Death By Any Other Name

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Your soul left your eyes 

as you laid there and died

on that dirty Iranian street

They hovered o'er you

to shield; cover you

but you took your last breath at their feet. 

The blood ran so dark

from beneath your headscarf

as your mother took hold of your hand

She rocked to and fro

and cried, even though 

you were already dead in the sand.

You'd made your voice strong

as you chanted your song

before bullets tore into the crowd

I couldn't comprehend 

what your cause was, and then,

they covered your face with a shroud.

Whether wrong or be right

whatever the fight 

no matter the country or name

This we ALL understand 

that if favors no man

Universally, DEATH is the same.


Submitted: March 08, 2022

© Copyright 2022 mari' emeraude. All rights reserved.

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