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They all rushed outside, but there was nothing to see due to the two to three story buildings clustered together. “Jay.” Jay merged with O'naisac, and he, Robin and Card flew up to the rooftops. Zurrin cupped his hands and bent his knees. Selwyn realized what he was trying to do and placed her foot in his hands. Zurrin then threw Selwyn up. She shot up like a bottle rocket and silently landed on the roof. Zurrin was able to get to the roof by jumping between the walls of two buildings. When they were all present, they looked around and in the direction of College Hill, they saw a smoke cloud. The cloud's size was immense. As Jay separated from O'naisac, he said, “The entire college must've been destroyed.” He looked at Selwyn. “Do you hear anything?”

Selwyn focused on the could. “There's definitely something in there.” “I hear it to.” said Zurrin, a look of concern on his face.

O'naisac then looked at Jay. “Do you sense anything?” “No.” said Jay, worried.

As they stared at the dust cloud something happened. What looked like a curved came slowly out of the cloud.

“What is that?” said Jay.

Then another curved spike appeared opposite of the first. O'naisac looked closer. There was a shadow between the spikes. Something big and unidentifiable.

“Here it is.” said Selwyn.

Then the shadow came out of the cloud. It was the biggest head of a bat O'naisac had ever seen. Its skin was dark, the fur pitch black, its large eyes were black with white pupils. Its pointed ears were short, its snout was scarred. O'naisac realized that the spikes beside it were its wing joints.

They all stared wide eyed in shock.

“What is that?” said Zurrin. To everyone's surprise Girgeth's voice answered. “Camazotz.” Everyone looked at O'naisac's communicator. “You know what this is?” said O'naisac.

A projection of Girgeth's head appeared and said, “Its name is Camazotz. No one knows if it is a demon. It is a monster that once terrorized Niddavelir. It to should be dead.”

O'naisac didn't say anything, but he was very frustrated. It was bad enough that a much bigger creature was coming to drag its way through the city, but now...

As Girgeth's head vanished A.C.E. said, “O'naisac, we have another problem.”

It took a lot for O'naisac not to yell. He then said with surprising calm, “What now?” “Two more Demon Lords, have appeared.”

There was a silence. “Just keeps getting better.” Robin commented.

Before anyone could say anything else, Camazotz screamed. It was so loud and piercing everyone covered their ears. The buildings seemed to tremble at the sound. The fairies were especially feeling it in their wings. It screamed for twenty seconds and then stopped there was a ringing in everyone's ears.

“Ow, my wings.” said Card.

O'naisac had to think fast and decide quickly. So, he did.

“You four decide which Demon Lord to face. Jay and I got the bat.” “Are you serious?” said Selwyn. “Yes! Jay!”

Jay merged with O'naisac and without another word they took off.

As they flew towards Camazotz, Jay asked, “I'm assuming you don't have a plan.”

“Pretty much.” said O'naisac.

As they flew towards College Hill, O'naisac started to think. Nothing came to mind. O'naisac could sense Jay's concern. Camazotz wasn't moving. He was still as a rock, as if he was waiting for something.

“If that thing starts moving it will destroy everything before Khepri ever gets here.” said O'naisac. “Could the army help?” Jay suggested. “Unlikely.” said O'naisac. “What about Girgeth's drones?” “They're too busy making up for the army's lack of might.”

There came a rather loud explosion in the distance. At that Camazotz turned his head slightly in the direction of the noise. Then he began to slowly move it's right wing forward. The small buildings crumbled in the wake of its claw.

“No! No! No!” said O'naisac, loudly. “If we're going to fight, we need to do it outside the city.” said Jay. “Or.” said O'naisac, thinking. “Above it and I think I know how to get its attention.”

O'naisac the drew Colonel Pierce's handgun with his left hand. Hadn't used it once the whole battle. It didn't even occur to him to us it when he was fighting Kali.

“Let’s get closer.”

Camazotz moved as though he was stalking. If he knew O'naisac was there he gave no indication. His eyes were staring far into the distance as O'naisac approached him.

“Get ready to move fast.” said O'naisac.

As big as the eye was, which was about twice the height of O'naisac, he flew in close and aimed. He remembered his rifle training from the Corps. His arm was steady, he exhaled and fired three shots. It happened instantly. Camazotz closed its eye and screamed in pain, flailing all about. O'naisac quickly flew away until he was high above.

He looked down as Camazotz destroyed the surrounding buildings. The bat then opened it's eyes and moved its head as if looking for something. It then screeched. Nothing loud, just a short burst.

“What is it doing?” asked Jay.

