Fitted Sheets

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Dealing with the after math of losing a spouse

Fitted Sheets
I got to sleep late this morning before my biological alarm clock refused to let me sleep any longer. It doesn't have a snooze button.
Five am. Who changes sheets at 5 am? Where does she keep the sheets? Is this the first time I’ve changed the sheets since she’s been gone, surely not. It’s been two months. The longest two months of my life.
The hall closet, let me check. Alright, I found the sheets, but all these are for her bed. I had to try to refold 4 sets to put them back. How do you fold a fitted sheet? I just wadded them up and stuffed them back on the shelf.
I know, I could wash my sheets and put them back on. On second thought, didn’t she keep something in my bottom drawer, let me look. Okay, sheets, but there all bottoms. Every one of them is a fitted sheet. Oh, now it’s worse. More fitted sheets to refold. I did the same as with the others. I just could get them all stuffed back into the drawer.
Okay, back to my plan. I will wash the dirty sheets and use them.
Where do I start with the laundry. Whites or coloreds, which one goes first?
In the distance I hear a rooster crowing. Is he mocking me?
While the coffee’s perking I try to settle on an agenda. Since I work hard every day so that I can rest easy at night, I have forgotten to do a lot of things. The dishes? No, they’re easy. I do them every day, sometimes multiple times daily. The warm water soothes my hands. The work I do every day can sometimes be taxing on my hands.
That first sip of mud is like medicine. Oh, speaking of medicine what was I supposed to do with that cut I got a couple days ago. I know it was something important, what was it? Well, I should probably clean it, it’s been 3 days. Where’s the peroxide? Isn’t it peroxide you use to clean a cut? Bonney would know, or was it Neosporin? Since the cut is on the back of my leg, behind the knee, I can't see it. I’ll use both, can’t hurt. Ouch…something hurt.
Back to the laundry. Okay, coloreds in this pile and whites in the other. I remember that much. That wasn’t hard. Yes, it is too. There’s the shirt I wore to the hospital the last time I saw her. I think I’ll burn it. Here’s one of our grand daughter Ava’s red socks. I wonder where the other one is, just like her to leave her stuff laying around. Guess I’ll start out with the whites.
Walking to the laundry room I can see the crackheads next door are still at it. Under my security lights they look like zombies milling about, looking for something in the yard. Maybe I should put Sparky on the back porch.
Litter boxes first or sweep? Makes sense to sweep after I change the litter boxes. How many, let’s see. One in my room, one in the living room, one in the hallway, two on the back porch, One on the front porch and two in the Kitty Palace. No big step for a stepper. If I don’t change them soon, I’d better watch where I step.
Bleach…I forgot the bleach. Let me run back out to the washer an add some bleach to those whites.
While I’m cleaning, I could go ahead and cook something for supper tonight in case I get hungry. I did eat yesterday. Two hotdogs. Food just doesn’t have the same appeal anymore. Going through the motions, I cook something every day for our boys, but I don’t see how they can eat. Sparky doesn’t share the same point of view as I. He scarfs up last night’s leftovers in a flash.
I can’t put them in the fridge. It’s filled to the gills. I wonder what’s in those tupperware containers. Something green I think. Maybe I should bring some of that bleach in here when I wash the dishes next.
As soon as the sun comes up, I’m going to sweep and mop. I can’t see well enough in the dark to do a good job. It’s almost time to walk Sparky, but before I do, let me put those sheets in the dryer.
Pink. Everything is pink. Oh good…. I found Ava’s other sock.
Life’s too short to fold fitted sheets and if that rooster crows one more time, we’ll have chicken and dumplings for supper.

Submitted: March 07, 2022

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