase. Suitcase opens. Jack pulls out knives then places them into holsters. All three walking into room. Going somewhere; asked Job. I overheard you; said Jack.

And your planning to find him; said Crispin. Better me finding him than the other way; said Jack grabbing bag. Wait, let me help you; said Mark. Why; asked Jack. I could smell him faster than you could find him; said Mark. All right; said Jack. We're coming too; said Crispin. No, if all four of us are gone. They'll know something's up. Two gone, not so much; said Mark.

All right, just be careful; said Crispin. Always am. Now we need to sneak out; said Mark. Don't worry, Chris could handle that; said Crispin. All six watching T.V. Both Crispin and Job walk into room. Hey Chris, Crispin says you can't fit into that tank; said Job. I've already shown you before; said Christopher. Prove me wrong again; said Crispin. All right, hand me the tank; said Christopher.

Both Jack and Mark walking out door. Aleisha walks towards window then sees both Jack and Mark running. Hey, Jack and Mark are going somewhere. And fast; said Aleisha. Jordan walks towards window. Let's find out; said Jordan. Aleisha looks then walks away. Christopher appears inside tank. Footsteps approaching. Both Aleisha and Jordan see Christopher inside tank.

What the hells this; asked Aleisha. Um, Crispin bet me; said Christopher. Well, while you were playing. Mark and Jack left. Now...where'd they go; asked Jordan. I don't know; said Christopher. Crispin; asked Jordan. No clue; said Crispin. So, Mark didn't tell you. I thought you always knew where the other went; asked Aleisha.

We don't always; said Crispin. Just tell them; said Job. Tell us what; asked Jordan. Nice work Drillbit. We found out who took your friends; said Crispin. Who...the Swat; asked Rachael. No, a mutant. He goes by the name Absorb; said Crispin. I've never heard of him; said Rachael. Neither have I; said Jordan walking towards computer.

Typing on keyboard. Do you think you could find him; asked Aleisha. I think so; said Jordan. What about Mark and Jack; asked Lewis. I'll stay here and dig up anything on Absorb. Lewis, Crispin, Steven and Ving. Go follow them; said Jordan. All four walking. What about is; asked Rachael. I need you here, just in case; said Jordan.

Billy looking at dust pile. If you tell him where The League is. You'll be set free; said James. Ever since you've turned on us. You've became a prick; said Billy. Fire forms in James's hands. I'd watch what you'd say to me; said James. Kill me, at least I won't end up like her; said Billy. Fire decreases. You'll end up like her. I know you will; said James.

You know, I thought at one time, Brandon was right. You're smarter than you know. But he was wrong. Cause look at you now. Working for a person who only needs you for your power. What do you think he'll do after killing all the mutants. I'll tell you. He'll turn on you. You know I'm right. But, you don't want to hear it; said Billy.

Sebastion walks inside. Did he crack yet; asked Sebastion. No; said James. Put him in the tube; said Sebastion. Bookcase opens. Billy gets thrown into tube. If he finds The League. We're all dead; said Billy. James walks away. Bookcase shuts.

Billy turns around then sees Adelaide Menedez, Ida Funrman and Reginald Orton. Hello; said Reginald. Hey, I'm Billy; said Billy. Reginald or Bow; said Reginald. I'm Ida or Touch; said Ida. Adelaide or Glitch; said Adelaide. How long have you been in here; asked Billy. Awhile; said Reginald. You look familiar; said Billy. Maybe you knew my father. Nick Parks; said Reginald.

Never heard of him; said Billy. We we're captured. There we're a dozen of us. Two friends got away; said Ida. Atom and Drillbit; said Billy. You know them. Are they safe; asked Adelaide. Yes, I know them. They're with The League; said Billy. At least they're safe; said Reginald.

Footsteps walking. You know, we never really had a talk. Just the two of us; said Jack. I really try not to get that close to people; said Mark. Then why you with The League; asked Jack. Because like humans. I need a home. Plus, I got tired of behind left behind; said Mark. What do you mean; asked Jack. Through the centuries, my life was being left behind. Until a military man found me; said Mark.

Is that the reason you switched sides; asked Jack. No...I switched sides, cause I was tired of hurting humans; said Mark. Sorry; said Jack. Yeah, you ain't the only one. Mark sniffs. This way; said Mark. Both Jack and Mark walking. Building appears. Is this the place; asked Jack. Yes...get down; said Mark.

