Born into British poverty, this is the story of my father's struggles to change his world, and give his children a chance in life

Table of Contents

Class of Life

  I have been a labourer, a cleaner, a factory worker, a shelf-stocker, and unemployed. I received a basic state-funded educat... Read Chapter

Keep it in the family

  The “Roaring twenties” was a time of expansion, of celebration, expression and frivolity. Fashions, new ideas, and inter... Read Chapter

The Snow White Daisy

  John Brown, like many young people in poorest Britain, never had much time for spending or socializing. Children spent their ... Read Chapter

Spelling, Scriptures, and Spock

  My father had always had a hard work ethic, and soon secured a respectable job driving one of the London red buses in our lo... Read Chapter

Ringing In The New

  Family events were a big thing for my parents. Christmas was a colourful, vibrant time, when aunts and uncles would visit and ... Read Chapter


  As life changed for my family, my mother and father grew more distant, and their relationship turned bitter and strained. Se... Read Chapter

My Father's Kingdom

  My father's death hit me like a ton of bricks. I went into a deep depression that lasted months. Dad's whole life seemed to ... Read Chapter

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