Creative juices are flowing! Here's a poem from L417 member, Clint Lawrence:

It sounds like a story from days long ago.
The people with power are running the show
By shuffling debt and making illusion
For those below them to see false conclusion.

It all looks so good on paper or writ
But when you dig deeper you chomp on the bit.
Fine cutlery and biscuits decorate fine plates 
With nothing of substance for palates to sate.

Our leaders want more while giving us less.
They think with a token they settle unrest.
The system is broken but we still have time
To make sacrifices and get back in line, 
Or stand for the future and stand for our right
And push for the answer we know is in sight.

Without the resources, support from the coffers
It doesn't much matter what our leaders offer.
The system has failed. As of now it is broken
A dream of establishment, now nightmare awoken.

The only conceivable plan or conclusion 
The crown must see beyond this delusion
And open its coffers, bring more to the table
So we can educate , and empower, enable.

Submitted: March 11, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Clever clint. All rights reserved.

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