I Am a Man as I Should Be: Poem Book 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

My first poem book that's loaded with memorable poetry. If you want more great poems, make a purchase.

Table of Contents


Ron loves the art of poetry. He studied and learned many types of verse and it shows in this poem book. It contains a memorable list of p... Read Chapter

Up Came a Tiger

Over the prairie, The dew freezes, The rain settles. Under the woods Animals eat berries. The shelter is snowy and de... Read Chapter

Holiday Satisfaction

Jolly and ever present. To smile and consent. A pine tree scent. To reach for a present. A carol in an English accent. ... Read Chapter

Dancing Christmas Tree Rows

Dancing down a narrow path, A shaft. To create, To laugh, To shout for joy, To swing your arms To the left an... Read Chapter

To Meet My Ending

A river bending To meet my ending. If I was laid to rest Where the murky one's infest, What would I say to my flesh I... Read Chapter

We Taste What Spews Forth

The sky. Trembling fault lines. Open doors. A melody of sores, Some rotten, Some forgotten. Someone with the bego... Read Chapter

Steamy and Dreamy

Out cropping the heavens A dew from a hot spring beckons. Steamy and dreamy. Winter weather. Floating like a feather. ... Read Chapter

Fantasy Love Spree

I imagine a woman Named Rosemary, Beautiful, Out of gas, Fishing for fish On a lonely mountain pass. She had marb... Read Chapter

The Lost Boy

A joyous mountain. Exiled peasants. A spawning spring. To pleasure they seek At its peak. They are meek Yet kind ... Read Chapter

Learn How to Jam

Relax. Be calm. Place your palms, Grab two handfuls of berries In basins with raisins. Open your mouth. Close you... Read Chapter

Awakening Eyes

A soft light, Cooling to the eyes. Rays of inexpressible delight. Cool milky dreams in sight. Alert gentle eyes are A... Read Chapter

The Glory of God

A top a eagles perch Where is glory's birth? A match, A pair, A couple, Procreation. Glory is one of a kind L... Read Chapter

A Song to Categorize Each Stage of Our Life

A train of melodies. A song. A long lasting hymn. To hum and dance With every glance. To sing praises. To go as w... Read Chapter

Giving Back

Logging with friends. Longing to receive a wood gift card. We cut trees, We make rafts, We ride them. We find we have... Read Chapter

The Spirit Tree

A busy tree Mystical and free. A spiritual landmark to pine shores. To place an ornament, To place a Santa treat, To ... Read Chapter


Open house. Fresh cut ham. Warm and joyous. Jesus adores us. You can smell the gravy, It's poured over potatoes. ... Read Chapter

Rays of Ever Essence

Rays of ever essence Down to an earthly presence. Prickly wood where a man once stood, Was the earth his birth, or heaven his... Read Chapter

Along the Battle

How a quiver of arrows Had the purpose To pierce my heart. Bitter indeed Are the arrows of strife.   How pas... Read Chapter

Love Generates Hope

The waters were shimmering. The meadows were gleaming. Love was rising With orange and red. Roses on a flower bed, Th... Read Chapter

Slumber Nights

The sky was twinkling. The stars like somber, ever reaching. Yet sound and light to my ears and eyes. My bright, bright, ligh... Read Chapter

Pollinated With Love

Even if life isn't fair The sky is there for everyone to see and share. The birds chirping say what's in the air. If life is ... Read Chapter

Life is Like a Shadow

Life is like a shadow. It follows behind you, Old age catches you, It stretches, It shrinks. Cute as a rabbit, In... Read Chapter

Remember Thunder

Remember thunder It's God's roar, When God said He glorified His name And will glorify it again. It sobers the mind like ... Read Chapter

Blowing Love

God bless you! Sing, Inhale, Laugh, Exhale. Kiss with your windpipe of love. Smile like an angel in love. Kiss yo... Read Chapter

Christmas Day

Tree of life. We look at gifts that pass away, We look at the nativity of our baby Jesus. Its foolery and a bliss, like w... Read Chapter

Loving Pets

Animals are kind, gentle and sweet: The ones who sit on your lap And beg at your feet. They purr, hiss, howl and bark. Al... Read Chapter

On a Pair of Wings Soar

Destiny. At first it's kismet: We all know when it's time to grow And become adults, When we're going to say goodbye to o... Read Chapter

City Blues

Is it not the winner behind The scene who makes the poetry good? Is it not the winner's prestige and his walk On the earth th... Read Chapter

Best Friend

Believe it, Magic that never ends, Like everything you now have. A special treasure. A close friend is a toy That nev... Read Chapter

The Kingdom

Men, women and children are like gods. Ants, beetles, cockroaches, butterflies And killer bees are so, so very small, Yet the... Read Chapter

A Shrill in the Car

A gamut of green, blue and red, It was in the insignia of the car's windshield, And sped. She stopped, Her blind son's ey... Read Chapter

The Jukebox

Play it along We're all a song. It was there where she danced In rhythm and thong. She looked to the right, She looke... Read Chapter

