Country Fields: Evening Out Of Town

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Things are going down here for Beth when she runs into Richard at Stone Creek nightclub with another woman and gets dumped by Josh's Friend Franklin. Nikki meets Samatha, Sophia's friend, for the first time, and things don't get off the ground.


Friday morning Nikki and I woke up after being up half of the night. Josh went home close to midnight. Nikki left my house an hour after we both woke up. She had things to do before going to Stone Creek later in the evening. I got dressed and spent most of the morning cleaning my house before heading over to the Café House to get something to eat and talk with Sophia.

“I wondered when you would show up,” Sophia said to me as I walked in. I sat down at the counter at my usual spot. “I had to clean my house. It was starting to look like I haven’t touched it in over a week.” I told Sophia. “So what do you feel like having, the same or something different?” Sophia was asking me. “I take a ham steak and two sunny sides up eggs and no bread.” Saying to Sophia while I reached for the pitcher of ice tea to pour me a glass. “Wow, you usually order a big meal. What is the change today?” Brenda had asked me. I was looking at Brenda as she walked past me with dirty dishes. “Not all that hungry at the moment. (Sophia sets my food in front of me.) Are you going with us tonight, Brenda?” I asked her. “Heck ya. There is nothing to do in this town on a Friday night. Who knows, I might get lucky tonight.” Brenda laughed when she said that. “I see you two will leave me to close the café by myself this evening,” Marcus says to Sophia and Brenda. “Marcus, this place is pretty much dead after 5 o’clock. Or should I say after 2 pm?” I was laughing when I told Marcus that. “Beth, don’t make me start charging you for your meals.” Brenda and Sohpia both laughed at what Marcus told me. “Don’t worry, Marcus. Brenda and I will clean everything and put it away before leaving. That way, you don’t have much to do.” Sophia told Marcus. “I need to get going, get over to the garage, and get my right front tire fixed. I will see both of you at Stone Creek this evening. Later.” I said to Brenda and Sophia.

I left the cafe to get my tired fix and do a few other things afterward before going back home to get dressed and leave for Clear Field. The afternoon was somewhat busy, but I got all of my business done before heading home.

It was 4 pm when I got home to get myself ready to drive to Clear Field to meet everyone at Stone Creek. I left my house around 6:30 pm. The drive to the city of Clear Field will take me a little over 45 minutes. When I arrived, Josh was in the parking lot fussing with Sophia over what I had no idea. Nikki and Brenda were standing there laughing at both of them. I parked my car got out, and walked over to where they were.

“What are they fussing about now?” I asked Nikki. “Oh, you know, the same old thing of who did what.” I looked over at Josh and Sophia fussing at each other when Nikki told me. “Would you two stop fussing over nothing and grow up. We are here to have fun, so let’s go inside.” I told Josh and Sophia as I walked between them. “Hey, don’t look at us; we watched from the sidelines,” Brenda said, walking past them.

We entered Stone Creek nightclub, and the music was hopping. Josh’s friend that he told me about was sitting at the bar having a drink talking to someone, and Josh went over to where he was. Sophia took Nikki to meet her friend seated at another table waiting on them, and Brenda went to mingle at the bar. I decide to get myself a drink and play some darts. After I had gotten my drink, I happened to see Richard talking to another lady. Standing there in disbelief and smiling, I walked over to where they were.

“Hi, Richard, isn’t this a nice surprise. (Richard looked all shocked to see me. Beth over here, Josh yells out my name.) Who is this?” I said, smiling at Richard. “Hi, this is a good friend of mine. What are you doing here?” Richard says to me shockingly. “Don’t worry about why I am here. Answer my question, Who is she?” Richard is sitting there with a confused look on his face. “Are you going to answer her, Richard, or do I need to? Oh, my name is Tina, and we met a couple of days ago online.” Tina told me as we both looked at Richard. “Wow, Richard, you work fast. My name is Beth, and I am Richard’s side chick or side piece. We are supposed to meet this weekend, but we met up yesterday afternoon, and his girlfriend doesn’t know that we are together.”