Both Jack and Mark kneeling. Sebastion walking. What's the plan; asked Jack. I'll distract him. You try hitting him; said Mark. Are you sure; asked Jack. Listen, I've dealt with this guy before. He might be stronger. But I'm smarter; said Mark crawling. Jack looks.

Sebastion continues walking. Bushes shaking. Sebastion walks towards bushes. Bushes move. Mark appears eating deer carcasses. What the hell; said Sebastion. Oh, I'm sorry. Want some; asked Mark. Who are you; asked Sebastion. Oh, I'm Mark Lewett; said Mark.

Mark Lewett, you seem familiar; said Sebastion. Hmm...well, I don't remember you. But, I've heard of you. Sebastion O'Neil or Absorb; said Mark. How'd you hear of me; asked Sebastion. Come on, I'm just like you. I also keep a low profile; said Mark. Why you here; asked Sebastion. Come to see if you need help. Especially against The League; said Mark.

You know where The League is; asked Sebastion. I've been watching them. Just needed someone's help; said Mark. You want to join me; asked Sebastion. Yeah, think about it. Two strong mutants against the world; said Mark. You might be tricking me. But, I'll keep you on a short leash; said Sebastion. No problem. And don't worry you can trust me; said Mark.

Jack slowly walking, pulls out knives then goes to throw one. Fire hits Jack. Jack goes into tree, groans then sees James. Nice try; said James grabbing Jack. Footsteps approaching. Both Mark and Sebastion look. James, who's this; asked Sebastion. A League member. James looks at Mark. You; said James.

You know each other; asked Sebastion. Yeah, he hit me with a shovel awhile back; said James. Sebastion looks at Mark. Thought I knew your face; said Sebastion. Yeah, he works for The League; said James. Really, so another League member, huh. We're gonna kill you now; said Sebastion. You could try, but it won't work; said Mark. James forms fireballs. He wasn't talking to you; said James smiling.

Footsteps walking. Crispin looks around. We lost; asked Lewis. No, I know where were going; said Crispin. Lewis, why not go through a portal; asked Ving. I don't know where they are. To form a portal. I need to know where to go; said Lewis. Are we going in the right direction; asked Ving. Yes; said Crispin.

Steven G. looks then stops. Bushes move. Sign appears. Hey guys, there must be a factory around here; said Steven G. Maybe, let's keep moving; said Crispin. All four continue walking. What do we do when we find Mark and Jack; asked Ving. Leave quickly, cause of Sebastion's power. We're dead if he touches us; said Crispin. Steven G. sees building then points.

Footsteps walking. Building appears. Is this the place; asked Ving. Jack hits tree. All four look. James appears. All for hiding. Why we hiding; asked Steven G. We can't let them know were here. Not yet anyway; said Crispin.

James drags Jack. All four slowly following. Talking in distance. All four peeks around corner. James holding Jack then fireball. Lewis goes to move. Crispin holds Lewis's arm. He's gonna kill him; said Lewis. No, Mark won't allow that; said Crispin. All four look.

Mark growls. Let's see what you got; said Sebastion. Mark runs at Sebastion. Sebastion swings fist. Mark moves then kicks James's side. Both Jack and Mark stand back to back. Both James and Sebastion looking at both Jack and Mark. Mark's nails grow then growls. Jack pulls out knives. James forms fireballs.

Sebastion runs at Mark then lunches him. Mark falls to the ground. Jack throws knives. James moves then throws fireballs. Jack moves. Sebastion goes to punches Mark. Mark kicks Sebastion's stomach, flips him then kicks his face. You're pretty strong; said Mark. So are you; said Sebastion swinging fist. Mark ducks.

Sebastion swings fist again. Mark goes through building. Thudding on other side of wall. What's going on; asked Reginald. Thudding continues. Mark goes through wall then groans. Mark; said Billy. Wrecking Ball; said Mark. Look out; said Ida. Mark looks then gets punched.

Jack running. Fireballs hitting trees. Jack hiding behind tree. Come on out. So I could kill you; said James. Jack throws knife. Knife goes into James's shoulder. James pulls knife out then melts it. I don't want to hurt you James; said Jack. It's not me you should be worried about; said James throwing fireball.

Fireball hits tree. Jack falls. James forms another fireball. Lewis, now; said Crispin. James throws fireball. Portal appears. Fireball goes through portal. Portal reappears behind James. Fireball hits James's back. James groans.