Amid the Clouds I Sat

Early morning. Drops of dew. The clouds of a gray hue. I imagined beautiful flowers And that I flew. A chill, A t... Read Chapter

Oh God Keep Us in Your Alcove of Love

To search for heaven Like an angel. To perch on heaven. Oh would heaven or hell Be dismayed if I found my way, The tr... Read Chapter


Sky shattering, Rainbows maddening. The stars glistening Through the eve of nightmares And rushing anguish. Starlit l... Read Chapter

Sleep Tight

The sky was softly ever bright. The moon twinkled in bed time. Sleep tight. I awoke from dreams With nightmares in sight,... Read Chapter

Various Holy Poems

God is without sin, What a miraculous situation to be in, He goes on in his life with perfection And he does win.   ... Read Chapter

Love is at the Door

A twinkling on the door steps, Love has come, Misery is gone. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, Love fits into all crac... Read Chapter

The Hand of God

Open populated meadows Reaching out for hope and love. A palm tree for caring and sharing. Fingers of branch tips. A sway... Read Chapter

The Book of Earthly Life

Shock treatment, A rocking chair, A caress to madness. Old age is the last page Of the book of earthly life. God hope... Read Chapter

The Wrinkles in Time

Dandelion, The springing fountain Of our youth. The petals welt away, Some have been plucked, Half shaped Mishaps... Read Chapter

We are Worn

We are earthly dust, Stricken, And star struck. Old age Like new age. Falling leaves To fellow shoots. Shooti... Read Chapter

This Light!

This light! Why do I forget it's there When it's here And everywhere I stare?   How come after I fall and incur ... Read Chapter


Here's a little doodle, I drew myself.   I see a chess board And every piece I'm afraid to move.   ... Read Chapter

Heaven Minded

In the moment is heaven, We look to the past and future, But we only use ten percent of our brain, The rest is our subconscio... Read Chapter

Ever After

Open in the heavens, Delight, Cheerful rays, Giving trays. A light, A shining star, Jesus lights from afar, F... Read Chapter


A dusty old moon, Like a shaved rock And bricks bashed together And shale that was as Broken peanut butter brittle. B... Read Chapter

The Mailman

Reaching out, Reaching down, Reaching in. The mailbox rang, The mailman sang. The mail was there for those to share, ... Read Chapter

All for One

To fight together, The Three Musketeers. To love each other, The Three Stooges. To have a meaningful friendship, Thre... Read Chapter

Don’t Get your Hand Caught in a Cookie Jar

Soft, gentle and sweet, A cookie jar treat. To meet a girl In the prime of youth. To confess my sins To a confessiona... Read Chapter

God Will Use Us For the Greater Good

Egyptian pharaohs of old With palaces and chalices, When the reign of dictatorship was told, When many men were a part of a s... Read Chapter

Between Me and You

Between me and you, If you look left, If you look right, Where am I? I'm not in your sight. You read my poems, I love you... Read Chapter

Poetry.com, It’s a Gift

Poetry, it's the key to my heart, It opens what writer's block locks. When you reach the 249th mark Watch what comes out, ... Read Chapter

Bad Day at School

The sky was trembling, The day was numbered, Like a locomotive it came rushing. First sleet then hale, yelling. Next, ... Read Chapter

Farmer’s Hens

It was an old farm Open as an eagles door, The mouth from which Children's food spew, The molten chewed delicacies, A... Read Chapter

Thank the Son

The sun is like God. He gives us power, He's so bright, we cower, Yet we can't tell When it's our last hour. It's daw... Read Chapter

Thank You Eternal Jesus

God is there, He does care, He loves us like the fountain of our youth, Unconditionally.   Even though we love other... Read Chapter

A New Creation of Love

The sky It was beautiful, The birds were out chirping, Suddenly... A clang rattle and bang, Beauty was higher in the ... Read Chapter

For the Greater Good

The way that was down When you walk sadly. Much remorse From the crown down To the belly bump. Sad ways, Tears fe... Read Chapter

The Rose

Beautiful roses, Reaching down and grabbing one, A rose with a word on it, It said laughter. I smiled and smelt the rose,... Read Chapter

As the Winter Man Plows

Relaxing dews on the leaves, Relaxing leaves on the branches, Relaxing branches on the tree, But the tree, but the tree, but ... Read Chapter

The Playground of Life

Beautiful skies, Somber lies. Blood seest guilt, Rainbows seest rain. We all go around The merry-go-round Of life... Read Chapter

A Shimmering Glimmer

The sky, Twinkling melodies Up high Where open shadows, A canopy of trees, Doth peek a hot glimmer Through the le... Read Chapter

Beauty that is Perfect

Beauty has many forms, Beauty has many sizes, Beauty has many shapes, Beauty has many colors, Beauty is far, Beauty i... Read Chapter

On My Deathbed

Spring time, Evening shadows Where the working nights Slumber before the waking dew. Not the dew I shot From the bart... Read Chapter

Oh Joanna, Be Mine

If you love me Answer my call. God is here, Even if I were to fall. Blessings to me, Blessings to God. I climb a ... Read Chapter

