This is a collaboration I did with a poet named @Mr T on poetizer. I was learning that thoughts and ideas are a profound fundamental to life and existence.

The Sharing



Rogue persuasion is reckless entitlement



  No songs break with his evil spirit



Saltwater tears dry without sentiment



 Now cold hearts in a spring never dance



And bold hearts flicker into retirement



 From all the presses of life 

To fly and sing like a wild cuckoo




Feathers shapeshift into blades and cut across 

the skyline 

To let the horizon spill out too



  Fell into my enclosed palm, liquid sky  I see myself, my reflection... A rogue




I melt into reticent breathlessness 

As I dive into the broken depths of chaos



  Waif swifts of courage 

 Lost in the hall of wickedness



Despair rolls over me, 

Waves tossed of my own making that can no longer be tamed



Across the fire the nihilists waiting to carry over this anarchy



Subatomic deprivations masked behind coded configurations 

In desperate need of encryption



In binaries of bipolar paradox, 

I am dwelling to merge into my prismatic silhouette



Still the soft breeze billows the ingenious psychosis, 

Chaffing away like a path in the wind of illogical spurs



Old hope grown blind, 

Cried well away to reborn



Poltergeist leitmotifs lay to die 

In a dream that falls apart in the mist of a neurotic climax, 

Breathes a life of its own



Invisible thoughts of loneliness went around me



The offspring of psithurisms and slavish countenance 

Dressed in the hypocrisy of truculent bravado, 

The foliage that reached its arm into the sky 

To whip the milky way into stardust quarries




'Take me home nigh of north, 


Everything else has gone south'



@ Mr.T


Philosophy is a shared opinion of beautiful proportion

Iridescent and articulate

It was an honour to write with you.


     - Xaxa








~ Silent Soliloquies


Submitted: April 06, 2022

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