A John Mole Mystery

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This is a fanfiction short story about the Sims2. It's a murder mystery: The case of Nicholas Barthelet. My first time writing a mystery.

A John Mole Mystery

By DoctorNyk




If you’ve never played the Sims 2 (Read this)


The Sims 2 is described on Wikipedia as “A life simulation video game”


But here is what you need to know about the sims before you read this story.


Sims have 7 basic life stages in the game rather than traditional ages. You can stop aging, and make days longer or shorter, but the life stages are always the same; Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

You go to college as a young adult, and children, babies, and toddlers need to be looked after by an adult.


There are a few different ways that sims can die, but death is not the main focus of the game. The Sims 2 is a bit of a utopia in that there is no true murder in the game, but characters can die, usually by the hand of the person controlling the characters, not by other characters themselves. I’m not going to list all the ways you can die because there are a lot, but more often than not, you kill your sim off by locking them in a room, or using cheat codes if you can. If not you let them go swimming and take away the ladder so they can’t leave the pool. And then they drown.


hey gain skills by doing things, and if you also give them things they want they will be happy and unlock special skills or rewards to use. (it is a game after all) And each of the sims “Wants” coincide with what kind of aspiration they have.


Family Aspiration - You want a family, kids and marriage

Money Aspiration  -  You want ALL THE MONEY!

Popular Aspiration - It’s not about aptitude, it’s the way you’re viewed.

Knowledge Aspiration - You wanna know everything, meet Aliens, see ghosts.

Romantic Aspiration - You want to woo hoo all night! (Woo hoo is SIm for sex)

Pleasure Aspiration - You just wanna have fun in life

Grilled Cheese Aspiration - You care about nothing but grilled cheese


Sims have their own language, that is just a jumbled-up version of a language. It makes no sense but there are a few phrases that they always use.


I recommend you play the Sims 2 or at least watch a video of someone playing sims 2 before you try and read this, it probably won’t make sense and won’t be as funny. 






Chapter one: Murder most definitely


Natasha crept upstairs to check on all her children. The thunder and lighting outside might have scared them. Natasha was a little frightened herself.


Natasha quietly opened the door to the girl's bedroom. Gretta and Fenra snored softly in their beds, and little Toofree was fast asleep in her crib. All her children shared their father's brown hair. Only her Eldest daughter Starla shared her hair color, which was odd because she was adopted as a young child. Back when she was obsessed with grilled cheese, and living in that one-bedroom place by the woods. Now Natasha and her husband Nicholas live in this old-style house on the edge of town. It's close to the woods, but not close enough for her liking. You could sit on the porch and feel as if the neighbors were looking right at you. Natasha shut the door slowly behind her and made her way back to her bedroom downstairs.


The children were all asleep in their beds, but Nicholas was nowhere to be found. He was heading home tonight from his vacation on Tiwikkii island. Nicholas had told her he needed some well-earned rest after his fight for his promotion at work. He'd been a stand-up comedian since the children were all very young. but now he'd finally earned his promotion to Birthday clown. Most people would hesitate to agree it is a promotion, but it comes with a good pay raise. His shuttle should have dropped him off already. Where could he be?


Lightning flashed outside once more as Natasha's foot landed on the last step. A booming crack outside made her jump and focused her gaze to the front lawn.


She noticed the door to the porch was open. She walked out the front door to see outside. It was a rainy night. The rain made her think of all her children and her grandchildren. Her life with her husband Nicholas.


They'd met shortly before her first daughter Starla was heading off to college. They'd fallen fast for each other, and after adopting Shane, they'd soon made their family grow when she had 1 set of twins and another baby after that. It seemed strange for Natasha to feel so nostalgic like this. The rain made her sad and thinking of her children, and family being so far from her made her sad too. The thought of all her children, the grown-up ones out in the world, the ones who went off to college were here in town, but they never come to visit anymore.


Starla's daughter Fudda had come over after school the other day, but she hardly ever sees her other grandchildren, and Shane is always so busy with school he never calls. It's understandable, but she couldn't help but feel sad. Soona, Starla's oldest, was the same age as Natasha's twins, Guy and Gurber. They were all attending Sim State University together this year, how fast time flies. It seems like only yesterday, Starla had graduated college and had Soona. Natasha couldn't believe she has an adult daughter, who has kids of her own and married to a famous astronaut no less!


