Rick and Morty's, All the Known

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rick, is seen as a man that can do it all but when he is faced with an inventional gift that he can not duplicate, he is meet with one of his most worthy advisor's, the unibra corporation

((TV clip))

(Presenting man)
Beyond all our boundries, lies a paradise,

a garden of Eden

A joining connectic flow, of a source

Of all the successful dreams that have ever been put Into furition

Math, liture, art and of course science

Where These inventional items,
Are not just of our universe

But Come from all over our multiverse

Where you'll have the chance to change the fait of your own life and deliver a new time

In The sacred kept wonders of Narashana

But To ultimately eneter this void,, the dream loaction of Narashana

you will have Continplate your suroundings

And step forwrds above the rest and come up with a dream of glory

That will make it into (our) furtion

Where in knowing of your envention's enventional direction, place this small divice on your head

Where if done successfully

your soul would of made it into the dream world of Nararashna

The enventional dream world

Where some have unlocked the keys to inmortality

So Imbrase it,

And just place, magnetic device on your head

And join the rest in out union

Curtsey, of Unibra

The Top secret scientifical experimentist corporation

And like a new born baby you will discover more

That didn't exist before, in your demtion

where Narashana and all its inventional dreams

are now yours

To do as you please with

(((Uni bra logo)))


((Tv Rewindeds and starts playing again))

((Now we look at rick, and we notice his eyes are very black, like he has not slept))

((Where there are all these pieces, of machinery, that seems to look like the "head clip device" that got mentioned during TV clip just viewed, are all over the table in front of rick))

((Rick picks up one of these devices and drops it))


I can't do it, I just can't, plentiful of enventions running though my head, but none make sence to build this dam thing


I wasted my life

What dam thing, you Ok Ric-

The key to the gate way of Narashana, a world of all dreams, least the ones you would want to know

(((Confused look on mortys face)))

All the good dreams morty, all the good dreams that ever made it, to be put into furition

That have ever been Played out by society's hands

That End up in Narashana

(((Confused look on Morty's face)))

The, Think of it, dream of it, make it, shared existance!

Awwwwwww why didn't you say

((Rick looks slightly shocked as he blinks once))

So.. what you going to do then, if you can't make this device,


serious rick how do you even know its going to work

((Rick gets up And says))

Because I'm gonna steal it

(((Da da da da da)))
(((Mission imposible theme)))

Rick Starts filling up his portal gun
Clocks it
Stands up, from his seated position
Makes a portal hole
And applies a glove
Shoves his hand in the portal hole
Grabes it And steals the clip device
And holds it in the air



I did it

but now, I'm ashamed

Though Now, all i need to do, is invent

((Rick places the clip on his head))

((As one tear runs down ricks face))

((But than a smile))

mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm

((Rick leans back))

How about... no that not going to work
How about hmmmmmmm
Clicks his fingers


Wait, I've got it!

A, double, sided, dildo, with an all in action multi grip, with tips in the shape of mona-lisa ass

(((Boom all math, scince art and literature runs through runs through ricks head)))

((As Ricks eye's are now closed))


(Military men)
Hut hut hut,

((everywhere is now surrounded by military men))

((There are at least 30 of these men))

((Than as rick and morty are being detained a single alien apears from out of know where))

((As rick and morty are in the centre of all these military men))

((And rick than opens his eyes))

((Now They are held hostage in there own home))

(The Apeared Alien)
On behalf of Unibra, may I now introduce myself

I am Claud, and I was sent to inform you, that stealing is a crime, and that all inventional rights of our gate way clip have been band, and as a cause, no one is able to re-make our device

Than it must of been stolen,

a crime punishable by death

((Rick quickly deployes canisters from his pocket that creates a smoke screen))

((While Also an alarm foes off and a era of lazers, comming from the roof of the Smith house))

((make alot of duplicate rick's))

((And now rick out numbers these men))

((Than Rick throws a device on ground that would dress him and morty up, in battle suites))

Hop on morty,

((Rick and morty fight hard and stronge but, take none of these military men down and are eventually detained))

Unibra is god,

And you are now, forfeit to its doings


((Daadadadadadadadada)) ((drum roll))

((It's not looking good for Rick and morty who are now at the gallows in front of a large crowd))

(Representative speaker)
Morty Smith, Rick sanchez
You have now hear by been seen sentenced to death, by execution carried out, by (a) hanging

((Small Drum roll))

