I wrote this in tribut3vof my deceased father

My father 

When you stand on the docks, at the Newboro locks
Looking the Crosby way,
Be sure to have beer, and a smile, and good cheer. Be prepared to have a great day.
Think of my father, the man that he was, the stories, the fun and the food.
Remember the good deeds, the fish in the weeds, and the boat trips that brought on his moods. 
Look south , at The Poplars, behind the Stage Coach, And the docks All along the bay.
Remember his guide boat, with tackle and gear, or his truck , and his beer drinking stays. 

His spirit was , and is huge. His final resting place is just where he’d want it to be, near the shores, the fish, and the parties and guiding expeditions he loved so much. Thank you to the family members who shared a few minutes with me yesterday, giving Owen one last fun ride in a boat.

Submitted: March 11, 2022

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