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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Science Fiction

Annabelle is a story about a serial killer who descends into madness. His life is spiraling out of control – and there might be an alien hunting him!

Annabelle is a dark, twisted, and funny sci-fi horror story.

Table of Contents

Room 118

The taxi pulled up in the parking lot of the City Views motel. A woman stepped from the taxi and the car pulled away. It was raining, and... Read Chapter


It was hazy. He wasn’t sure what he was looking at. It was like coming out of a tunnel into bright sunlight. He thought he saw someone ... Read Chapter

The Last Time was the Last Time

Before this one there had been four others. This was going to be the 5th and final one. Then he would stop. He had to stop - something de... Read Chapter

Why do I kill?

Before his first kill he didn’t know what to expect. He didn’t think about killing, he thought about kidnap and rape, and being bruta... Read Chapter

Jesse Ryder

His favorite pornographic magazine was the one he had found in the alleyway years ago. The same magazine his mother had watched him mastu... Read Chapter

The Recycling Plant

He worked at a recycling plant. His job at the recycling plant was to feed scrap metal through the crusher. The crusher was a machine tha... Read Chapter

New in Town

He was scouring the online escort and massage websites - searching for the perfect one. He had been searching for hours in a constant fre... Read Chapter

A Place in the Country

It was morning - and he awoke and saw his mother standing at the end of his bed. ‘Are you ready?’ - She asked.  ‘Yes -... Read Chapter

Confessions of a Serial Killer

The man sat in the darkness of the barn and was trembling in fear. He was absolutely certain that he had gone insane. None of this could ... Read Chapter

Lincoln Memorial

The man arrived at the Lincoln Memorial Psychiatric hospital in an ambulance. He had been given a sedative and was still handcuffed. He w... Read Chapter

Tell me About Your Mother

Months passed, and his time in the Lincoln Memorial hospital became a routine. The drugs he was being given had calmed him, providing him... Read Chapter

Group Therapy

‘Okay guys!’ - Said Barbara, one of the unit’s therapists - ‘Let’s settle down and make a circle.’ Another month had pass... Read Chapter

The King of the Jungle

The man was sitting in the dining hall eating his lunch. Lunch was a tuna sandwich, an apple, and a carton of milk. He looked up and saw ... Read Chapter

Is This Real Life, or Is This Just Fantasy?

The man had been at the Lincoln Memorial hospital for over a year. He was meeting with Dr. Ambrose today. Dr. Ambrose was sitting behind ... Read Chapter

The Study

‘So the patient you’ll be meeting today is fairly typical of patients with the condition I have diagnosed. There are some interesting... Read Chapter

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Months had passed since the study had been completed, and the man was in the day room playing backgammon with one of the other patients. ... Read Chapter

You Have a Visitor

He was in the day room working on a jigsaw puzzle of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. An orderly walked over to him - ‘Hey buddy - yo... Read Chapter

Halfway to Somewhere

The man was leaving the Lincoln Memorial hospital. He had been given some regular clothes, and was going to be transferred to the halfway... Read Chapter

Creative Juices

He had been at the halfway house for six months - and his relationship with Laura continued to grow. He was reading books, helping with t... Read Chapter


It was the opening night of his exhibition at Michelle’s gallery. The show was called “Out of the Fog” - and many of the city's art... Read Chapter

New Beginnings

The man was finally leaving the halfway house. It was five years since he had been admitted to Lincoln Memorial Hospital, and he was bein... Read Chapter

The Museum of the Galaxy

‘How are we looking, Margarluus?’ - Said a blue and green skinned alien with golden eyes and a black slit like a reptile’s. ‘... Read Chapter

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