I wrote this while I was picketing , on strike, and desperate to make a difference

Leer and sneer, and call us names.
Shout while driving by.
Your perception , Rotten games
Normally We’d cry.

Tactics, plans, building rapport
Shout while driving by.
Your biased view a crass retort
We will let it slide

Push us, force us to react
Shout while driving by
Your heart dead, use no tact
Once again we try

Inform, enflame, and educate
You cannot drive by
You are incarcerated, that’s a fact
Our spirits are not high.

Reflect on who you hurt today
We’re still at your side
To mend the pieces is our way 
To teach, nurture, provide.

Submitted: March 11, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Clever clint. All rights reserved.

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