Chapter 50: The Powers That Be Left Me Here to Do the Thinking

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Is It Wrong to Build a Girlfriend If You’re Alone in Space?

Chapter 50 (DRAFT v.1)

The Powers That Be Left Me Here to Do the Thinking

The Final Day 20 Continued

I don’t understand. My unguarded combo should have dropped him. One punch landed a squarely on his face, the other rock solid to the side of his head. He teetered only a bit and then straightened up. I swear there were bones snapping. Those were hard hits, planted as hard as I could muster. He should be on the floor. He should be bloody!

Brandon received another combo. My fists felt spongey flesh around them with each strike. Not sure if that’s the way it should feel, my first punches to a real person’s head ever. I’d even given Brandon a brutal knee punch to the side, right to the ribs. That pungent smell had intensified with my enemy’s lack of distance.

True, this wasn’t sparring. It was an all-out war in corridor C, but, what the Hell was going on? My punches and kicks, executed as best as I could, didn’t seem to have any effect. Was Schiff that tough? The guy who abandoned the ship at first trouble, twice? I’m trying to severely harm him and he takes no damage. My shoulder still smarted from Brandon’s fire extinguisher salvo. The pain only fueled my anger.

He wanted me dead for sure, that much was clear. He needed killing in my mind, but I apparently didn’t have the strength to even deck him. I was faster, but it didn’t matter, there wasn’t a mark on him.

“Why do you want to hurt me, Jake?”

Time to lie, I was already gasping. He seemed not winded or wounded. A step closer and he’d be in range for another swing.

“I only want you to go back to your cabin.”

“You know I’m not going back. I’m something more than I was before. I met something when I was out there, Jake. It was beautiful. We both needed each other to survive. We both shared each other. I’m all new and so are my friends. You can join us if you wish.”

His strange words made sense, why my efforts were having no effect. Keep talking, you evil prick. Let me rest up to send another barrage of fists and feet your way.

Who was I kidding? I couldn’t beat this guy physically. He transformed into something strong and invincible for all I could tell. I’d have to outthink the spawn of an alien. In the meantime, I needed time to think. I went into a series of katas, incorporating my morning routine. Now controlled, everything landed, but none of my slugs, kicks, and jabs hurt him. He closed the gap suddenly and grabbed me by the collar.

“Let’s take a walk, you and us,” he said in a hair-raising tone. It wasn’t his voice. No sooner did the words come out, he spun me around and dragged me by my collar, choking off my breathing. My awkward blows to his pulling arm did little to slow his progress. My body slid along the floor without resistance, my heels failing to grip. The backpack was still on, but I couldn’t reach it. I’d lost my clubbing weapon back at the airlock.

“Let’s see what’s going on in airlock B.” He was planning on Wilkenizing me off the Edison Prime. Without a reversal of fortune, I’d be spacewalking without a suit into the cold dark universe. Not on my watch! The phrase kept going through my mind. Though it was an encouraging mantra, it didn’t change anything.

As we turned the corner we came up on the first bulkhead. Brandon stopped dragging me at the sound of a deep thud. He let go of my collar and a rush of air filled my lungs. Looking up through my watery eyes, there was a blurry vision. Major stood there holding a fire extinguisher high above her head. She had brained Brandon with it! She had stopped him for the moment.

He should be on the floor, out cold. Instead, he merely shook it off. But, it left me time to get back on my feet. Good girl! Still, Brandon had realized what had happened.

“Bad girl, Major, oh so bad . . .”

A freezing stream from the extinguisher cut off Brandon’s words. Major had weaponized one of the CO2-type extinguishers! What a quick study! Brandon lurched forward into the manmade blizzard swinging wildly. Steadying myself against the wall, my neck burned from the recent collar tourniquet. I needed a weapon now, Major’s extinguisher would run out soon. Opening my backpack, my hand dove deep and grabbed a good size crescent wrench.

Catching up to the mist-shrouded action, the wrench struck the back of Brandon’s head like a brick. Hardly a glancing strike, nothing! That should have killed him, a deadly skull crushing blow. The Schiff monster kept moving in on Major one big step at a time. Her extinguisher started to sputter. Chucking the wrench aside I went back to the pack. Think! There had to be something in there! I pulled up a canister of liquid nitrogen. Brandon was bigger than the alien. Even with his hand removed he could still beat me silly with the stump. The extinguisher in Major’s hand gave its final puff of CO2.

Out of pure frustration, I went for a hard kick from behind. My foot found an opening between Brandon’s wide-open stride. The top of my shoe landed squarely on his cojones. He stopped and started to shake and then double over and face-planted. Apparently, the alien within hadn’t disconnected Brandon’s reproductive system. Maybe it was using it to make more aliens. I kicked him again in the same spot for good measure. Major brought the empty extinguisher down hard on Brandon’s head.

“Major, we don’t have much time. Release the lifeship Schiff’s Skiff without sealing the hatch!”

She nodded.

“Is the lifeship drifting away?”

She nodded.

“Seal the airlock hatch and pressurize airlock C!”

Thank God, I’d sealed the airlock door off corridor C before all Hell broke loose. Throwing the backpack on, I grabbed Brandon’s legs and started to drag the heavy bastard back to the airlock. My adrenaline pumped furiously trying to shrug off the lactic acid buildup in my legs.

His legs began to fight back. I let go and gave him another well-placed kick. It didn’t seem to have the same impact as the first two punts. Was something moving around inside him? The thought gave me instant panic. The other alien could reconfigure itself. What if? I grabbed his legs and began to pull again, the turn for the airlock up ahead. Major followed, giving Brandon’s head a fire extinguisher blow repeatedly. It didn’t seem to hurt him any longer. He was reconfiguring.

One last turn, almost there, we can make it!

Then it happened. Brandon’s body wouldn’t budge. Losing my grip I fell backward on my keister. Shit! Schiff had grabbed the wall corner stopping my progress. He was already righting himself by the time the realization of what happened hit me. I opened the inner airlock door, he lunged at me. His momentum knocked me backward.

We both fell into the airlock.

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