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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

As usual, Richard Simmons arrives at the office on Monday morning, makes coffee, and waits for the rest of his corporate team to drag themselves in - hangovers and all. But wait. They're not here. They're not even in Chicago. They're in Paris, and there seems to be some problem with the French police. So Simmons is on a plane to Paris - the one guy they decided not to invite on their trip - the one guy they're depending on to get them out of trouble.

Table of Contents

Howdy Bowden

After every conference or convention which required out of town travel the Booze Crew (the name Richard Simmons had invented in a momen... Read Chapter

The Six Crazies

Simmons spent freely in the shops at O’Hare, and freely again at DeGaulle: arriving in the City of Light with several maps (one of th... Read Chapter

A Slight Delay

Face to face, Simmons found himself looking up at her ever so slightly: so not a gamin at all. Instead, there was an initial impression... Read Chapter

Fog in Chicago

In Chicago, at about the same time that Simmons was trying to get his legal bearings, a heavy mist had arrived—throwing handfuls of r... Read Chapter

Very Sober and Serious

If he squinted a little during the Parisian rush for lunch, Simmons could imagine himself at this sidewalk café a hundred years before... Read Chapter

The Whole World Made Small.

Simmons repeated everything the lawyer had said to Asia during their evening debrief, the phone conversation ending with Asia’s instr... Read Chapter

The Majesty of the Law

The next morning had Alexandrine Dumas back in black, with a blaze of pure white at her throat, and the bare minimum of professional je... Read Chapter

Good Girls

Once the conference was private again, it became clear that it was Amanda who’d insisted that they come back. ‘Fuck them!’ mean... Read Chapter

An Interim Result

In the end Dumas’ appeal took about an hour. With the prospect of some productive time to himself, Simmons found an open sidewalk t... Read Chapter

The Deep End

Dumas emerged from the Palais de Justice in a buoyant mood. She texted Simmons at the café: They cried like ruined virgins. Simm... Read Chapter


The silence of eternal rest filled the green fields not far from the beaches where—some fifty years before—the sand and cliffs had ... Read Chapter

Hands-On Lawyering

Dumas scarcely paid attention to the message from the Palais de Justice on Monday morning. Instead, pensively watching the fields slide... Read Chapter

Dinner with Jimmy

If Simmons had ever taken the time to wonder what a “surfer dude” might look like during post-surf retirement, then Jimmy was the a... Read Chapter

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