I Am a Man as I Should Be

Earthquake, Shattering dreams, Open to calamity it seems. The Lord saves us In our darkest hour, A washing white deto... Read Chapter

Bloody Strings

Open disaster, Melodies transform, Transformer ways, Blood, Guilt that betrays. Thirsty for purity, Purity that s... Read Chapter

The Mouse Saved Her

Mesmerizing, A Tantalizing scream, A Heart thundering storm. Over and under She smiled at her dress’s seam. Whistli... Read Chapter

Little Girl With a Crayon

Lifting out and down. Lifting up above my crown, Now over and down. I reach above the ground, The space between my ears a... Read Chapter

Save the poor Dalits

Smiling ever after. Hopes and dreams, Disaster. Overcoming ways Where a melody stays. Open hearts, Empty carts. ... Read Chapter

We are Royals

Crossroads, open meadows and streams, Up, and reaching a taste of God. Simple drops of dew mercy crowns Misery on the downs. ... Read Chapter

Pink and Blue, Oh Joanna I loved You

I’m sorry. Roses are red. Violets are blue But I’m not the man for you.   Oh Joanna I’m sorry It didn... Read Chapter

Rain on Me

Rain on me. I see the colors of the rainbow And feel the tears I wiped on My brow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, ... Read Chapter

Signs of the Times

I am born again of the spirit. Hooray! I believe Jesus is real and I accepted Him as my lord and my savior, then I received t... Read Chapter

Heavenly Palace

Holy bricks Building up to love. Bricks of love, Wonder And awe, But don't let those Somber lies and Evil spi... Read Chapter

Monster Aboo in Halloween Night

I slam the door and jumps Aboo at you. The house is mine, indoors I lose my mind. The monster’s loose. “Inside I’m safe,”... Read Chapter

The Beat Goes On

A beat for every step and every trade. To dance and sing for thine soon married wife. A guitar stringed. A harp to take you playe... Read Chapter

Tongue of Flair

Sparks flying through the air. I see the electricity in my hair. I see the shock of love today and everywhere.   It ... Read Chapter

Crystal Mountain

Crystal mountain. I open my curtain And see you sparkling. Open and steady, I reach for a pen, I ride on a poem A... Read Chapter

Soaring to God there is no Better Winning

Love, reaching boundless joy! I’m on the good side I enjoy. I climb hazards to peek above The mountain of evil to visit ... Read Chapter


After Halloween and Before Christmas is A feast to be refreshed.   With hands clean Where everyone Sits arou... Read Chapter

Too Much Ham for Sam

Clapping and running My feet, my hands Go slapping. I care for much, I feel sparks flying. I reach out And find a... Read Chapter

The Heart of God

My God, almighty God, the heart of God. I burst with words that fill my heart of hearts. A love it dawns and fills my holy rod. ... Read Chapter

Toy Soldiers

I see it! I see rays pickled In a pumpkin. I see a melody that Dances forth. I see army men Jump out: Small g... Read Chapter

Love Can Be

Love can be a dancing ray, Love can be a raining day.   Love can be a merciful rod, Love can be a thankful god. ... Read Chapter


A holy people and a starry steeple. Evil breaks but life never forsakes. A holy people and a starry steeple. Evil forsakes bu... Read Chapter

A Bliss!

Angels thunder. Wings clap and Never sunder. Rays pick me up And never leave Me down. The rays of God Are sow... Read Chapter

Born Again

To God I see His works. I'm on my knees I plea With sparks. To God I worship And am free. A love to thee And a lo... Read Chapter


Intensity fills the love Of my heart. Shattered jewels, Heartfelt cries of pain To God and tears In my eyes. Runn... Read Chapter

Free in God

I sadly sat in tearful rains of pains. In mourning cries. My life, my life with stains.   Of blood I cry of beasts who s... Read Chapter

We Share the Crucifix

Is God a great spirit sower in hearts? I look at my slow life and see my God And He does break away my crust I trod.   ... Read Chapter

The Alpha and Omega

Omega, the end comes dancing And merry. Even with all the fears For so many years, A build up. God makes up for our ... Read Chapter


Okay, here it goes. I dance, I assume The trance. A big buffalo rages, it Was peppered with arrows, I see in the pages. It st... Read Chapter

The Playwright

Over and under I hear the blasting thunder. It escapes, the playwright does wonder. So it starts to rain and the piano splits asu... Read Chapter

The Devil Will Be Slain

Over and over it escapes me. These rays of evil I see.   The darkness points to me and blooms. The devils see me in ... Read Chapter

The Journey of Love

Stars upon stars. The sun's light reaches to Mars. Love fits inside. Where the love of no woman can hide. God brings us Jesus. He... Read Chapter

A Taste of Love

Our duty and hard labor. The kinds of things we favor. Spiritual growth comes from work, Writing, and not some jerk. ... Read Chapter

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I Am a Man as I Should Be: Poem Book 1

Ron loves the art of poetry. He studied and learned many types of verse and it shows in this poem book. It contains a memorable list of poems. If you like poetry, then you're sure to love this book. Whether you are a novice or advanced in the art, you

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