Bloodfellow Book Three Revelations Chapter One - To Love What Death Has Touched

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Putting up random notes and parts of Chapter Two. Place descriptions and stage business to be added later. My daughter is taking care of me after my heart attack and I have no printer for easy editing.

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Bloodfellow Book Three Revelations

Working on the general location details.
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Author note: for those who have not read Bloodfellow -Book One and Book Two: Wolf did not want to make Carol an Odol (Vampire), he was forced to. She did not really want to become an Odol, either. There really exist Beings who act like Vampire. You don’t want to meet them.

Sat, June 18th, 2022 4:08pm


P.S. I know the ways of “Souls/ Spirits” better than I understand people. My autism left me feeling like God made a Listing Error when he sent me to Earth. Souls from Source’s Spirit Realm are NOTHING like Human Beings. It is high time people learn this. Something has gone frightfully wrong with our current Earth experience. I do not know why. Souls are always going to try and “puppeteer” us, because they are taught that’s what they have to do. I don’t want them here. That should be obvious from my writing. Souls should have to show us their resume! I want Mother Theresa or a Jewish High Priest or some Higher Octave Soul. My Being must’ve done something horrific for me to have a life of unending pain. They tell me I’m only a character and “she” doesn’t even have to owe Karma! Well, I don’t think I’m a character. When I died, I did not go Home to any “Source of All That Is.” And I’m a Light Being! So whence came I? YHVH! I suspect the Source spoken of by Near Death Experiencers is really The Saur of All That Is. Just my opinion.

Sat, June 18th, 2022 4:19pm

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