And Suddenly, Life

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The actions of today may be the regrets of tomorrow.

You are fighting with a dear friend or family member. Words are hurled, feelings are shredded and suddenly life is never the same again. You're already planning your future holidays so you won't accidentally run into them.  Heaven forbid if someone dies! How will you be able to avoid each other at the funeral?  You can only hope that when you're forced to be in the same room, the crowd won't dissipate and leave only the two of you face to face with your vulnerable emotions. When that does happen, suddenly there's an uncomfortable silence that swirls around you both. You refuse to look each other in the eye and pray that someone will walk in and rescue you from the unbearable tension. 

Unfortunately, a person does come in and begins a conversation that requires a response from both of you. Now what do you do? What remark or comment can break the icy feel of the room? It will continue this way until someone or something weaves a common thread that pulls the two of you tightly together again. 

Sometimes it's the birth that reunites the wounded hearts. The joy of a new baby can bring you together and make you forget that there was ever a disagreement. Other times, it's a death. A death can tear down the walls of pride and reignite the feelings you had with your loved one. 

Still other times, it's a death of one of YOU

...and all that's remembered are the words that were hurled and the feelings that were shredded - and suddenly life is never the same again. 

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