Nature installs happy life, evolution seeks happy creatures, brain makes happy hormones, people always chase happiness and cultures work overtime manufacturing happy consumptions, still; happiness is elusive, ephemeral. Why? It is nature’s trap; a scam people live out, unaware. It breeds all criminality, depravity; kills sanity. The eBook busts the scam; paves way for alternative intentionality.
Evolution may be a stupid engineering but it put in place a happy mechanism for all living beings, with entrenched processes. Human ingenuity forced evolution to accept retirement. Then, it turned the mechanism of happiness; processes of reward and success into scams; brutally uploading man-made Intentionality of criminality, depravity over nature’s innocuous intelligence. Happiness stands hijacked.
The innate design of nature, which evolved the idea and cognition of happiness in organisms, seeded the lateral and concomitant emotion of competitiveness. This however happened, much before humans happened on Earth. Competitiveness to optimize happiness, and in turn optimize survival-successes, through the chemical expressions of reward and punishment worked reasonably well in animal world and therefore it continued into human system. Competitiveness is not a criminal intent or idea. The innocuous cognition of competitiveness could be turned into a theme of criminality and depravity only by extraordinary human intelligence of faking and fudging. Happiness got hijacked as humans evolved this novel intelligence to fake, fudge, fabricate, fictionalize, and defraud intentionality. Languages happened and they became big tools to deception and depravity. We need to accept that Happiness has to be our internal landscape and milieu; it is in essence, an internal body-brain process of optimizing knowledge and awareness of self, vis-à-vis the external milieus. This in truest sense has always been hailed as the centrality of intentionality of all religions and spiritualism. Scams however hit them the worst. Externalizing Happiness; aligning happiness with attainments and possessions of entities in external milieus, criminalizes and depraves happiness. It has somehow become the nature’s trap; humanity has not only become slaves to but also used it to scam others and self. Nature wants us to be happy organisms and for that it installed chemically mediated and subconsciously orchestrated intentionality of reward and pleasurable successes. It instituted the habit-forming chemical plexus to remain aligned to rewarding and happy ways, which in turn required competitiveness. This innate intelligence has now been hijacked by human intelligence and as this competitiveness has become unmanageable in extremely over-populated and monstrously unequal society-culture-polity-economy; success and reward feelings have to be in connivance of depravity, cruelty, criminality and deception to attain probability. Society, cultures, polity, faith systems, economy, commerce, relationships, et al, have all become hugely corrupted, criminalized and unashamedly fake and deceptive. Everyone seems to have fallen into this trap and we all are living out a scam of reality. Human world cannot have benchmarks of animals. Humans definitively need an alternative and novel reward-regime to qualify as humans. They need compassion, fraternity, equitability, knowledge, amicability as benchmarks; instead of reward, pleasure and successes. This scam needs to be weeded out of human world. Collective spaces are beyond redemption. However, an individual sure can de-scam his or her Consciousness to embark on the journey of true and real happiness. This can happen when a person is truly aware and knowledgeable of not only realities but also the mechanism and processes of realities. The usual subconscious and perceptional life-living cannot help one come out of the scam of happiness and other perceptions. This is what this eBook humbly seeks. You have the potential; the probability awaits you.

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