Your friends are here; said James turning around. All four appear. We don't want to hurt you James; said Lewis. That's no fun though; said James throwing fire. All four move. Crispin forms orb then throws it. James move then throws fire again. Crispin ducks. Lewis, get jack out of here; said Crispin. Lewis raises his hand.

Fire hits Lewis. Lewis goes into wall then gets knocked unconscious. James's shoulder gets hit with knife, groans then throws fire. Jack falls. James laughs then goes still. Ving holding up his hand. I got him; said Ving. Good...Steven, go help Mark; said Crispin. All right; said Steven running into building.

Mark hits wall then groans. Well, I was wrong. You're not strong at all. Mark laughs. What's so funny; asked Sebastion. At least I don't look like a gay supervillan; said Mark continuing laughing. Sebastion punches Mark. You really think your funny; asked Sebastion. Well, I tried fucking your mother first. But that gate was closer; said Mark.

Sebastion punches Mark then grabs his Mohawk. I'm gonna kill you now; said Sebastion. Well, at least I won't have to look at your ugly face; said Mark. Sebastion grabs Mark by his throat. Yellow light appears. Steven G. looks. Mark; said Steven G. kicking Sebastion. Sebastion let's go of Mark then grabs Steve G. Why you wearing a mask. It ain't Halloween; said Sebastion.

Steven G. struggling. Yellow light appears. Steven G. screams. Mark sees shovel. Shovel hits Sebastion. Steven G. coughing. Thanks; said Steven G. No problem, help Wrecking Ball; said Mark. Steven G. walks towards tube. Which button; asked Steven G.

That one; said Billy. Steven G. presses button. Tube opens. Billy walks out. Let's go; said Colton Mark. Wait, no they need our help; said Billy. Why; asked Mark. They're part of Rachael's and Job's group; said Billy. Well hurry up then; said Mark. Tubes open.

All three walking out. Thank you; said Adelaide. Hey, enough of the sweet stuff. Let's get moving before he wakes up; said Mark. All six run. Ving continues holding James. Crispin helping both Jack and Lewis. How do you feel; asked Crispin. Sore; said Jack. You're lucky that's the only thing I made you feel; said James.

Jack pulls out knife. Crispin grabs Jack's arm. Don't be stupid; said Crispin. Jack walks away. Crispin looks at James. James smiling. All six walking out of building. Hey, who are they; asked Lewis. No time, let's go; said Mark. Lewis, a way home; said Crispin. Portal appears.

What about James; asked Ving. Bring him along; said Crispin. Billy, Adelaide, Reginald and Steven G. go through portal. James smiles then fire rises. Ving looks at James then groans. Ving; said Jack. Ving screaming. I...can't...hold...him; said Ving letting go of James. James flies then throws fire. Both Crispin and Mark get hit.

Lewis looks then gets hit with fire. Portal disappears. Ida runs towards James. James throws fire. Ida goes through wall then lands next to Sebastion. James looks. Jack holding knives. Are you ready to die; asked James. Are you; asked Jack running towards James. James throws fireballs.

Jack hitting fireballs then throws knives. James continuously moves then throws fireball. Jack falls. James steps onto Jack's chest. How's it feel. To be on the bottom; asked James. You tell me; asked Jack stabbing James's leg, trips him then points knife at his throat. Do it...jam that knife into me; said James. Jack shaking. I can't; said Jack. Cause you're too weak; said James.

Jack growls. I ain't weak; said Jack swinging knife. James grabs Jack's arm. Jack struggling. That's right, give in to the anger. Join us; said James. I'll never abandon my real friends. Unlike you; said Jack. Knife gets closer to James's throat. James moves knife to the side, headbutts Jack then stabs him.

Jack gasps. I told you that you're weak; said James jamming knife further into Jacks chest. "JACK"; yelled Lewis running towards James. Crispin grabs Lewis. We need to leave; said Crispin. James forms fireballs. Ving looks. What you gonna do; asked James. Telephone pole falls onto James. Let's go; said Ving.

Portal appears. All four go through portal. Ida groans. Sebastion looking at Ida then picks her up. If I can't have one of The League's powers. You'll do just fine; said Sebastion raising Ida. Yellow light appears. Ida screams. Sebastion groaning then squeezes Ida's throat. Ida turns into dust.