For the unlawful act of industrie regulating rule 536

One count of stealing, from unibra's top secret file storage confinement

and industries regulating rule 2517 one poor acount of resitting an unibra arrest

((Dum roll)))

How do you plead

Not Guilty

(((Crowd, simultaneously talks and mumbles)))

(Court member)
This is an out rage,

and we most certainly know that none other than the unibra corporation can accomplish the invention of the gate way device

There for, he must be lieng

Fuck you

(((Rable rable rable the crowd is going off)))

Rick, can you take this seriously

Fuck them, morty there the inquverlent, of Salem 1692,

Witch burners,

gone and lost to there primitive ways,

But Lucky for us,
there capital punishment ways, are carried out via hanging

(Court memeber)
And now

it is time, for, the, excution

(Crowd woman)

((Drum roll))

((Crowd, talking loudly))

((And what was seemed like hanging  device are now "hoist" on all limbs))

((And a fire pit underneath our protagonist Rick and morty))

Rick you gotta fucking do somthing man

((Slow motion))
Rick, rick, you have, to fucking do somthing rick

((The exction device lever gets pulled))

And then rick and morty start to stretch, as they are still moving at a slow pass

While morty has a scared face

But Rick is smiling

((Then we zoom into, ricks imagination))

Yeah, fuck yeah, I'm not failure, i was shut off, from invinting the the gate way key device

Fuck yeah,
I'm still dignfied enough for the need not to steal, but actual copy all information I find from other demtion and market it as my own

((Now we exit ricks head and enter Morty's))

I can't die a fucking virgin

((Drum roll))

And Big Smile is on ricks face, and a shit scared face is upon mortys, who are both still moving in slow motion

Then rick with smiles on face and closed eyes,

Sticks both his figures up, giveing the peace amoungst world salute

Then the court memeber Nods his head towards the exctionar

Who now heads towards rick with a hot poker

Then, ricks says as everything is moving at a normal pass

time is all I needed


((There's a flash coming from ricks direction))

((And you here mortys loud scream))


((As rick breaks free, from his bindings))

Just Hovers of them

and light takes over, in a screen whipe


(Written words)
3hrs earlier

((And we see rick about to envent his remarkable invention))

Now all i need to do is invent

((Then into the void of ricks brain we go))

Math science art litutre running trough ricks head, all going to one source,

Then the source breaths in and out, out and in

and then


Flying wiered shit, everywhere

Like a cat dog, dog cat

shit that's not here (real)

All diffrent stuff never really needed or look good falls from the top the screen to the floor then

Now We see a giant hr glass apear, being filled by another explosion

Breathing in and out

As fire works go off

Then this hr glass when full hits the floor

And now it gets covered in more hr glasses

Then a zoom out of an hr glass, holding all these hr glasses

Then, then another next to it, and it zooms out

to all colours turning black

(Amazing voice)


((Back at rick and Morty's excution))

Morty, relax, its OK,

((As all but rick))

((are now in slow motion))

((As rick puts his hand on mortys shoulder))

Morty turns his head still screaming in slow motion

As some not all, patrons of unibra, that attended the excution start moving at the same speed as rick

But most of the rest of the crowd are still in slow motion

Rick has his fight

And Whoops some ass

And then
Some of the opossing fighters

use the rest of the crowd and give them powers of there own

And Then all the crowd start to fight, at the speed of rick

Where rick is quite impressively out numbered

Where rick wins over all,

as all the opposing unibra memebers fall to the ground at the same time


They hit the floor

And now the time ticks back to a normal flow

as morty countuies to screams and it eco's


((Morty is now dead))

Rick turns around after assinding to the ground

Shit! Mmm I knew I forgot somthing

((As morty torso falls to and hits the ground))

As Rick tilts his head to the left and then down

Rick, is seen in a jacket and hat

And a back ally town

And walks into a store

There's a drug dealing rick
As rick isent showing his face, slams money on the table

And says

D, .... d...

((Stuttering his words))

(Drug dealing rick)
What the fuck do you want man

D8, D8

(Drug dealing rick)
Deluxe forever
I'm glad you came to me man, everything done by rig man, stays confidential

((Out comes, assistant, With a, mail order morty))

(Drug dealing rick)
What next for the big timer, stay clean, anyways for a rick

I will

Boom! boom!

((Now the assinat and the drug dealer are dead))

((Did you get any of that))

((It's a good show))

Submitted: April 12, 2022

© Copyright 2022 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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