 When I told Tina that, the expression on Richard’s face was priceless, with Tina having a pissed-off look. “Richard, you said to me that you were single and not seeing anyone before me, and you started dating a couple of days ago. Now I am finding out that you are not, plus have someone on the side. Don’t sit there with a dumbfounded look on your face; say something.” I was laughing so hard on the inside when Tina questioned Richard. “Wait, she is lying. Beth and I are not together, and I thought your name was Heather. I have a girlfriend, and we don’t see each other that often.” Richard fast-talking while being nervous. “Funny you should say that because a person name Crystal with three hearts next to her name has been blowing up your phone with a text message saying, baby, I love you, miss you, and can’t wait for you to come home.”

When Tina looked down at Richard's phone and saw the text messages. She took her drink, poured it over Richard's head, and told him to fuck off. I stood there smiling and laughing at him. “That is what you get for making me look like a fool yesterday and lying to me. My friend is waiting on me, peace.” I told Richard and left to see what Josh wanted.

“What’s up, Josh?” I said to Josh. “I want you to meet Franklin. He is a cool dude and is not dating or seeing anyone. Franklin, this is my best friend, Beth. She is the one I told you about.” Josh told his friend Franklin as he looked me up and down. “Josh told me you were a firecracker and a cutie. He was right. Let’s me, and you go sit at another table where we can talk and have a couple of drinks.” Franklin said to me while he was undressing me with his eyes. “Sure, we can. (I looked at Josh and gave him a stay close by me look.) Lead the way. I will follow you.” I said to Franklin.

Franklin and I talked, drank, and laughed as we got to know each other for the next hour. While I was talking to Franklin, I looked over at Nikki, and she had a confused look on her face as to not being happy. I told Franklin to excuse me that I had to go to the ladies' room for a moment.

I get up and signal to Nikki to come with me. “Okay, Nikki, what is with the look on your face?” I asked her. “I am scared and not sure if this is what I am looking for. Samatha is nice, and I am glad that Sophia introduces me to her, but I am not sure.” Nikki was telling me while standing against the sink. I take a deep breath. “Nikki, you are meeting her for the first time. You are getting away ahead of yourself. No one is expecting you two to start dating or anything else. You’re here to have fun, and that is it. Stop worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet.” I told Nikki smiling at her. “I know, but what if it does happen?” Nikki asked me. “Trust me. It will not happen tonight, maybe later on down the road, but for right now, the only thing you are doing is getting to know who she is, and that is it. So relax and have fun. Now let’s get out of this bathroom before Sophia and Josh start wondering what is happening.” Nikki smiled at me after our pep talk, and we left the lady's room.

Nikki went back to where Sophia and her friend Samatha were, and I wondered what happened to Franklin because he was not at the table. I looked around the place and couldn’t see him at all. So I walked over to where Josh and Brenda were at.

“Josh, where did Franklin go? I told him I would be right back.” I asked Josh. Josh gave me a disappointed look. “I am sorry, Beth. Franklin left with two other girls. He told me that you are sweet and nice, and he is not looking for a relationship. He wanted to play the field and knew that you weren’t into that.” I could tell in Josh's voice he didn’t want to say to me what Franklin said. I sat down a bit hurt and sad. Brenda sat next to me and told me it would be okay. Josh waved toward Sophia way to get her attention and pointed at me when she saw him. Sophia, Nikki, and Samatha came over to see if I was okay.

“Franklin turned her down. He likes playing the field and didn’t think that Beth was the playing type.” Josh was telling them. “Sorry, Beth. Twice in 24 hours has to be ruff. Come on, I'll get you a drink, and we can dance and have fun before we leave.” Nikki said to me as she took me by my hand and pulled me up out of the chair I was sitting in.

For two hours, we partied and had fun. Yes, I wasn’t too happy being dumped for a second time in 24 hours, but at least I got even. 

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