A woman has her life shattered after a personal tragedy. Searching for a safe haven to heal, she stumbles across a deserted stone cottage for sale in rural Ontario. Examining the property, she experiences deep feelings of familiarity and a strong sense of home. The only drawback is the weeping ghost standing by a window in the living room. Who is she? Why is she still here? Researching the history of the house, the woman and her best friend discover heartbreaking secrets buried in the past. Will her new oasis be a dream come true or the stuff of her worst nightmare?

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This story encompasses two time periods - the late 19th century and the 21st century.
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Stone Cottage

What a great read! This fast reading novel by Maighread MacKay explores a family in crisis across two centuries- well, not exactly the same family! Upon accidently discovering a stone cottage for sale- one she imagines to be her perfect getaway, modern da

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