This is my dream of a better world.



1.I want a world where beauty is all around

‘cause  in darkness the soul cannot be found

Where the lights of early dawn

Tell a heart it’s not alone

And loving is the only way to be 


I want a world where people

of  the Muses heed the call

And in a fiery nightfall

They catch a glimpse of the divinity


I want a world

Where truth and beauty dance in harmony


2.I want a world where reigns simplicity

And in nature we explore infinity

Where the robin’s morning call

Is the sweetest song of all

And with blooms and birds we share our destiny


I want to be in a world

Where a single fragrant bloom

Can transport us to the moon

And love is the spring of our humanity


I want a world

Where with little we are willing still to share


3. I want a world where goodness is the light

That guides a life where kindness conquers might

Where meekness is a prize

Hoarding riches is a vice

And virtue helping those in poverty


I want a world of kindness

Where the flow of daily life

Is devoid of human strife

And just a smile can bring felicity


A want a world

That’s free of hatred and of cruelty


4.I want a world where we live in unity

Where my neighbor’s happiness is joy for me

Where I travel hand in hand

With my enemy and my friend

And together we can build community


I want a world where a neighbor

Is my sister, is my brother

And we learn from one another

That there’s no life without true liberty


I want a world

Where love and justice rule humanity




Submitted: February 27, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Peppino. All rights reserved.