The cold air on Natasha's face almost drove her back inside, but then she caught the sight of something on the lawn. She walked closer, but her knees buckled as she realized what it was. A flash of lightning illuminated the lawn, and Natasha screamed in horror.


Next to the pond outside in the front yard was the gravestone of her husband.



Chapter Two: Who is this man?


When it comes to cleaning up the scum in this valley, the police have one man they turn to... John Mole, Field Agent for the SCIA. He's the only Field Agent in Desiderata Valley. He's a young go-getter who's eager to prove himself to everyone. This will be John's first Murder investigation. And this case won't go cold, not on his watch.


John is a man obsessed with science, facts, and knowledge about the known sim universe. He's lived in Desiderata Valley his whole life. The love of his life Beverly Huffman and their cat Creiger live in the middle of town. It's a small one-bedroom house, with the Helicopter pad out front. You can't miss it!

He tries to keep his work life separate from his home life.


"Zabisinoof, Zoom nope fwatta" As the old saying goes.


This time Agent Mole really has his work cut out for him. Most cases go cold in Desiderata Valley, because of all the accidental drownings. This looked like just another case of accidental drowning, the second most common death, next to walking into a room, then having the door disappear.


Oftentimes, when it came to accidental drowning, the poor sims didn't even own a pool. Eyewitnesses say the pool appeared, and then suddenly disappeared after death. In a world where every swim might be your last, you learn not to get into mysterious pools. John remembered the commercial from his childhood.


"Neebeep norp...Plab blatta seepa nooptoe." Those words circled in his mind every time he saw a pool.


At first look, this case was just like any other, drowned husband found in the front yard. But the curious thing is... He was found by the pond... But that pond is only for fish... Sims don't usually go into the pond water. And sims always follow traditional behavior. Sims swim in pools, fish swim in ponds. That's the way it is.


"Veeteeleep Marri burp." Agent Mole asked the officer by the road.

"Melgerin Dag Flab." Dave said. John chuckled. It was such a classic Dave thing to say. If there was anything you could count on in the world, it was Dave's sense of humor.


Agent Mole walked closer to the house and found a distraught woman being comforted on the porch. No doubt this was the wife. Agent Mole learned a little about the case before showing up at the crime scene. She had been the one who found the gravestone. That must have been a difficult thing for a wife to see. Apparently, Natasha couldn't get there in time to bargain for Nicholas's life. Sometimes the Grim Reaper gets them. Agent Mole had heard about people having special tokens to save them from the Grim Reapers' icy grip too, but knowing how expensive the match mater in town works, they're probably very pricey items. Agent Mole didn't believe in things like that anyway. He knew that when the grim reaper comes for you, you should accept it with open arms, no rock/paper/scissors for your life. If it's your time, you just go.


Through gasping sobs and tears John was able to find out the story. Apparently, Natasha got up to check on her kids and then came downstairs to discover a gravestone with Nicholas's name on it.


"Goobda fratta" Agent Mole asked, walking up to the two women.

"Lazik bintuptoe, Klarkson Frabin!" He understood Natasha's frustration. Her husband was dead, there was nothing he could say that would make that better. In Agent Mole’s line of work, he'd seen some people do some desperate things to bring people back. But They required money or resources. And Now that Nicholas was dead, Natasha had no income. And couldn't live off his royalties from his comedic enterprises.


Natasha was inconsolable, so Starla brought her back to bed, and invited John into the house. John looked around the house while he waited in the living room. There were mostly paintings of the children and some family portraits. Nicholas looked like the model father and husband in every painting. He looked at the signature at the bottom of the paintings. Natasha had done them herself. She had quite the talent!


"Oobda gladda?" Agent Mole asked Starla as he looked at the one-family painting with all the children except her. It seemed strange to have a family portrait and leave out one of the children.


"Jordell, esadoo." She said, It had been painted when she was out of the house and living on her own. She lived on her own Main street Mobile Homes after college and raised her daughter Soona.


"Soofree?" Agent Mole opened his notepad to take notes as he saw fit.

"Gob not soften la" Starla sat down on the couch and motioned for him to join her. She explained that her relationship with her stepfather wasn't anything to write about. She just needed to be on her own after college, like many do.


"Wabba wabba new?" She asked. Agent Mole refused, he never drank juice on the job. and looked through his notes to see if she could answer some of his questions.

