Grammar of Life, Poetry of Living

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If you feel, honesty is musical, simplicity is sweet, reality is multidimensional and life-living is experiences optimization process; this eBook is for you. However, it is only half a book; remaining half shall happen after you shape up its emergence. Melody, rhythm, verve emerge, as you willfully orchestrate them. Magic awaits you in 2022; beyond. Grammar and poetry have been laid out. Step in.
Exhausted, bitter; probably a bit down, after prolonged stretch of chaos and gloom! You are looking for novel, alternative life-living experiences, choices! The current madness is deep; remedial wisdom is complex and clarity of insight mired in mist of fake realities. This eBook is a process of simplifying solutions in melodious, lovable ways, with a magical togetherness, never engineered before.
The eBook talks about complex life-living issues, with an aim to create novel and alternative ways to optimize beauty, bliss, brilliance and buoyancy in times of chaos and gloom. The knowledge, which shall create pathways to potentials, is also very complicated and huge. But, they have been simplified, with daily life examples. You have option to seek content suitable to your specific needs.
Change is inevitable. However, often; wrong and undesirable changes happen, not because of lack of information but by partial, fake and half-baked information. In this eBook, we talk about life-living, novel and alternative changes, based on objective, holistic and scientifically updated information. We talk about how and why there is express need to reorient the populist and culturally dominated ideas and idealism of success, richness, relationship, intimacy and many other life-living ‘realities’. Special care has been taken to simplify complex ideas and processes, with examples from life-living experiences. The eBook is unique in the sense that it extends you the choice to personalize it by ensuring, what content you want to have, suiting your needs and personal fittingness.
Everything is Information and all constituents and parts, forming this infinite plexus and system of Information, including humans, have only one identity – We are Fields, Landscapes, Information; within the colossal reality of infinite cosmos. This awareness is maturity. The practice of this reality is actually being alive. Only alive can understand grammar of life and poetry of living.
Our consciousness has the potential to show us the realities of the cosmos and even beyond. We only kill its true potentials by restricting information to it only from a very small and localized milieu. Knowledge and its internalization open up and expand the milieus and it aligns us with the vastness of Information in the wider landscape of the cosmos. Larger and wider the Information landscape, better and greater is the potential of consciousness to create realities of novel and alternative experiences to us. This is the Grammar of Life. We shall elaborate all aspects of this grammar in this eBook.
The Poetry of Living involves this very critical but exclusively personal ingredient of Awareness, its internalization and holistic usage to process out integration and assimilation of myriads of elements (information) in internal and external milieus. Many people have the knowledge of Grammar but very few can create Poetry. This happens as they are good at ingredients but not as good and successful at processes. We talk about these processes here in details, with examples and daily-life experiences to facilitate understanding.
At the very outset, we need to talk about ‘Reality’ of ‘Success’ and ‘Richness’. The wise of humanity tells us that true success and richness of life-living is not in money, power, fame and consumption. It is in quantitative and qualitative abundance of probabilistic experiences of myriad shades and hues of Realities. These are complex ideas but this eBook has made it simple and easy. I humbly assure; this eBook shall make you truly rich and successful. Thanks.

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