Sebastion walks outside. James groans. Sebastion approaches. You just gonna stand there; asked James. I don't have the strength anymore. Burn through it; said Sebastion. James burning telephone pole then stands up. Sebastion sees Jack's body. One of The League members; said Sebastion. Yes...what powers do you have now; asked James.

Don't know; asked Sebastion grabbing knife. James looks down at Jack's body then sees knife in his chest. How's that knife still in his chest; asked James. Sebastion grabs knife then pulls it out. Another knife appears. Sebastion looks at James, walks towards rock then lifts it up. Rock appear sin Sebastion's hand. Sebastion looks down. Rock laying on ground. I could make duplicates; said Sebastion smiling.

Portal appears. All four appear. Jordan looks. Guys, you all right; asked Jordan. Lewis walks away. What's wrong with Lewis; asked Aleisha.'s dead; said Ving. Knives, he's gone; said Billy. Yeah...James killed him; said Crispin. James is with Absorb; said Jordan.

Yes; said Mark. Where's Ida; asked Reginald. Oh shit said Mark. You left her behind; said Adelaide. We must of forgot. Especially while fighting; said Crispin. We need to go back for her; said Adelaide. No way...if Absorb has her. She's dead; said Jordan. So, what's the plan; asked Mark.

I don't know, Absorb maybe hard to defeat; said Jordan. Hey, what's Ida's power; asked Aleisha. She could duplicate items; said Reginald. Duplicate herself; asked Aleisha. Of anything they could make duplicates of that duplicate; said Adelaide. Wait, if Absorb has her power then finds out about it. We'll be surrounded by an army of Absrob's; said Mark. We need to kill him; said Jordan.

Town appears. People walking. Fireballs hitting buildings. People running and screaming. Both James and Sebastion appear. Sebastion inhales. I love the smell of burning things; said Sebastion turning around. Army of Sebastion's appear. What now; asked James. Have fun until The League gets here; said Sebastion.

Footsteps walking. Crashing on T.V. Hello, this is Nina Wethers. I'm in the city. And it looks like an army of the same man is destroying the city; said Nina. Fire hitting ground. Nina looks then points. Camera man turns. James throws fire. Camera goes static.

Jordan watching. Guys, we're going into town; said Jordan. Jordan, we got a problem. Lewis isn't upstairs; said Crispin. Where is he then; asked Jordan. Gone; said Mark. Jordan looks at T.V. I may know where he is. But we need to move fast. He already has a lead; said Jordan.

Car explodes. Sebastion duplicates then laughs. People running down hill. Sebastion duplicates himself then pushes car down hill. People screaming. Portal appears. Car goes into portal. Sebastion's duplicate looks confused. Portal appears above duplicate of Sebastion. Car crushes duplicates.

Sebastion looks. Something wrong, Sebastion; asked Sebastion duplicate #1. Yes; said Sebastion walking towards car. They're dead sir; said Sebastion duplicate #1. They're here; said Sebastion. Your orders; asked Sebastion duplicate #1. Kill anyone who's not one of us. Even Inferno, cause I don't need him anymore; said Sebastion.

Sebastion duplicates walking away. Lewis speaks out then runs. Sebastion walking. Lewis watching, goes to walk then gets pulled down. Shhhhh...why'd you come alone; asked Jordan. Cause, I need to kill him myself; said Lewis. You can't do it by yourself. That's why we came; said Jordan. You need to get James out first; said Lewis. Already on it; said Jordan.

James flying. Bee flies around James. Stupid bee; said James. Oh, I just wanted to "Bee" friends; said Christopher flying away. Christopher; said James following bee. Fireballs being thrown. Bee continuously moves. Fireballs hitting ground and duplicates of Sebastion. What is he doing; asked Sebastion. It looks like he's fighting someone; said Sebastion duplicate #1.

Sebastion sees ground moving. Job jumps out of ground, swings blades then goes back into ground. Rachael running, jumps, grows human size then pulls out katana. Duplicates of Sebastion surround Rachael. Rachael swings katana. Duplicates of Sebastion running. Steven G. blowing fire. Aleisha jumps from ground then punches Sebastion duplicate #2. Sebastion duplicate #3 punches Aleisha. Aleisha falls.

Sebastion duplicate #3 standing over Aleisha. Hand taps Sebastion duplicate #3. Billy appears. Never hit a woman; said Billy punching Sebastion duplicate #3. Thanks; said Aleisha. Just doing what I usually do; said Billy. Joshua spits. Sebastion duplicate #4 falls. Both Amanda S. and Crispin form black orbs. Mark jumps at Sebastion duplicates.