"So boe, abba noob loob su?" Apparently, Natasha and Nicholas adopted Shane and started a family just as Starla was starting college. She hadn't really talked much to her mom lately, but now that her own daughter Soona is in college, she'd like to recapture the relationship she had with her mom. The way it was before she lived with Nicolas.


Starla thought Nicholas was too controlling. When Natasha was younger, when she'd first adopted Starla, they would have fun together, and she would paint in nature. But after she met Nicholas, she moved into a big house they couldn't afford and had a bunch of kids. She even changed her aspirations for him!


It wasn't unheard of for sims to change their aspirations. Traditionally sims keep the same aspiration for their whole adult life, but there were ways to change it, and sometimes for the sims who attended college and university, you would accomplish everything in your aspiration halfway through university.


"Ooma bada da voom?" Agent Mole asked more out of curiosity, but he still felt a bit suspicious about Starla.

"Jabaell!" Starla giggled flirtatiously. She looked younger than she was, she had 4 kids and lived down the street with her husband Jarvis. He was a famous astronaut.


"Ooo, Wamtastic!" Agent Mole was admittedly a big fan of Jarvis Walters, Starla's husband. He was a famous local hero. The only astronaut from Disaresuratta Valley. He'd been living on the Sim-international space station. Agent Mole looked at Starla, he noticed she had a slight tan, strange for this time of year. He wondered if she'd been traveling anywhere tropical lately?


"Woost dell Mart tog nop lotagot?" Agent Mole asked casually. Agent Mole was a master in his charisma skill. He could make anything seem like a casual conversation, keep them calm and keep them talking. Then soon they will share all the information he needs.


"Goonsba blatta harz norlo zooma doop." Starla explained. Agent Mole had never seen anyone get a tan from traveling to Sim State University to drop their children off. It is a fair drive away, all the colleges were, but nothing that would give you a tan. Even at The Tech college in the desert, it was wintertime. Her story was full of holes. John knew there was more to her than it seemed. But more information was needed to make an informed decision. He knew he would get no more information from Starla or Natasha today.


He needed to talk to some of Nicholas's other children to get a better picture of the man he was dealing with. It was so sad that this should happen to a loving husband and father of six. Most of them are older and off at college, but little Toofree is only a toddler.


Agent Mole bid Starla, a fond Dag Dag, and told her to keep an ear open for his phone call. He may have more questions for her and her mom.


Chapter Three: Questions need answers


Agent Mole headed down to Sim State university to check out this story. He doubted it was a simple ride to the university that would give you a tan like the one Starla had.


According to Starla, Gurber, Guy and Soona were all starting school together. Nicholas was the father of Gurber and Guy and the step-grandfather of Soona. They will all be upset to hear this news, so it seemed more appropriate to drive down to the school and talk to them in person.


The more Agent Mole thought about it on the drive, it wasn't uncommon for children and young adults to be the same age as their cousins. Although it must have been strange for Them all, he wondered how Starla felt about this. She'd mentioned at the house that she didn't live with them after returning from college. She'd had her daughter immediately. Perhaps she'd met Soona's father in college. He knew there was a missing piece to this puzzle, there was something Starla wasn't telling him. She was acting less shocked than her mother for sure. Perhaps her relationship with her stepfather was more complicated. In John's line of work, you learn that relationships between sims can get complicated.


Agent Mole pulled up to the dorms where Gurber, Guy, and Soona all lived. He found Gurber first. She was studying in the common area of the dorm building. Like most sims who have the aspiration of knowledge, they use their time at school to learn and build their skills. Agent Mole had the aspiration for knowledge. All his life he's strived to know more. He loved to learn, and he loved to solve puzzles. And crime was one of the hardest puzzles to solve.


"Gurber Barthelet?" Agent Mole asked. Gurber looked up from her book.

"Barshtoo!" She said with a half-smile. Agent Mole could tell she'd been crying earlier, but she looked like she was trying to stay strong. She put on a brave face for her schoolmates.


Agent Mole introduced himself and explained that he was working on her father's case. Gurber had heard about her father from her older brother Shane. He had called to tell her that morning.


"Bonna Kadoo?" Agent Mole asked, sitting down and getting out his notepad.


"Mickreg Shabo, Jemuka'' She said with a sniff "Kashnooa Balonee, Wezeesh skrabola." Gurber and her brother had been studying the night before. Soon had joined them for a while, but she'd gone to bed early that night. The first day of University got everyone a little excited. According to Gurber, shortly after Shane had called this morning she, Guy and Soona all got insurance money from Nicholas's death. 