Camazotz then looked in their direction and gave a screech. They felt the force, though there wasn't much too it and the smell of its breath. O'naisac tried not to gag. He looked down and saw that Camazotz kept looking in their direction.

“Uh, oh.” said O'naisac, realizing. “What is it?” said Jay, feeling his concern. “Echo Location.” O'naisac answered. “What does that mean?” “It means he found us.”

Camazotz screamed and unfurled his wings to their full length. Each wing was over two hundred yards long and pitch black.

“Get going!”

As they flew off Camazotz began to flap its wings. With one stroke he was off the ground. With two more he was high enough and with three more he was after O'naisac.

“Okay, now that we have his attention, what do we do now?” said Jay.

“Still haven't thought that far ahead yet.” said O'naisac.

“I really hate it when you don't plan ahead.” “We just need to keep him airborne and away from the troops until.” “Look out!”

O'naisac looked over his shoulder and there was the bat! He veered right and was able to avoid the large snapping teeth.

“Damn, that thing is fast!” said O'naisac.

They watched as Camazotz flew out and then veered right to circle back.

“Now what?” said Jay.

They watched as Camazotz flew towards the statehouse. Without and disruption in flight, Camazotz left wing destroyed the dome roof of the statehouse. The soldiers below ran in freight at the falling debris. It actually pained O'naisac to see that.

“Didn't you do that once?” asked Jay.

Camazotz was now heading in their direction. O'naisac turned and flew away.

Avoiding Camazotz was a lot harder than O'naisac and Jay thought. He was fast and surprisingly agile for a creature his size. When O'naisac tried to make a sharp turn to avoid him, Camazotz folded his wings and was able to shift his body in the direction O'naisac was headed. O'naisac dived so low to the ground Camazotz had to land, but he still pursued by running on the ground. O'naisac looked forward and saw that the mall was before them.

“I'm gonna try to slow him down.” he said.

He pointed the gun at a window to the mall and fired two shots. The glass shatter and O'naisac flew in. As he flew up to the food court on the third floor, Camazotz crashed into the mall, sending glass and metal flying. As O'naisac flew into the food court he saw a broken window and headed for it. As Camazotz loomed over the food court, O'naisac flew through the missing window and was outside.

“I noticed that you still don't have a plan.” said Jay.

Camazotz, came crashing out the back of the mall screeching. The debris of the mall came crashing into the wide Providence River, that flowed underneath the mall. Camazotz even bulldozed through the overpasses that were a part of Rt. 95 North. Despite the obstructions Camazotz, charged faster towards O'naisac. It even ran on top the apartment complexes alongside the highway. O'naisac shot up and the apartments couldn't support Camazotz's weight, and he fell into the building. That would buy O'naisac a moment.

“Is there anything we can use to our advantage?” said Jay. “Well...” said O'naisac, thinking. “If this thing is like any bat on Midgar, it probably has a sensitivity to sound.”

“Sound?” said Jay, confused. “Bats have eyes, but they hunt by sound alone.” “What can we do with that?” “If I had a dog whistle the size of a car, we could probably cause it a lot of pain. Since that's not an option.”

“Wait, what about that gauntlet Girgeth, gave you?” Jay suggested.

O'naisac just remembered that and thought about it. There wasn't much to think about.

“I don't know.” he said. “Having never tested it myself, I don't know it will work.”

“Ask A.C.E.” said Jay, simply.

O'naisac pushed the middle button on his communicator. “A.C.E., could the Adamant Gauntlet, kill that thing?”

There was no answer right away. “Possibly.” A.C.E. finally answered. “It was never tested for such a situation, but remember, in order for it to work you have to make physical contact.”

O'naisac could feel Jay's frustration alongside his at the prospect. At that moment Camazotz had gained on him and was about to eat him when O'naisac quickly opened a portal and went through it. Camazotz bit air.

O'naisac came out of the portal and landed on the top of the Superman building. He looked around quickly. He needed to get Camzotz away from the battle and the city. But where could he take him? He then saw something large and gold from the south. Khepri, was slowly coming towards the city. He was definitely a beast, and it gave O'naisac an idea.

“That is completely reckless.” said Jay, reading his thought. “You got a better idea?” She did not.

Camazotz was now soaring over the west side of the city in search of him.

“A.C.E., start charging the gauntlet.” “I am unable to connect to the Adamant Gauntlet.” said A.C.E. “What?” said O'naisac, surprised. “Well, it is in a pocket dimension. Maybe he can't connect to it while it's there.” said Jay.

