Country Fields: Supportive Friends

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Nikki opens up about how she has been feeling lately. She has been unsure and scared about being curious. Beth, aka Heather, and Josh listened and talked to Nikki to ensure that they had her back and their support.


After Josh hung up, I sat down next to Nikki as she was looking for some soft Jazz or R&B music on the Sounds Of Music app. I looked at Nikki, and I wondered what she was thinking and saying to herself.

I was born in Puerto Rico, 35 years old, 5’5, with light brown eyes and reddish-brown hair. Just like Beth, I am having the same issue as she is. It is finding someone that wants me.

Well, more like someone that will not belittle me and make me feel less than a human being. Sophia has been very open about the relationship that she is in and has let me spend time with them to ask questions. Lately, I have been curious about being with another woman, and I have been talking to Sophia about my being curious.

Josh finally arrived. Beth got up to let Josh in when he knocked on the front door. “You finally showed up after taking your sweet time.” I told Josh as he was coming in. “You do see these pizzas I have in my hand. Hint, Hint. I had to stop off to pick them up.” Josh was laughing as he sat the pizzas on the table in front of the sofa. “Nikki has been doing some deep thinking since she been here, and I have an idea of what she was thinking about,” Beth told Josh as she sat down next to me. Josh sat down on the floor, and Beth took my hand to hold it.

“Okay, talk to us because we have a good idea of what is going on.” Beth was saying to me while holding my hand. I looked at both of them and took a deep breath. “I’ve been spending time with Sophia and her partner lately, asking them questions because I’ve been curious lately and unsure.” More scared while I was telling them. Beth and Josh got a little closer to me, then smiled. “Nikki, Beth, and I know for a long time now that you have been curious. We have been waiting for you to say something.” Josh told me gently. “Nikki, you and I have been friends for a very long time, and you know there is nothing you can’t tell me. You’re curious. Explore it, take a chance. I will fully support you no matter what, and Josh will too.” Beth smiled when she told me that. “Now, don’t forget about me now. You can come and talk to me anytime. That’s what brothers are for. I know we are best friends, but I feel more like a brother to you than a friend.” Josh gave me that crazy love me smiled when he said that. Betha (aka Heather) and Josh made me cry because I couldn’t ask for two of the best friends than these two.

“Enough talking. It is time to have some fun.” I said out loud when I turned up the music and changed the music to Funk. We danced, drank beer, smoked a couple of bowls, laughed, and joked around for the next couple of hours. Three hours had passed, and Beth decided it was time to slow things down and put the Smooth R&B Jazz music back on. I looked at her and said to myself, what is she saying to herself. At the same time, Beth smiled at Josh and me. It was so good to see Nikki open up about how she felt. I have known for a long time that Nikki has been curious about being with females. Now Nikki knows she has friends that will support her no matter what. I am so glad that I meet Nikki in high school and Josh in my first year of college. The funny thing is what Josh was right. We are like sisters and brothers, been through hell and back together, and had each other back. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. 

Submitted: April 14, 2022

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