This was very common. Immediately after a Sims death, money is given to their spouse, all their children, and sometimes close family friends.


"Toobashoon tesh shmoote." Gurber aid with an inquisitive look on her face. Agent Mole found that noteworthy. She found it strange that Gurber, Guy, and Soona had all received the same amount. Agent Mole wrote that down. If Soona is the stepgrandchild of Nicholas, why did she receive the same amount as Nicholas's children?


Another question that needed answers was how Shane knew about his father's death? Had Starla called him? Surely Natasha would have been too distraught to call him and tell him. And he wouldn't have received the insurance money yet. How had Shane heard about his father's death? A trip to La Fiesta Tech was needed next.


Agent Mole left Sim State University. Looking in the rearview mirror at his own face, he noticed something else... He didn't get a tan.



Chapter Four: The plot thickens


Agent Mole traveled to the next university campus. The drive was long, but it gave him time to think about the case. Nicolas was a famous stand-up comedian until last week when he was promoted to birthday clown. In John's opinion, it didn't sound like much of a promotion, but apparently, it came with more money. That was probably good for the family. Natasha didn't work, apart from the money she got from selling her paintings. Which according to Starla, she hadn't done since Starla was a kid.


Her house had been decorated with all her own artwork, she had a lot of talent. The paintings were very realistic. Her paintings practically looked like photographs, as if someone took a screenshot of real life.


She was able to capture Nicholas's essence in her paintings. He'd clearly loved his kids, they all seemed like well-adjusted individuals. Natasha certainly loved him. She wouldn't be so upset if she hadn't. But there was still something strange about how Starla was acting. And there was of course the mystery of why Soona received the same insurance payout at Nicholas's children when she was only the granddaughter.

Nicholas was a good comedian. Agent Mole remembered seeing one of his famous comedy acts on TV one night.

"Nargella de fweb, etjun blatta, reshadow!" The punchline always made him crack up. He chuckled to himself in the car. His comedy specials will always be bitter-sweet now.


Shane was just arriving from class when Agent Mole pulled up to the small school housing unit. It was a 5 room house that was owned by the college for the students. John met him at the door of the house. It was a cool day, fresh from the previous night's rain. The rain wasn't as bad out where La Fiesta Tech was, but it was still springtime. They talked on the front step. It was a chilly day, it made John wonder why Shane wanted to hide what was going on from his roommates.


"Oobda blat, Zaneeki, rinky!" Agent Mole said.

"Nob zip flinka!" Shane was taken aback, he didn't want his roommates to know about his dad. Shane was secretly dating both the Walter Sisters, and if one saw him being comforted by the other one, she might get jealous...

"Bwana kadoo?" Agent Mole asked taking out his notepad as usual.

"Honna kaldell Nibby nooby nerps." Shane said scratching the back of his neck nervously. Shane claimed his mother called him in tears the morning Nicholas died. She'd been hard to understand but he'd taken it upon himself to call Guy and Gurber to let them know. He felt that finding out by receiving an insurance deposit is no way to find out your father died. John agreed with him on that. Shane had a good relationship with his dad before he left for college. And the night of Nicholas's murder, he'd been here, making out with his other roommate, Stella.


Oh to have romantic aspirations.


Shane's ability would have to do for now. His actions made sense if all that was indeed true. Agent Mole made a mental note to look up more information about the Walter family. It seemed strange, that Starla's stepdaughters just happened to be going to school with her little brother. But that's how things go in the world.


"Glob de narble!" Shane waved as he walked into the house making a point not to invite Agent Mole inside.

Agent Mole was used to college students being wary of police officers. Agent Mole was young once himself. He's taken a few rounds on the White Rabbit Bubble Blower. Perhaps that could explain Shane's behavior toward him. Or was there something more nefarious at work?


It was a slow ride back into town. The more Agent Mole learned about Nicholas's life the less his death made sense. As much as a mysterious drowning can make sense that is. Agent Mole took the main highway back into Desiderata Valley, he felt a little defeated. He had to keep digging, but you know what they say the more you dig the more dirt you find.


He pulled into his office as the sun was going down, and someone was waiting for him.


"Starla Walters? Bana Kadoo?" Agent Mole got out his notepad again anticipating more information for the case. Starla sat down across from him at his desk. She was ready to tell him everything...



