Chapter 3: Victims of Circumstance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

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  Death By Any Other Name

Your soul left your eyes
as you laid there and died
on that dirty Iranian street

They hovered o’er you –
to shield; cover you
but you took your last breath at their feet

The blood ran so dark
from beneath your headscarf
as your mother took hold of your hand

She rocked to and fro
and cried - even though
you were already dead in the sand

You’d made your voice strong
as you chanted your song
before bullets tore into the crowd

I couldn’t comprehend
what your cause was … and then
(they covered your face with a shroud)

Whether wrong or be right;
whatever the fight
no matter the country or name

This we ALL understand
that it favors no man
universally , DEATH is the same 


Everyone Knows One of These

It’s nothing new to you though
to roll down your car window
and fling your bag of trash into the street

If the music's not your style
you just toss it in the pile
don't bother asking others what they think

If it’s not a show you care to see
you’re suddenly bored and wanna leave
so you go down to the basement for a smoke

And when the party’s winding down
you wanna get more beer in town
(but you need to bum some cash because you're broke)

Never mind if hosts are tired
Hey! YOU’RE wide awake! 
You’re wired!
you'll just "hang out watchin' TV for awhile" 

Even though they're up at four 
you don’t have a job no more 
so what do YOU care if they're all tired?

With no regard for anyone
you say you're only 'havin' fun"
you sit carvin' up their table with your knife. 

Just what entitles you
To be this person that's so rude
and takes advantage of the rest of us in life?  

Trinity's Eyes
For my niece with autism. 

Her intrigue melts in silence
as she gazes up at me
a big surprise
behind those eyes
that only she can see.

She leads me off to nowhere
as she takes me by the hand
a quiet side, where she abides
but doesn't understand

Oh, let me in to ponder
and be there when she sighs
As I try to see
the great mystery
behind Trinity's eyes.

Her innocence shines through her
like an angel in disguise
There's love that knows no boundaries
behind Trinity's eyes.

Attention may seem distant
but she's trying to show me how
she craves the warm affection
That I shower on her now.

In her own sense of wisdom
she can dream without the words
and try to share with those who care
a world meant to be hers

love you Trin. 




 For Rosa 

I saw you cry and wondered why
I’d ask, but I didn’t wanna pry
How could I prove my hunch was right
In what my instincts said?
I never knew why you wouldn’t stay
You grabbed your purse and ran away
But when you couldn’t escape the light
I saw your skin had bled
Your life to me’s this mystery
You’ve chosen not to share with me
You want to keep it sewn up tight
I’ll honor your request
That choice is yours ‘cause no one’s sure
Just what goes on behind closed doors
But blinding others to your plight
You cheat yourself instead
For winter sleeves in summer heat
Hide the bruises buried deep
You yearn for rescue from your fight
To free you from this dread
You’ve often dreamt of life so sweet
Where true love sweeps you off your feet
A place where freedom feels just right
And harm will never tread
So be the one - let loose your tongue!
For heroes who remain unsung
Rose to power from their fight
By speaking out instead


   Pathetic Life

Adorned in scabs and faded scars
You swore you’d never let it go this far
And friends aren’t who they say they are
in this pathetic life

You haven’t eaten, haven’t slept
The clothes you wear are all that’s left
Your other stuff - you lost to theft
and this pathetic life

Steal from family just the same
dishonesty’s your middle name
and all the pawn shops know your game
in this pathetic life

A hopeful end you swear you’re done
Oh look! Here comes another one
You’ll do just ONE MORE HIT for fun
in this pathetic life

Your time’s run out your needle’s bent
Your friends have left, your money’s spent
Your dope was your own detriment
in this pathetic life


  Hollywood Starlet

Your ship will sink and your star will fall
So you'd better be prepared
I hope you're well seated when you hit that wall
And the spotlight dims its glare
You step from your car like a debutante
You have everything you could ever want
Have you stopped to consider the ones you snub
Are the ones who have put you there?
The diamond bracelet on your wrist
That accentuates your tan
Rakes the rocks across your skin
As you "shoo" away your fans
You've got more wealth than you could ever spend
But ya don't seem to have it when ya hear from a friend
And ya won't be signing any autographs"
At the festival de Cannes
You must be aware that you're gettin' old
And ya bore the paparazzi (or so I'm told)
It's a pity your grace can't act for you
As well as your ego can.


  The Elder 

The look of youth has passed my eyes
Come furrowed brow and withered skin
Hair thin, bright eyes gone dim
What will become of me now?

Swaddled in warm linen
Drive the chill from feeble bones
Teas, hot oils and liniments
These aromas fill my home

The shell I wore is no more
With deafened ear and eye so blind
Brittle bones and muscles sore
Prompting life to pass the time

Pace unsteady, twisted spine
These hands of mine will work no more
Fatigued and spent, take to my bed
My youth to find me never more

All so precious to me now
Things cast aside in early hours
What a waste! Relive this taste
A second chapter to devour

Heart now lonely, cold and stalled
House so silent, ever still
Hear the clock~tick tock tick tock
Gaze out from the windowsill

No more visits, no more calls
My wife long gone and buried deep
Now welcome death with open arms
My soul shall seek eternal sleep



Thinking back when I was young
I still recall your bitter tongue 
you guys weren’t fooling anyone
behind those plastic smiles.

She felt the daggers in her back
and as she passed I heard you laugh
I’m sure she felt the aftermath
of your relentless wiles.

Your loyal cronies all stood by
and watched as you demoralized
and tortured her with callous lies 
she choked and ran away.

I saw her crying in the queue
and I just didn’t know what to do
I felt as much to blame as you 
because I’d looked away.

A football game, perhaps a dance
I’d meet her if by happenstance
and hoping for a second chance
to fix things, I would try.

Years have passed I think of her
I wonder how her life endured
all the pain from you and yours

…and now it’s me who cries.


Eminent Domain

You stood there in the empty room
with sadness on your face
a memory of years gone by
lay silent in its place
A house you’d built
with your own hands;
no longer yours to own
against your will, abandoning
this place you once called home
The old wood floors were splintered now
and flagstones on the hearth
seemed to whisper "take us too
don’t leave us in the dark!”
A tired broom leaned wearily
against the fireplace
and wind that moaned so eerily 
blew through without a trace
It rattled soft the dingy glass
within the windowpane
and seemed to call
“this house will fall to eminent domain”



As I laced up my tennis shoes
I hurried to meet up with you
and ran to find you getting off the bus
And when I saw you standing there
in uniform so debonair
I was hoping everyone would notice us
As you picked up your duffel bag
we walked, and you took off your cap
and put it on my forehead just for fun
And as my curiosity
began to get the best of me
I asked you if you’d ever shot a gun
My mother said that you’d been gone
you’d gone to fight in Vietnam 
I couldn’t have been no more than nine or ten
With pride I walked right next to you
And wondered if you felt it too
Or would you feel anything again?


  View From a Hotel Window

Someone is standing out under the street lamp
The lights in the city are turned off, but one
And as I sit watching his actions in pity
I wonder if he's just awaiting the sun?

I wish he would come up and share a cup with me
Until the dawn breaks the shadow of night
Then he could experience friendship in comfort
And know that humanity treated him right.

He's digging through trashcans and scouring the gutter
For change that has fallen from off of the curb
And as he walks slowly he silently mutters
"This isn't the life that I want or deserve."

I can't help but ponder as I watch him and wonder
How he ever got to this place in his life?
Is this a result of society's blunder
Or this their idea of 'treating him right?"



Submitted: March 05, 2022

© Copyright 2022 mari' emeraude. All rights reserved.


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