Lead All Souls to Heaven God: Poem Book 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Poetry Book 2. A poem in each chapter.

Table of Contents


Ron enjoys writing poetry. He learned verse and studies it. He read Catholic poems from the Bible, it made him a good poem writer. I... Read Chapter

A Run In The Cold

Chilled, And pizza. I find the Sweat, Mercy on Me now. My rotten teeth, My weak running. I'm in shape ... Read Chapter

Ninja Battle

She comes now. The arrows, The strife, She threw a knife.   Battles rage. The darkened page Of blood. ... Read Chapter


Wow! I'm strong. My eyes gaze. I see people in a throng.   I jump over the people And crash. Wow! Was that a... Read Chapter


Oh, how I wished to relax, I use the bathroom a lot, laxative. In the nature, I walk, But not talk.   Animals go... Read Chapter


Life can be dark, Even if you're at a park.   Rain or shine, You see it divine.   The life we share, ... Read Chapter

The River

Its sparkling out yonder In the fields where a river Does lay. The farmers go Out and feed the horses hay, They clean up ... Read Chapter


Always drive safe, Never speed For the need.   Watch out!  Don't swerve. Find your nerve.   ... Read Chapter

How I Love Jesus

I read the Bible, Even with a rival.   The rival of demons, Not humans.   I love Jesus. He does ple... Read Chapter

Rock Stars

They dance, they sing. The rockers are favorite to bling. They stay in shape. They go on tours wearing a cape?   ... Read Chapter


The bright lights. The loud sound nights.   The scattered stars. The bright planets and Mars.   The sho... Read Chapter


The tiger roars  At the closed doors. The bang And the fang. The tiger roars at the zoo’s warmth And pounces a... Read Chapter


Their green But not mean.   Frogs, They live in bogs.   They’ll cross roads And don’t have wart... Read Chapter

The Bible

God created us. God knows us. Jesus gave us His Bible, We read it and see He is noble.   The book of saints. ... Read Chapter

The Raining Day

It’s raining cats and dogs And filling those nasty bogs.   The wild life hides As the rain abides.   ... Read Chapter

Following God

Follow Him. Don’t take your hand from the plough, But serve him and bow. God is for us, Through thick and thin. We ... Read Chapter

Flowing Grace

God gives us grace, A seed that grows into a flower. Grace is free and we can’t earn it from Jesus.   We are saved... Read Chapter

The Book of Cows

I write stories About fantasies.   Flowing through the pages now, I might write about a cow.   The page... Read Chapter


Snakes can be nice or mean, They can hiss or be a bliss, But not all snakes are appreciated. Snakes swallow whole eggs, A... Read Chapter

About Love

Love feels great And I state:   We wish to find  The perfect partner, so kind.   They want to sati... Read Chapter

The Lamp

A lamp is for our feet and eyes, The lamp is charged by electricity we comprise. If you don’t fall down the steps, We see t... Read Chapter

Starting Out

We all start low, And even bow, But we learn and take advantage.   That is how all the greats Start out, not goa... Read Chapter


Computers are nice and neat, They can even command a fleet. Whether your bored or not, Don’t let the power box get hot. ... Read Chapter

The Gardeners

Oh! I see it, The mercy, The disciples, The fix.   Not to trample on roses, And to see nice poses. The w... Read Chapter


The shining star Shoots out a-far. A dangling dandelion Dying in an old house. The remembrance of Petals now floating... Read Chapter


I see the stars And the huge Mars.   Its brown or red That could be said.   Whether it's cool or hot, ... Read Chapter

All Lives Matter

I see the threads Of violence and Protests that Black lives matter.   It's on the news And it’s the blues.... Read Chapter

The Apostles Creed

The cursing. The lies. The cries.   We must stop it. Read the Bible. Listen at the pulpit.   Do... Read Chapter

Earth is the Beginning

The mirror of our souls, Not the shoes with soles, But God in His image   We were made. We have love  J... Read Chapter

The Old and Wise

The collection. The doom. The seers. The boom!   The old and wise Think of heaven. A sheet of music is p... Read Chapter

The Moonlight Epic

Moonlight was the name of old, His story has to be told.   The fable from child to knight. The book tells of his leg... Read Chapter


The branches of the trees, And the honey for the bees, We find that golden-gold.   Not just for the queen, But f... Read Chapter

A Comet Tale

A spark in heaven Makes a spark on earth.   Love from God on our planet Can make a birth.   When we fal... Read Chapter

Homeless People

The smiling people in dumpsters  With debris of Many clusters,   And homeless people Thinking about The... Read Chapter

When It’s Bald

The passion is here, The glowing, The red eyes.   The milky white, The dark veins, Now crimson dry. &nbs... Read Chapter

They Were Sent

The peace, The love, The nature.   The gizmos  Find the rainbows. The pictures and colored rows. &n... Read Chapter

Fire Alarms

They’re not dangling But hanging.   You don’t see them in All colors but white.   They’re loud an... Read Chapter


I see the clashes From the planets that Gravity dashes.   I’m picked-up and thrown From the nations While ... Read Chapter


The wanderers, The souls, No deception, The bowls, and, The reception.   I see it all Clearly as day. ... Read Chapter

A Song

The water waves. If all goes bad What will it hide?   Don’t be sad Because life is rad. What will it abide... Read Chapter

What Jesus does tell?

Crimson tongues,  Oh, I find it, It’s near!   The wave of Galaxies melt. They meet and dwell. &nb... Read Chapter

Your’re Choice

This poem, The outsiders, The insiders, The corrupt, The incorrupt.   I feel free As a bee. Whether ... Read Chapter

The Darkness

I like the new. I like the old. What will it be? Will it be bold?   Will the caress of madness Lead to gladn... Read Chapter


Sliding egos and Untamed pride Goes hand-in-hand   Share everything With God to detach From the earth. &... Read Chapter

Cream Soda

I see blooms of death And trespassing sinners Between me and God.   God wipes the smirk Off their faces, Cri... Read Chapter

I Must Pass

It all surrounds me. The love, the darkness. The smite, the right.   The plume of air delight. The casualties, ... Read Chapter


If I see the shadows peering Will it see me comparing?   Like demons to angels? Or, avocados to cake?   ... Read Chapter

When It Rains

I see the rain And it is nice, Even if I think twice.   Causing cataclysms Or, water for mice? Will it flood... Read Chapter

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Lead All Souls to Heaven God: Poetry Book 2

Ron enjoys writing poetry. He learned verse and studies it. He read Christian poems from the Bible, it made him a good poem writer. If you like poem books, then you're sure to love this Kindle eBook edition. This book is a good entry into poetry and it

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