Chapter Five: Nicholas, your dirty Dog...


Starla Walters, Formerly Starla Una, was the adopted stepdaughter of the victim. She was also something much more to him.


When Starla was in her last year of college the matchmaker set her up on a blind date. Unknown to both the woman setting them up and Starla herself, she'd been set up with her stepfather, Nicholas. It was one of those funny accidents that happen when you don't pay a lot of money with the matchmaker.


Starla and Nicholas decided to go out for a fun night anyway, regardless of being set up by accident. Surprisingly, Starla had a great time and they got along very well. So well, that Starla ended up having Nicholas's daughter, Soona soon after leaving college. Agent Mole wrote down every word on his notepad. So that was why Soona had received the amount reserved for children from the insurance. Soona was Nicholas's daughter.


"Barbna kolipsom noobie. Swinstill Flatta!" She pleaded.


This changed things. If what Starla said is true, and Natasha knew about it. She might have been angry enough to kill her husband.


That being said Starla might have known that if Nicholas died she'd get money from the insurance through her children. So she could have killed him as well. But Starla claims her mother had no idea. Agent Mole thought back to the house, the way Starla was taking care of her mother in her grief-stricken state. If she'd known Starla was sleeping with her husband, she wouldn't have let Starla off that easy. It made sense that Natasha didn't know about Soona's true father.


Agent Mole promised that he would not reveal this information to anyone. This would also help the investigation. But in exchange for John keeping her secret, he required complete honesty from her. Starla took a deep breath and finally confessed. She'd gone to Twikkii Island with Nicholas.


"Ablont blonsevon slib!" Agent Mole knew it! That explained her Tan.


Nicholas and Starla had decided to have a small getaway for old time sake, to celebrate his promotion, and because Starla's husband Jarvis was gone on the space station. Starla was there the night that Nicholas died, but she claimed that he was alive and well when the shuttle dropped him off. She'd headed home shortly after he'd been dropped off. Starla's children could attest to this, they were only children but she was there that morning feeding them breakfast.


So, if it wasn't the wife, or the lover, who was the one who saw Nicholas last? Whoever that was might have been the one to kill him!







Chapter Six: For whom the Bell tolls...


Agent Mole leaned back in his chair. He was deep in thought piecing together all the clues from the case so far.


He stands up and walks over to the cork board hanging on the wall. He pinned a picture of Natasha Una, his first Suspect.


Was she really the innocent wife and mother? Or did she know about the affair between her adopted daughter, Starla, and her husband? John doubted she would have let Starla comfort her at all if she knew the truth about Soona's real father. Had He been more controlling than loving as Starla suspected? If Nicholas had the influence to seduce his stepdaughter, who knows what other kind of influence he might have.


Next, John pinned up a picture of Starla Walters, his second suspect in the case.


She is the other woman. Maybe she felt like she was owed something. She knew she'd have money coming in if he was dead. She'd be getting money for 3 of her 4 children apparently. She lived just a few houses down from where he was killed. She had just come back from a vacation with him, even though she claimed it was a one-time thing, and she was still devoted to her husband. It seemed like her relationship with Jarvis Walters is not as solid as it seems in the public eye.


Agent Mole’s third suspect was the suspicious son Shane Barthelet. He pinned a picture of Shane from the University website. Shane was studying Biology. This seemed curious to Agent Mole. He had his assistant look up information about Shane's university record. Had he been attending classes? Could he have made it into town? And what were his motives?


He'd been acting suspicious and avoiding questions. But his alibi did involve his roommates, who he was carrying on secret affairs with. John would never understand romantic aspiration sims/ They just want to woohoo everyone in town it seemed. With no regard for other sims' emotions.


Each of the suspects had a reason to be upset with the victim, but reason enough to murder?


The more Agent Mole looked into it, the less he understood.



Chapter Seven: Times up, Murderer!


Agent Mole calls Natasha, Starla, and Shane in for questioning. They all met him down at the police station. He knew one of them did it. But he needed more information to be sure he's got the right person!


Now that it had been a day, and everyone was less emotional, he might be able to find the facts of this case and finally find out who was to blame.


Natasha had had a mental breakdown after she saw her husband die. She talked to a bag of floor the whole time she was being questioned. Her life aspiration was to have 10 children, she'd planned on doing that with her husband. It had been his goal too. It seemed, for the time being, Starla was living with her, helping her out with the kids, and helping her move forward with her life. Natasha was slowly coming to terms with her husband's passing. But it would take a while. These things take time.


