Klara's Journey Awards and Accolades:

1st Place Award, 2021 Palouse Writers Guild, First Chapter Contest.
Judge’s Choice Award, 2021 Palouse Writers Guild, First Chapter Contest.
Honorable Mention, 2022 Idaho Writers Guild, First 10 Pages of a Novel.

Klara doesn’t have to think twice when a band of itinerant travelers makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Eager to escape life as the village whore and knowing only that the ragged band of wanderers is destined for the wildlands believed to be the ancestral home their Goddess, she joins their expedition. Signing on as camp cook and huntress, she embarks on an adventure that leaves her torn between hope and fear. Aided by an unhelpful wizard, Klara finds herself pursued across nations by rabble-rousing religious zealots and ushered into a journey of self-discovery, tapping into a new world of sexual exploration rather than exploitation. Klara’s journey catapults her into the lives of a banished nobleman and an exiled king, either of whom may shatter her heart . . . and may lead to the ultimate betrayal.

Klara’s Journey will be published by Hart & Hind Publishing Company. Expected publication date: June 2023

Table of Contents

A Stranger

Chapter 1 A Stranger   Klara’s eyes fluttered, admitting nothing but blackness. The grass stuffing of her pallet had l... Read Chapter