Let you be safe wherever you are.

Burden shifts sweeter than words humiliating the conflict where humans find each other, 

Can our relationship with this foam and friction accept the world is one family?

Thanking this universe accept a better life for every man,

Shall our judgments still fade how I will question these heartstrings into infinity?

In the name of God where the man at war has different mindsets,

The fear of life itself escapes for the concerns withdrawing its beauty,

Why true faith never stands so violent except what value you alters in our vision ahead?

In front of me the balance storm that very act paralyses to live again in struggling gifted hope,

Where this moment I never forgets shall overcome the fears games people play?

So touches a great miracle when every moment this submission camp endless confusion,

Can acceptance be so kind in your pursuit of enlightened happiness?

This conflict a lifetime test prays we must be compassionate for the rest,

When the mess moved too far without either accepting it or rejecting,

Together a lost guest of the free world speaks from all apprehensions,

For this purpose the candle light survivance in the dark room to be rescued,

Are you concerned about the first time we are asking the dialogue our real fighters nevertheless persisted historically by the planters of our origin?

The two sides of our coin found the war has destroyed half the world,

When a new culture inclined to return the beauty of their surprises how you say on this battlefield,

Their biggest reasons frightens the look on the mirror cowebs the greatest sin ever commited against humanity,

Perhaps what watches the way you walk into this war speaks to a little heart,

Everything no ones owns from nothing laboured as they met more freedom to take a chance on new life everywhere,

Why God sacrificed their sweat for the origin of our essential existence on this living Earth?

If creation is something that appeals of all to end this conflict, 

Where that written history ahead shall ever sustain the problems hatred creates?

This war must not happen again,

I am not born for finding this struggling peace disappearing this one moment turn inward in unconventional ways,

Unconditionally I commit I am living that thought does now the whole importance,

I really don’t know if the war ends to live the might a thanksgiving really possible for saving every life,

That shall remain in this memoir as your happiness,

To live sharing a gift of peace wherever we find,

When one moment envisions their forgiveness how the true creation sacrificed,

Can this beautiful friendship limitlessly do the harvest when peace within our future loves?

Today this question in which the ‘you’ and the ‘me’ disappear,

May love the healthy lifeline we are blessed on this living Earth.

Submitted: February 26, 2022

© Copyright 2022 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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