The Search is Over

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

What does it mean to be loved? Is sacrifice worth to be offered? Can tears quenched the thirst of the longing? Well, this is the story of a woman who has no idea what she wants to accomplish with her life and keeps searching for true love.

The Search is Over

I was so lost back then
I'm living a life without knowing who I am
I don't even know what true love really means
And I don't even know how to dream big dreams

Life was merely a matter of surviving for me
And unsure of what the future holds because I cannot foresee
Everyday's a mystery
And I'm walking in a misery

I was hoping
I was searching
Searching for the love that would satisfy me
But where can it be?

I used all my strengths to go and find it
Just to fill in the voidness
I thought, at the very young age I'd be satisfied to be in a romantic relationship 
But I was wrong because it gave me pain, scars, and made me weep

Loneliness, fear, and doubt
That's what I felt about
It consumes me
And I think this isn't the real me

I regretted everything that happens
Who can mend my pain?
I burst into tears
And I'm all alone, nobody's here

But suddenly, I heard a soothing whisper in my ear
And I stopped for a moment to hear it loud and clear
I heard the Lord saying that He's right here with me
And He's the One who will save me.

I raised my hands and looked up to a narrow blue sky
How can a wretch like me saved by the Most High?
The Lord filled me with His everlasting love
And for me, that is more than enough

Cleansing me from all of my sins and made me anew
Now I'm set apart and able to be discipled too
And now I live to tell the story
Of the God who saves and rescues

It was in my deepest pain
That I heard Him call my name
I smiled when He said my name
Cause no one's ever said it quite the same

I really love being with Him
And I can't imagine my life without Him
Lord, as a youth, I'll continue to live my life in purity
To be a blessing that would give You glory

I don't have to worry
I don't have to hurry
When life is scary
Who am I to fear? I've met the Author of my story

Thank you for the closed doors, heartbreaks, and everything
For it leads me right back to You, my Dad and King
Life is meaningless and worthless
But with You, I know my worth and I find rest

In this life full of pressure
Then, I'll bend my knees and pray sure
In this world many are depress
Then, I'll take a pause and have a deep rest.

You called me back with deep compassion
How could I ever said no when You offer me salvation?
How blessed I am to be called Your own
And walk to the Great Unknown

If I'll search the world
I would never find a love like Yours, Lord
Being with You feels like home
And I can now finally say "I'm home!"

Father I belong to You
Nothing in this world loved me like You always do
Now that I've finally met the Author
The search is finally over!

Submitted: February 25, 2022

© Copyright 2022 imitchyou. All rights reserved.

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