Forty-three year old Ben and thirty-one year old Jaime have been married for two years, and are expecting their first child by surrogate any day now.

They are The Moores.

Ben is a surgeon in New York's busiest hospital, and Jaime is an up and coming playwright who's first play "This Summer's Love" is four months into its sold out six month run, and he has been asked by Sony Pictures to write the screenplay for the film adaptation.

They have it all. But like all golden couples, there is always something hidden in the background.

Jaime has a secret he thinks nobody knows about.

But Ben knows...and has a secret of his own.

Both men are about to each make decisions that causes their world to spiral out of control.

Table of Contents


CHAPTER ONE * JAIME *     Thirty one year old Jaime Moore's latest play, "This Summer's Love" was an off-Broadw... Read Chapter


CHAPTER TWO * JAIME *     Ben immediately went back into the shower after the sex. He hated the smell... Read Chapter