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Anthony Theophilus Biggs Jr. was a Wunderkind!


An upper middle class kid born and raised in Southern California, to a Father that was a career Air Force Officer and graduate of the Air Force Academy, and a Mother who was a prestigious Doctor of Gynecology, graduate of USC and the Keck school of Medicine. A westside kid, incubated in the money, fame and fortunes of beautiful Santa Monica, California. Anthony and his family could have been every cliche thought of some well-to-do African American families, however, they all managed to skate that stigma, and were as comfortable sitting with Doctors, Lawyers and Senators, as they were chilling in Compton at a family bar-b- que, and they were respected, and embraced all circles of life. It may be difficult to understand for some Whites and Blacks alike, the high-wire act that many African American families of means and education, must perform to balance their lives. The Biggs were quite adept at this practice, and managed their family like many other cultures manage theirs.


Hispanic Families, with their close together family bond, Asian Families, with their love of education and demand of results, White Families, with their ability to pass on means and opportunity to their children, and Black Families, with their understanding of the state of the world and their country as it relates to them, the history of their people and how all of it affects the course they plot for the future of their family. This nourishing environment lent itself well to Tony’s beautiful God given mind, and all the wonderful accomplishments he was about to make for himself, his family and the world. After graduating, Tony opened a fully functional commercial lab in a warehouse on the outskirts of Santa Monica, Ca. It was there he perfected his newest invention which he believed would revolutionize the Home Construction industry worldwide. He initially called it, “Polywood.”


It was mid September, 2009, the evening of the group family meeting Tony had called for a month prior. In attendance was Tony’s parents and older sister, both his uncles on his fathers side, and his uncle on his mothers, and their respective families, as well as the matriarch of the family, his father’s mother, Mama June. Whenever a Group Family Meeting was called, all made every attempt to rearrange their schedules to attend, only three such meetings had Tony previously attended, although family meetings in his household were a common occurrence. Tony had recently graduated with a Master’s in International Business from Berkeley, at the ripe old age of 19, a genius kid with a heart of gold. He called the meeting to discuss his intention to start a company, and wanted the input of the whole family, and expressed his desire to maintain the majority ownership within the family.


Tony explained to his family, his reasoning for starting the company now was three fold, first and foremost he wanted to build something that had a positive effect on the world, secondly, he had invented a new process to make an organic polymer made strong and durable from the introduction of a rare but abundant seaweed. Once processed, it’s cost effective and as functional as wood and nearly as strong as steel, highly fire and natural disaster resistant beyond the degree of concrete. The new product would be an international game changer, and would redefine the home construction industry. Thirdly, he wanted the company to become the largest in the nation to employ African Americans and people of color in general, giving those groups opportunity that is currently lacking, especially for high level positions in the US because of Systemic Racism prevalent throughout Corporate America.


When Tony finished speaking, he looked around at everyone, all their mouths were open and their faces had a look of shock. Tony said, What’s wrong? Tony's Father stood up and just started clapping, then they all stood and joined in. Tony’s Mother cupped her hands over her mouth and said, Tony, do you know what you’ve done? Tony said, yes Mother, but more importantly, is what we as a family are going to do. Change the World…


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