Sebastion growls, sees gun then aims it at Amanda S. Joshua looks. Guns fires. Joshua jumps in front of Amanda S. then gets shot. "JOSH"; yelled Amanda S. Another one down; said Sebastion. James looks then sees Joshua laying on ground. Josh; said James. Jordan looks at Adelaide. Adelaide, get Josh out of here; said Jordan.

Adelaide appears next to Joshua. Both Adelaide and Joshua disappear. League, it's time to end this; said Jordan. Sebastion looking at League then points gun. Gun goes still. Sebastion struggling then let's go of gun. Gun flies towards Ving. You think it's over; asked Sebastion. We know it ain't; said Jordan. Duplicates, attack; said Sebastion. League, attack; said Jordan.

Both Sebastion duplicates and The League collide. Reginald firing arrows. Both Jordan and Sebastion staring at each other. You and your team will die; said Sebastion. I'm planning on making passed this battle; said Jordan. You won't; said Sebastion swinging fist. Jordan falls. Sebastion kicks Jordan. Jordan hits wall. Sebastion grabs Jordan.

I hope you suck my power. Cause, I don't want to look at you; said Jordan. Why would I give up this power. I'm unstoppable. I'll snap your neck instead; said Sebastion. Jordan gasping. Go to hell; said Jordan. We're already there; said Sebastion. Fire hits Sebastion. Jordan coughing.

James lands. You all right; asked James. Yeah; said Jordan. You betrayed me; said Sebastion. You we're gonna do the same thing; said James. Sebastion duplicates run at James. James throws fire. Sebastion sees gun then points it at James. Gun fires. James; said Jordan moving James then get shot.

Jordan; said James. Sebastion runs. All thirteen surround Jordan. Aleisha kneels. Jordan; said Aleisha. Lewis looks. He's getting away; said Lewis. Stay here...he's mine; said James following Sebastion. Jordan, hold on; said Billy. Jordan coughs.

Sebastion running then goes into building. Door gets locked. I think I lost him; said Sebastion. James flies through window then lands. will pay for what you did; said James. don't need to do this. We're friends remember; said Sebastion. You're just like all the others. Afraid of being stopped. Afraid to be killed; said James.

Sebastion points gun. Are you; asked Sebastion. Let's find out; said James. Gun fires. James falls. I knew you weren't strong enough; said Sebastion walking away. James slowly stands up then looks. Is that all you got; asked James. Gun clicks.

Shit; said Sebastion. James punches Sebastion. Sebastion groans then sees bucket full of liquid. Bucket of liquid goes onto James. Fire gets bigger on James. James groans then looks at Sebastion. Deep voice. Thanks for the boost. I really needed it; said James. Sebastion runs then hits button.

Alarm goes off. Gasoline flowing. Sebastion tires unlocking door. Come on. Deep voice. Where you going. We just got started; said James throwing fireballs. Sebastion runs then gets to tank filled with gasoline. James approaches. You're a crazy person; said Sebastion.

You want a crazy person. You've got it; said James flying up then spins. Inferno don't; said Sebastion. Deep voice. Call me The Flame; said James. Sebastion runs towards door. James forms fire. Fire hits gasoline. Sebastion looks. No; said Sebastion.

Lewis looks. Guys; said Lewis. Building explodes. Get down; said Crispin. All thirteen duck. Black force field appears then disappears. I think it's over; said Billy. All fourteen Adela's in building. How's Joshua; asked Amanda S. He ain't good; said Adelaide.

Amanda S. runs towards Joshua. How you doing; asked Amanda S. I'm not gonna make it babe. Amanda...before I go.; said Joshua gasping. Joshua...Josh; said Amanda S. Sun rises. All thirteen standing next to tombstones. Tombstones read. Joshua Parsons, and Jordan Felix. Goodbye guys; said Christopher.

What now; asked Steven G. Don't know; said Billy. Is The League over; asked Christopher. No, we owe it to the others. No matter who or what. The League continues; said Aleisha. No matter what kind of threat comes; said Crispin. We'll be ready; said Mark. Satellite floating. Asteroid goes through satellite.

People look. Asteroid hits ground then breaks open. Figure appears.



Submitted: February 16, 2022

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