The Dual Nature of Mind



A singularity at the point of awareness

Destroys the future and the past

It rips at the human heart of fairness

Leaving nothing for us to grasp


The light of a thousand million stars

Travels in only one direction

Billions of years to where you are

And dies in your eyes upon detection


A massive structure beyond imagination

Far too large for us to bear witness

Its breath and its beauty in degradation*

A singularity at the point of awareness


Are we in the start, the middle, the end?

Our life but a flare of meteor rust

And science tells us that we must fend

For ourselves as the world turns to dust


A singularity at the point of awareness

Is only an instant, a moment in time

Leaving some to believe they could careless

Swallowed by Ego and blind in their minds


With no way to sense the two sides of life

The body-the Ego, versus the spirit-the soul

Wielding their pride like wielding a knife

 Cutting the ties but failing to know


Answers lie through death’s trap door

An accounting for deeds done during the quest

No hiding, no lying, no excuses….no more

A singularity at the point of awareness




*degradation: the condition or process of degrading or being degraded.

Submitted: March 18, 2022

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