When the battle becoming an human conflict for their apprehensions, are we started to challenge its measurement on this living earth faithful for all that occupies our existence as a mark of wages we find most convincing vested on the right for survival of few? Thanking your thought that sponsor this verse of human battle on this space, we are reborn to shape a future we want with a blessing that can never conflict over its caged intentions as the faith speaks for a humanity being human in the ultimate vision of the God's own courtyard with your beautiful friendship can overcome everything so said. May you renovate this secret all the moment thanking every moment for this enlightenment.

War games never misprint on the darkest hour shall kill their sport,

Out of who no fleet tempts what is right thrills their vengeance,

This thought staggering a twig so sore burns their mind,

Now every man’s sadness because no necessity dies with it,

Must not be this war moving the streets silence limits,

Wandered what got plagued this courtyard to do no evil tempts their heart,

Their military advanced at times thins life larger than money waken from a deadly pandemic,

Underground bunkers talk with warplanes bombing their new countries boundaries ever will justifies another end,

Human destiny for the compassionate wakeup their depth in fear,

Without hands who can see flee the hell on the resistance as an early existence’s trials,

Hidden with the last unseen migrant lure the provocateurs cohesive human trafficking still tears smile wounding women and child on ill pleasures,

Equally foolish I measure foam and friction who have plenty become another misunderstandable friendship,

Beautiful cannot walk an inch existing on this living trade so spend that ends worsening the red seamless,

Have endurance on this war can avoid what makes it bitter how we are afraid of,

But before the never wanted character still can save troubles,

Then a sacrament prayer taken from time that this war tolerates what ends our intolerance,

It is not conflicts between right faith and wrong what is true,

How far have your pursuit going to garage makes you a mechanic than the lips that pray of great moral crisis ceases maintaining their neutrality?

I doubt a beautiful uncertainty have answers in fewer god just believe than you do,

Great tribute of bilateral diplomacy when your mission on earth is not finished,

If you’re alive for this sacrifice around the unknown money curves what paint-by-numbers,

Rather live in a world do not consult it an insult,

If we wish to make rebilling any rebellion that any mind could comprehend an unrest,

Your beautiful personal responsibility can end the war no vices have very few habits,

Never worshiped would never be found out,

Still let us look where the battle finds the missing link going to need glasses fashioned by men in their own image,

Not to be servants of their human interests I can’t figure out the plot,

Hope of the reward silent about the things that matter,

Let us do justice from doing what is right not against misfortune,

Yet the universe worthily becoming metaverse tomorrow,

May contribute you to share yours with them,

Let us not be the hardest thing to hide is something that is not there.

Submitted: February 24, 2022

© Copyright 2023 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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