O'naisac sighed and said, “A.C.E., when you detect the Adamant Gauntlet, fully charge it.” “Affirmative.” said A.C.E.

O'naisac looked back at Camazotz, who was circling around. “Fly faster than you've ever flown before.” “I will.” said Jay. O'naisac took a breath and a portal opened.

O'naisac flew out of the portal yards away from Camazotz. Camazotz, who was actually following O'naisac, by the smell of its own breath, which he fired at him, smelled his prey and veered in its direction.

“Here we go.” said O'naisac. O'naisac turned towards Khepri and flew towards him faster than Jay had ever gone before.

In the minutes it took to reach Khepri, O'naisac, had to be as agile as a fairy. He did barrel rolls to avoid Camazotz's snapping mouth, he would fly up suddenly and dived which slowed and disoriented and irritated the large bat. Camazotz got angrier and faster. When they were just a mile from Khepri, O'naisac, dived towards the highway followed by the ever-constant Camazotz. At the last possible second O'naisac, pulled up and flew under an overpass on 95 South. Camazotz had dived too low and was unable to pull up. He crashed into the overpass, destroying it, but he still continued the chase.

“Almost there.”

As O'naisac got closer he began to appreciate just how big Khepri is. In comparison, he was smaller than what a flea is to a dog.

Camazotz ran across the highway destroying every vehicle, overpass and taring up the concrete. O'naisac had just reached Khepri, when suddenly explosions occurred all over the large beetle.

“What the hell?!”

The military Tomahawks had all swarmed Khepri, firing missiles and large caliber rounds.

“Oh, at the worst time.” said O'naisac, angrily.

He shot up to avoid the oncoming fire. He might've been bulletproof, but they never tested as to whether or not Jay was when they merged. Khepri, seemed unphased by the assault, but Camazotz seemed even more annoyed by the multiple whirling sounds and explosions. The bat then leaped onto Khepri. He climbed up the golden armor and swiped at the Tomahawks. Some of the missiles it Camazotz, and a few unfortunate Tomahawks were destroyed by the bat's wing. O'naisac was high above watching.

“He looks like a mouse on that thing.” he commented. O'naisac then removed his communicator form his left wrist and strapped it to a belt loop. “Get ready.” he said. He sensed Jay's unease. “Can you project your magic?” “What?” said Jay, confused. “Can you make him sense you?”

Her reply was to have the wings glow much brighter. O'naisac looked down. Camazotz had stopped flailing. He looked up towards O'naisac.

“I think he senses us.” said Jay.

Camazotz screamed and then spread is wings. With one very powerful flap the bat shot up. Jay's wings stopped glowing and they shot up. O'naisac looked down as they ascended to gage the distance. Camazotz, was right below them and gaining. Once the bat was close enough. “Now!”

Jay, then separated from O'naisac and flew above him. As she did, O'naisac, twisted his body so that his left arm was straight and facing up. Jay opened a pocket dimension and the Adamant Gauntlet came shooting out. In a second it encased O'naisac's entire left arm. A.C.E., detecting the gauntlet began absorbing U.V. Rays and residual magical energy in the atmosphere from the explosion. Which greatly increased the power. As O'naisac fell towards Camazotz, Jay, merged with him and they shot faster. In an instant they were right at Camazotz's head and O'naisac threw his left fist forward. O'naisac's fist hit Camazotz right between the eyes with a force that cracked bone and shot through the bat's skull, causing him to stop in flight. O'naisac growled in pain at the immense shock that went through his arm. Jay pulled him away as Camazotz fell towards the ground. He didn't screech or try to fly. He just fell and then landed hard on his back on the top of Khepri’s back.

O'naisac took deep breaths as his arm went numb.

“Way to understate, Girgeth.” he groaned. “Are you alright?” asked Jay, knowing full well what he was going through. “I just need a minute.” he said, calmly.

“I am not detecting any broken bones.” said A.C.E. “But you did inflict severe muscle strain throughout the limb. I advise you not use the Adamant Gauntlet, unless absolutely necessary.” “Noted.” said O'naisac, trying not to groan.

He looked down at the scene. Camazotz didn't move.

“I think he's dead.” said Jay. “A.C.E., is it dead?” said O'naisac. “Affirmative.” said A.C.E. “I am not detecting any heartbeat or pulse and brain activity is has stopped. O'naisac exhaled. It was short lived. “O'naisac, I wish I could let you enjoy your small victory, but we have another problem. Both Ah Muzen Cab and Ravana, have been sighted. They are together.”

Jay was really worried now. She knew what O'naisac was going to do next. O'naisac took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go.”

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