Agent Mole understood, he'd seen plenty of sims act this way in other cases when he'd been a junior field agent. But now he was a full agent. And the only agent in town with the skills to solve this case, not just because he was the only Field Agent in town.


After that interaction with Natasha, Agent Mole knew for sure that she had no motive for killing her husband. She didn't know about the affair between Starla and Nicholas, and otherwise she wouldn't be accepting Starla's help.


After discovering Starla had been on vacation with Nicholas, he thought maybe she still had feelings for him, or maybe she was plotting something, but her only real motivation to kill him would have been to get his money from the insurance. But that money would go to her kids, not her specifically. And she had enough money herself working as a family law attorney and her husband had enough money as well being a famous astronaut.


Agent Mole concluded that although the relationship between Starla and Nicholas wasn't something most would approve of, and once he wasn't even sure was possible until this case, she had no motive to murder him. And if she'd wanted to kill him, she would have had plenty of chances while they were on vacation.


Just then, a file landed on John's desk. The file had the name of one of the suspects on it. It seems one of them had lied about their alibi... This made the decision easy. John knew exactly who killed Nicholas Barthelet.



Chapter Eight: Confessions


It seemed Shane was less than honest about the night Nicholas was killed.


"Trisy Woodawall!" Agent Mole said slamming the case down in front of Shane in the interrogation room.

"Fleet Sooo!" Shane folded his arms across his chest.

"Anna letta do doooy" Agent Mole sat down across from him and waited for Shane to explain.


Shane had been in a fight with his roommate because he'd tried to make out with his girlfriend.

Shane hadn't been making out with Stella, he was getting beaten up by Stella's boyfriend, Ratna Walters. He also happened to be the brother of the two girls he was dating. They ended up getting arrested and sent back into town for the night.


Agent Mole presented his findings to Shane and he broke down immediately.


When Shane was released from the police station, he walked to his parent's house to spend the night.


Just as he walked up he saw Nicholas get out of the shuttle back from his vacation. Shane saw Starla with him. Suddenly something clicked in Shane's mind. He'd thought their relationship had always been strange. Shane knew Starla as his older sister, but she didn't grow up with them, she'd been older. Starla and Nicholas were having an affair. Shane knew it and he confronted Nicholas about it.


Nicholas confessed but he was not apologetic. Nicholas had aspirations for a big family, and the best way to have a big family is to woo-hoo everyone you can. Shane applauded the effort, having a similar aspiration himself.


Shane tried to have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. Shane was in love with the two Walter sisters, but didn't want to get caught, or else they would both leave him. He was on his way to woohooing everyone in his dorm, and now he didn't know what to do.


"Hah ha ha ha ha!" Nicholas pointed and laughed at his son's face. According to Shane, Nicolas called him an amateur and told him he had no business having a relationship aspiration if he was going to be such a loser. Nicholas bosted about the affairs he's had and never been caught. Shane felt his face getting hot with rage.


That's when the mysterious pool appeared. Nicolas climbed in. Shane didn't even try to stop him.


"Wabba?" Agent Mole was surprised. Sims don't usually get into mysterious pools.

""Neebeep norp, Plab blatta seepa nooptoe." Shane recited from the commercial. "Nab zoop zip badagap."

"Faggagaba..." Agent Mole nodded his head.


Shane could have helped him out, but instead, he took the ladder out of the pool. With no ladder, Nicholas had no way to get out of the pool.


"Bootga Bubba foo!" Nicholas shouted as he gained body skills for swimming, but soon grew hungry and tired and he sank. Soon after the pool disappeared and only the gravestone remained. Shane moved the stone closer to the pond in the front yard. He wanted his father to be seen for who he was, not forgotten in the backyard. Shane walked back to the university campus by morning. He'd never gotten a call from his mom, he'd just called his siblings without thinking. He may not have put the pool down, but he let his father drown.


That was enough for John. It had been Shane all along.


By Sims law, Shane would stand trial for murder by proxy! The most dastardly of offenses. It's a hefty fine and a note on your permanent record! 


A few weeks after the arrest, Agent Mole had heard that Natasha and her daughter had found out a way to bring Nicholas back to life, but it didn't quite work. He sees Nicholas around town every now and then. He's just a zombie now. But that's the way it goes here in Desiderata Valley.



Submitted: March 26, 2022

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