Rise: Black Fire

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Nature is hungry

You look at the world differently 

when you know you can burn it 

down. Leave nothing but ashes…


I saw the fire for what it really is.

The flames black absent of color, 

the smoke crimson. Untouched, 

unmoved until I feel it wave back 

and forth as I get closer with my 

hand. The fire grabs me…


Have you ever seen nature hungry?

Let go of just a piece of your morality

shed just a layer of what you think

it means to be human bound to 

this world.


You look at nature differently when

you realize it’s really hungry. You

breathe the air differently when you 

realize what it’s really craving. 


I would rush to breathe the 

Crimson smoke of the Black Fire.

Allow my eyes to be seen within

the red haze. When I took in

the black fire I was embraced

with the wave of its black flames.


Embraced by the truth of 

nature, seeing the answers in

the red haze of the…


Black Fire.


Submitted: April 17, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Deon Durr. All rights reserved.

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